You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1236

Doufu looked at the High Venerable, and there was a emptiness on the side. After almost 0.5 seconds, the expression of the face changed from shock to grievance.

Then he jerked Ye Hua’s thigh: “High Venerable ah… this person… he… he humiliated me… I am so miserable…”

Ye Hua frowns , looked towards Qing: “The deity is a little regretful, can you change back to just like that?”

“It should be ok, it takes only a little time.” Qing dynasty nodded, seriously said.

“High Venerable ··· Don’t···I am your loyalty.” Fighting the world is frightened. In fact, when you are in these days, you still have consciousness, you have to take medicine every day, and you need to take a bath. Disgusting a batch.

“Okay, serious, stand up!” Ye Hua indifferently said, big man’s, crying like what, your wife is a man from the soul, for you to run trials, nine deaths and still alive.

The grievance of the fighting world, standing behind Ye Hua, is a vigilant, for this fatty, it is a demon-level character.

“High Venerable, is it necessary to act tomorrow?”

“If there is no accident, it is to act.” Ye Hua ordered nodded, and the Donghuang family owed it, they must come out!

Of course, the Qing Dynasty will not oppose it. I like the big scene very much. It is also very comfortable to start things.

“Get some rest early, there should be a good show tomorrow.”


Ye Hua put out the smoke, and then walked into the wing. The Queen of the Queens went to sleep early today, not even planning to sleep?

These days, the deity has been robbed and disarmed, and the deity has not yet had time to avenge.

Undressing, Ye Hua got into the quilt and hugged the soft body, and the heart was dark, and the excellent woman like the emperor was only accompanied by the deity.

“Don’t make trouble, don’t want to…” Donghuang Bailu whispered, no mood today.

Of course, Ye Hua knows that it is just a hug. As a result, the Queen of the Queen thinks that he wants to do it. Is the deity like that kind of person?

It’s a bit of a small look at the deity.

“White, tomorrow will be the truth,” Ye Hua said softly.

“The truth is actually not important.”

“That’s good, is that okay?”

Donghuang Bailu did not hammer it hard: “You can be a head, you are in a bad mood, unless you are good at me.”


Donghuang Bailu: “······”

As Ye Hua is awkward, the East Emperor will burst into laughter, and this bad guy can’t stop anyone who sells it.

“Ye Hua, don’t learn how to be weird.” Donghuang Baiyu could not smile, but his heart was still very happy. After all, Ye Hua was willing to be a stranger in order to be happy.

Ye Hua also feels very unnatural, but for the sake of gender relations, it still needs to be…

“That’s ok now.”

“You, I am really convinced, which man is like you, lightly hurt me.”

“I haven’t touched you yet! It hurts you.” Ye Hua bounced the Queen’s forehead.

The Queen of the Queen has a small mouth.

“That white cockroach, this grin is no longer suitable for you, this is the action of the little girl, you have passed that age.”

The Queen’s adult looks like a circle.

“Ye Hua! You give me a floor! Sleep! Don’t touch me!”

Looking at the Queen’s adult holding the quilt and rolling himself up, Ye Hua said that his face was arrogant.

Is there anything wrong with the deity?

“White, I just taught you to become mature, not so childish.”

Donghuang Bailu: “······”

“Look at our independence, from time to time like to pout, you can’t do it, old.”

“Ye Hua! If you don’t have us, you will be a bachelor in your life!”

“How is it possible, the deity waved a hand, a large woman.”

“Then go to find a large woman, don’t look for me.”

“Too little, no interest,” Ye Hua said seriously.

The emperor’s white cockroach was so white that it floated out. This bastard ah… is simply straight in front of his wife’s face. If you say this, try another woman and start fighting with you.

Seeing that the Queen is not talking, Ye Hua is a bit boring, this long night is long, and I can’t sleep.

Can only be silent.

“Wife,” Ye Hua whispered.


“I love you.”

Donghuang Bailu: “······”

I don’t know why, Dong Huangbai heard He Hua say these three words and wanted to laugh.

This guy can kill you and also kill you.

“Don’t think that two good words, I will let you play!” said Donghuang Baiqiqi hu hu.

“White, the deity can’t sleep, there is no other entertainment except playing with you.”


Donghuang Bailu feels a little bit of high blood pressure, and sooner or later he will be angry with Ye Hua to stroke.

Ye Hua can’t figure it out. How can it be laughed a second before, and it will be angry in the next second. It hasn’t been like this before.


“do not speak!”

“so boring.”

“Hey, go.”

Ye Hua: “······”

Ye Hua is silent.

Donghuang Bailu is a bit confused, this guy didn’t even talk? Is it angry?

Oh, don’t think you are angry, I am going to marry you!

“Wife, have you ever let go of a pig when you were a child?” Ye Hua suddenly asked.

The emperor’s white eyes were all turned out, and he was not angry. “I haven’t let go!”

“Wife, you are so perverted, even the pigs have not let go.”

Dong Huangbai stunned for a moment, then turned over and pressed Ye Hua: “Ye Hua! You set me!”

“hahaha.” Ye Hua gave a hearty laugh, and the wife of the routine was quite interesting.

“You still laugh, I hammered you!!!”

Ye Hua grabbed the hands of the Queen, and then turned a beautiful, pressed and kissed.

Then there is where water flows, a canal is formed.

The deity is a master, not willing? That is not there…

To learn more like the deity, then Young Lady will flock to it.

The next morning, Ye Hua and Donghuang White Pelican got up early, and Ye Hua replaced the guard.

This person is handsome, and looks good when you wear it.

Donghuang Bailu is also specially dressed today, it is simply suffocating, Ye Hua is proud of his heart, and enjoyed it last night.

Dong Huangbai sees Ye Hua’s eyes, still do not know what he is thinking? I’m thinking, this woman’s deity played only last night, how unconstrained.

It seems that Queen Elizabeth is very familiar with Ye Hua now.

Going out of the door, wearing a maid costume, the emptiness and fighting the world is also a service uniform.

Donghuangfei and Donghuang gently walked slowly.

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