You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1237

“White 芷 girl, this is the token, you can reach the orange building directly with this token, I will not accompany you up, understand.” Donghuangfei squeezed out the smile, of course, will not go with Ye Hua and the others It is.

If you are implicated, it will be cool, so you know.

Ye Hua did not insist, Donghuang Bailu took the token, or thanked him, it was very polite.

Ye Hua still likes the Queen, and the children are taught very well.

Holding the token is all the way, the cockroach inside the queu is already sweating.

This group of people wants to do things, but they are still swaying on other people’s sites. What if the layer grows out?

How can your heart be so big?

Ye Hua hopes that the East Emperor will fly to inform, and then he and the others will be surrounded by the group, and then they can develop acting pretentious Dafa.

Let these people of the Aristocratic Family know that the woman of the deity, you can afford to offend!

“Block them!”

Just after Ye Hua just finished, he screamed and screamed behind him, and then a voter surrounded him. At least there were thousands of people gathered above his head. There were thousands of people around him. This was done in a blink of an eye. .

Ye Hua is a bit embarrassed, the deity just thought about it, even turned out to be?

Then you are pushing the predecious, how to say?

Qing Xu now as long as High Venerable a word, people around can kill in a flash, you can say, how to die, they will not know!

“White, what do you want to do?” Ye Hua indifferently asked.

After all, this is the site of the East Emperor, and it is considered to be the mother of the Queen, but it is still a good focus.

Donghuang Bailu stared at the trip, did not expect that, just came out and met such a thing.

“Ye Hua!” Donghuang White whispered softly.

“what happened?”

“The legs are a little weak.”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Hua worried.

“Not yet you! You still ask me what happened!!!”

Ye Hua: “······”

“Or let me come.” Ye Hua protects the emperor’s white scorpion behind him. According to the usual practice, he has to take out a cigarette and ignite it. This will have a taste, otherwise he will feel that something is missing.

Just when Ye Hua was ready to speak, everyone was kneeling!

This time, Ye Hua is completely paralyzed. What is the situation? Are you a deity? Or is it a Queen of the Empress?

Donghuang Bailu is also very tempted now, how do you feel that they seem to be licking themselves, can you expose yourself so soon?

However, none of them are!

“Seeing Uncle!”

Tens of thousands of people sang in unison, and that kind of majesty immediately swept the audience.

I’m already scared and pale, how did I just go out and I’ll have an accident…

Tell you not to come, now it’s alright, the uncle of the Donghuang family is here!

That is the Eastern Emperor’s time… The whole Donghuang family, the oldest one!

I saw two people coming in the distance, walking in the air, grandeur is magnificent, people have not arrived, this grandeur will arrive first.

Ye Hua squinted and looked at the two people coming.

The old man should be the East Emperor, as for the young man around the old man? Then I don’t know.

No, this should not be called a man. It feels like…not a man.

This man who is not a man is of course the East Emperor won!

However, Donghuang won’t think of it, and he would see his Queen’s adult on such an occasion.

The Queen is more beautiful and alluring than before, and I am a man who wants to marry the Queen! No one has the honor of my East King!

This man! It is this man again!

At the time of the winner great divine prestige, let the winner be his running dog, his father did not dare to defy, but dare!

The Queen is the woman I won in the East! Everyone don’t want to finger dye, who is fingering! Who is going to Death!

Queen, why don’t you look at me, it’s me, you have to swear at me in the past, why is it not a word?

And don’t know me now?

Of course, Donghuang Bailu did not know that Donghuang won. In the past, he was arrogant and said that even he did not even see each other. It was very hasty.

Fortunately, the bride price was robbed, and it was Death Magician. I really didn’t expect it.

Ye Hua won’t even know each other. I just heard that there is such a person, but I have never seen it.

If Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi are here, it must have been seen. After all, the wick is that they are stepping on.

At this time, the emptiness is very exciting, and finally I have to fight!

It’s time to show strength, and although it’s been disgusting recently, this skill is definitely super-growth.

At this time, there is still Jiang Wuzhi in the East Emperor.

“Patriarch! Uncle is surrounded by people!” A black clothed person suddenly appeared, shouting respectfully.

The emperor’s face was condensed: “Know it!”

Black clothed person disappeared instantly, really very competent.

“Your Uncle is shot faster than you.” Ginger has no desire to solemnly.

“Yeah! It seems very anxious!”

“Who is that person?”

The East Emperor is deeply sighed: “You will know when you get there, let’s go first!”

“It’s all time, you still don’t say, is there any meaning?” Jiang did not want to hurry up and feel that this Donghuang family is going to change.

on site.

Donghuang Times looked at the East Emperor Bailu, while Donghuang Baiyu looked at the East Emperor.

Ye Hua, look at the East Emperor, and look at the East Emperor.

Feeling that these two people are not very similar, this East Emperor is too ugly, and then look at the Queen, it is almost beautiful to the sky.

He is not as big as the Queen of the Queen.

“What is your name?” The East Emperor was indifferently asked, and this tone contained everything, and people had to tell the truth.

Everyone can feel the majesty in the language and bow down slightly.

But Ye Hua didn’t feel it at all, and the East Emperor’s White Stork was the same. Qing Xu has become accustomed to it.

The fighting world is also very strong now, and it is also free to resist.

But I was a little bit unbearable, and Ye Hua had to keep it, which is a clue.

Donghuang Bailu indifferently said: “My name is Donghuang Bailu!”

There is no fluctuation in the long face of Donghuangji: “East Emperor Bailu! Welcome home!”

With this sentence, both Ye Hua and Dong Huang Bai are forced.

The surrounding disciplines are all in awesome, what is going on here, and the result is that the teacher is moving, and the result is to encircle it, give a Mawei?

Ye Hua, that hate, I should have made trouble earlier, but now that others are tweaking, what are the excuses?

But at this time, the East Emperor appeared!

However, Jiang did not want to hide in the crowd, and did not appear with the East Emperor, so as not to be affected by the population.

“See Patriarch!” All of them squatted and asked, and they seemed to understand the rules.

The East Emperor waved his hand and moved toward the East Emperor. “Uncle, how come out today?”

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