You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1240

“Why, mother only saw one side?” Ye Hua asked curiously.

The East Emperor said indifferently said: “Mother knows that the sister killed the younger brother, so oh mad.”

Ye Hua: “······”

It’s unbelievable that the emperor’s white enamel is fake.

Both the Qing Dynasty and the Fighting World are shocked. Does Mrs. Zun have such a dark history?

East Huangji said indifferently: “White, in fact, some things do not blame you, those nannies who took care of you in the past, in fact, are harmful to your heart, so you only fight back, this matter I still checked for a long time to know, I The purpose of doubt is to harm you.”

Ye Hua feels that this old man is very appetizing. The deity says that his woman can see how to kill people, so kind.

“At the time, although you were a bit sorrowful, most of them were normal, and you were more mature than your peers, and even the strength was top. At that time, I was the first woman in the Nine Provinces. God, not Mengyao.”

“Unfortunately, the Emperor of the East has stepped into the temple of indestruction. At that time, you saw him at a glance, killing it… and you want to save the big brother, you are hurt, you are too strong, this is Pure bloodline.”

“Your father finally agreed to send you away, and eliminated your memory, sealed off your strength, let the East Emperor break to protect you, so many years have passed, child you finally come back, look at what you are now, I think your father will be gratified in the Spirit of Heaven. After all, you are also his heart, everyone wants to kill you, but he protects you.”

Ye Hua didn’t speak after listening. I don’t know if this old man said it is true.

The East Emperor’s face was calm, but his heart was overwhelmed and he could not calm down for a long time.

Is it true that your own life experience? If they say something, can they believe it?

Dong Huangji whispered: “I know you won’t believe it.”

When I finished speaking, I reached out and scorned, and a picture was revealed.

This is the emperor’s white 芷··· she is sitting in the gazebo outside, expression is a little demented, it seems a lot of green.

Ye Hua looked towards the outside pavilion, exactly the same.

But this does not seem to explain anything.

The emperor’s face was calm, but his heart was not so calm.

“Ye Hua, I am a little tired.” Donghuang Bailu said softly.

The emperor ordered nodded, and the emperor stood up and said: “I will take you to rest.”

Ye Hua didn’t say anything, and it felt a bit tricky, but I don’t know yet.

Do you want the bones to come and spy on intelligence?

After all, the white bone is a perverted level person, belonging to the BUG.

Forget it, the deity does not mean such cheating. The strength is cheating. If it is to be cheated, it is too mad.

Followed by the East Emperor, everyone came to the Orange House, all the way to the East Emperor was quiet, as if not wanting to take care of this elder sister.

Ye Hua didn’t say anything, you have nothing to do with it, my woman is not rare here.

The orange building’s discipline is very doubtful. How does Patriarch personally bring a few people?

Very doubtful.

“The cabins in this row are free to live,” the East Emperor said softly.

Ye Hua indifferently said: “You can go.”

The East Emperor was looked at towards Ye Hua, his eyes were hostile, and Ye Hua was not at all obsessive! The deity has never been afraid of anyone!

“Hungry is called the next person.” The East Emperor was indifferently said, and then disappeared in place.

Ye Hua coldly snorted, really is a personal thing: “White, go take a break, I don’t think these people are good.”

“I went to rest, Ye Hua.” Donghuang Bailu whispered and then walked into the wing.

Ye Hua still wants to go in and comfort the Queen, and the East Emperor Bai Yu shut the door.

In the room of the East Emperor, the East Emperor appeared again.

“Uncle, are you still not ashamed of Father? For so many years, you are waiting for the day to come back.” The East Emperor was on sole solemnly.

“In the end, you father did not choose the method for this matter, now Bailu took the initiative to come back, isn’t this a good thing?” Donghuang took a teacup and took a sip, and the later Donghuang won was a bit confused.

East Emperor on the sole solemnly: “Uncle, when the East Emperor broke away with the elder sister to escape, is not to avoid your pursuit? Besides, the East Emperor can not wipe out the crimes!”

“Globe! The East Emperor repeatedly said that you are a big brother! Her Donghuang Bailu is a sacrifice!”

“Uncle, no one is a sacrifice in life! These are all things you have to do!” The East Emperor is said with displeasure.

The East Emperor gave a nasal tone, which seemed disdainful: “Are you just not breaking it? Is it afraid that Donghuangbai will move your position?”

“That’s not you, let Bai Hao clearly show the strength in everyone!” The East Emperor is really hate this, everything is plot against inside, with the position to force himself and his side.

“Hey, you are in charge of the entire Donghuang family. When did Uncle intervene? You also know what Uncle is waiting for, and you know that Uncle will not choose the method for this matter!”

The East Emperor was very deep, and he looked at the East Emperor with a disgusted look and immediately left.

This is also a default in disguise.

At this time, Donghuang won respectfully asked: “Master, you are not saying that… will be the emperor’s white 芷···”

“Yes, I promise you will not repent, a soulless body, isn’t it better?” The East Emperor said indifferently, and then walked out of the room, leaving the strange East King win.

A body without a soul?

Donghuang wins tight frowns! What I want is not a shell without soul!

Such a queen is no longer a queen!

the host! You actually lied to me!

Donghuang won very angry! Say it right at first! Sell ​​your own soul and let yourself get the emperor’s day!

Now, go back on one’s word!

Donghuang wins tightly holding his fists, his eyes are unwilling!

On the other hand, Ye Hua and Qing Xuan and the others are bored, and they have been scared to sleep in the room.

Ye Hua walked in the orange building with Qing Xu and Doufu, and planned to see the young man’s competition, which is boring anyway.

“Qing Xu, is there any way to bring out the people who do not destroy the temple?” Ye Hua indifferently asked.

“There is no way to think of it.”

Ye Hua Looking at the huge orange building, I am afraid it is bigger than my own illusory empire.

“Is there any way to seduce Wei Chang?” Ye Hua asked again.

“There is no way to think of it.”

Ye Hua: “······”

“Buy the world! You!”

Doufu’s heart is in a state of collapse. Why do you always let yourself answer questions?

I don’t want to answer questions at all.

“High Venerable, I don’t dare to say it.”

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