You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1242

What’s more, Donghuang Baiji is just a child. This child is originally born to them, so I think that there is power to decide the life and death of child!

This is the cruel big family, not right, it should be cruel World.

Donghuang Baiji is known, and it turns out that all the previous ones are fake. This is true.

When you are born, you are locked up and can be explained by breeding. These people are spying on their own bloodline.

Born in this family is really a tragedy.

“Do you want to get my bloodline?” asked Donghuang Baiyu.

“Yes, child ··· your bloodline is the purest of the East Emperor. If you get it, it is ok to unify this Nine Provinces.” The East Emperor is not the location of Patriarch, but the whole Nine. Provinces Five Seas, killing other families, highlighting the power of the East Emperor.

Donghuang Bailu knew the temptation of strength, but did not expect that they could be so cruel for strength.

“Child, don’t be afraid, there is no pain.” The East Emperor had a palm, and a black pillar appeared in his hand.

“This bead is prepared for you, your father can’t enjoy it, but it is cheaper for me.” Donghuang smiled, this smile is sincere, happy… just like waiting for many years to finally reach.

However, at this time, the door was pushed open and interrupted the conversation between the two.

East Emperor complexion sank, coldly said: “What are you doing?!”

The person who came is of course the East Emperor won, just went to find Ye Hua, but he did not come, how can Donghuang win can sit!

The Queen is the winner of my East King! Including the soul! No one can move!

“Master, don’t suck her soul!” Donghuang won for the first time in front of Donghuangji, which was respectful before, but now it seems calm.

Because Donghuang won knows that it is very likely that he will die if he does this.

But even if you die, you will be firm in your beliefs! The Queen is I, your father! I, your father is a man who wants to marry the Queen!

Donghuang Bailu looked toward towards Winkang, the person who had been jealous before, but that was just the decision after his anger.

The East Emperor did not return, indifferently said: “What are you! I dare to ask me!”

“You promised me before! Let me get her!” Donghuang wins angry and asks, this liar!

As the East Emperor won, Donghuang Bailu was very surprised. I didn’t expect them to have such a deal. So now it is a contradiction?

“It seems that you are coming to question my decision!” Donghuang has already emerged a killing intent, but Donghuang won seems to be not afraid at all, to see the rhythm of the end.

Dong Huang won said solemnly: “That is what you promised me!”

“Then I decided now, don’t promise!”

“That only uses the most primitive method!” Donghuang won immediately conveyed his breath, obviously, much stronger than before.

But it is even stronger, compared with the East Emperor, it is a small witch, there is no power to fight back!

“It seems that you want to die!” East Huangji indifferently said, the palm of a lift!

Just after grandeur’s grand Donghuang win, it was suppressed. The whole person was like being tied by something, and his face showed painful color.

“When you sold the soul to me, there is no condition to say it!” The East Emperor slowly gripped the palm of his hand.

The body of Donghuang won is like being squeezed, and the blood is seven.

“Hey! The Queen is mys! Whoever TMD is wanted to snatch it!” The emperor’s obsession is a bit horrible, even if he is going to die now, he is not embarrassed.

“act recklessly something!” East Emperor fiercely clenched his fists.


The bones of Donghuang won began to burst, but they could not be seen on the outside!

But even if this is the case, the eyes of Donghuang won are still in the weak East Emperor Baisong, the next generation!

I will marry you in my next life, and no one can stop it at that time!

The East Emperor reached out and took a shot. The body of Donghuang won turned into dust and disappeared into the room.

“Indefinitely! I promised to give you a flesh, but I don’t know enough!” Donghuang said disdainfully.

Donghuang Bailu leaned on the window sill and gasped for a big breath: “You can kill even your men.”

“He is not a subordinate, a person who is not a man or a woman, and even an ant is more noble than him.” East Huang said softly.

Ye Hua claims that she is not human nature, but compared with them, Ye Hua is quite a communication.

For the Death of Kangshi, there is not much feeling in the heart of Donghuang Bailu. After all, many years have passed, suddenly took the time, and partnered with others to do it himself. It is better if you don’t have hands-on.

“I was bothered by him. Let’s start. I have waited a lot for this moment. I don’t want to wait any longer. Child ··· Thank you.” The black beads in the heart of the Emperor’s second hand floated.

Naked eye can be seen, a suction enveloped the East Emperor’s white pheasant, needless to say, must be smoking the bloodline of the East Emperor.

Dong Huang’s eyes reveal excitement and excitement, and he will soon have the most powerful bloodline.

The lord of the temple that does not destroy the temple, teach him to be a man!

Donghuang Bailu can feel that the bloodline in the body is shaking, this bead is really strong.


Dong Huangji frowned slightly, this sucked for a long time, how did it react?

This seems impossible.

Frowns, East Huang continued to wait.

“Donghuangji, is it very doubtful in my heart?” Donghuang Bailu whispered.

Donghuang has not made a sound, and it feels that it is not very good. In the end, it has been absorbed all now. Why is there no reaction at all?

Donghuang Baiyu continued: “Actually, in my body, in addition to the Eastern Emperor bloodline, there is also a bloodline.”

“And?” East Emperor cried out in surprise.

“Yes, that bloodline is called, Ye Hua bloodline.” Donghuang Bailu knows that Ye Hua’s power of Bloodline has long been integrated into the body, even if Qing Ya has Ye Hua’s bloodline.

To be precise, if you give Ye Hua a child, you will have Ye Hua’s bloodline. This is definitely a super big benefit. If you let all women know, it must be swarmed.

It is simply a tool for cheating.

“Ye Hua bloodline? What is this bloodline?” asked Donghuangji.

“This kind of bloodline is very powerful and powerful… I don’t know how powerful I am!” The East Emperor Bailu looked up towards the East Emperor, and the slightly lovable body gradually straightened, although the black pillar was smoking. But can’t suck anything at all.

Donghuang Times does not believe it! Reach out and hold the black column in your hand and use your own cultivation technique to increase your suction.

The East Emperor Bai Yan stood still.

However, the face of Donghuangji is getting more and more dignified: “How is this possible, it is impossible to make mistakes!”

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