You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1243

“East Emperor, the mistake is not the beads, but you.” East Emperor Baidu coldly said, is also disappointed with this home.

The East Emperor was unbelievable looking at the East Emperor’s White Pelican: “You! You are not the East Emperor!”

“Are you panicked?” The East Emperor Bailu slowly sat on the wooden chair next to it, slender fingers on the armrests, and a pair of scorpions looked toward the East Emperor, which was extraordinarily calm, compared with the previous confusion, now It is a real Queen.

Dong Huang’s face was taut, staring at the emperor’s white pheasant, as if to see through the emperor’s white pheasant.

But nothing, this woman seems very deep.

After a long time, the East Emperor chuckled, indifferently said: “White, I still look down on you, it is worthy of the people of the East Emperor who have the most innate talent, so many years have passed, more strengthened than before, it seems that this The pure bloodline has helped you a lot.”

“bloodline and so on I don’t know, but I know that having a strong man is much more important than a bloodline.” The East Emperor’s white scorpion snarled a curve, and the bloodline was a cloud.

The East Emperor’s brow was locked, but he did not expect this to happen, deviating from his plan.

Looking at the East Emperor’s White Stork in front of him, the East Emperor moved to kill the heart, but if it is done, it will definitely cause a sensation.

By the time everyone knows that they want to snatch her bloodline, after all, the emperor has shown his bloodline.

I shouldn’t do that at the time, but who knows! This woman is so powerful, she can’t suck it.

“Do you want to kill me?” Donghuang Bailu asked softly, without fear.

“But I am afraid that the movement is too big, and it will not end in the end?” The East Emperor Bai Hao is also the Queen’s level, and this information can still be speculated.

Dong Huangji said solemnly: “White, it is very smart, but it will only speed up your Death.”

“Do you want me to die? Are you sure? After all, I have a man who regards me as my life.” Donghuang Bai Yusi said, Ye Hua is not there anyway, just blowing a big talk.

The East Emperor was coldly snorted: “White, now you are more comfortable than before.”

“Of course, because I am not so irritated, I will not be bullied by you.” The tone of the East Emperor Baiqi gradually became cold. For the person who wants to persecute, the Emperor Baiyun will never be soft, this and Qing Ya It is different.

“and so?”

“So, you will die today.” Donghuang Bailu said softly, has announced the Death of the East Emperor.

After listening to the East Emperor, he chuckled: “You announced my Death? It’s a big tone, bigger than the previous tone.”

“You feel that I don’t dare to do it here. When I am quiet, I am not good at myself. After all, killing you, the reputation is not very good.” Donghuang Bailu said softly.

“You still know, this is why I don’t kill you.” Donghuangji said disdainfully, this East Emperor Baiji was a little bit inaccurate. When he first ate, he knew that the strength was definitely not under him.

“But I want to tell you, you think it will cause movement, but I will kill you, it will definitely not cause movement!” The tone of the East Emperor’s white singer took a cold, and he walked into the East Imperial Family and was pled against. .

Even these rooms have been set up with Longxiang, just like persecuting themselves, can’t bear it.

Since you are cruel to me! Then don’t blame me, Donghuang Bailu, don’t talk about feelings!

“hahaha !!! East Emperor Bailu, although you have a pure bloodline, but want to quietly kill me, it is impossible!” East Emperor times laughed loudly, laughing East Emperor Baiyu overestimate one’s capabilities.

However at this time, walk into three silhouettes.

“She may make a move, but I can.” Ye Hua smoked a cigarette, indifferently said, followed by the emptiness and fighting.

The East Emperor suddenly turned back, they did not find out when they came in!

Ye Hua is sitting next to the East Emperor’s White Dragonfly. Qing Xu is standing next to Ye Hua. The battle is closed and the door is closed.

The meaning is clear, but today you can’t go out! Dead this heart!

Of course, Donghuangji can also feel, said solemnly: “It seems that you intend to fight against the entire Donghuang family!”

Ye Hua bounced the ash and said softly: “You use the wrong word. This is not confrontation. This is the crushing bureau.”

“Crushing? It seems that you know nothing about the Donghuang family!”

“It seems that you are the same as the average person. I didn’t figure out the situation. I brought my wife here, just to get things done. I thought you were a family of blind date, but nothing happened, but unexpectedly did not expect Ah, you still let me have an excuse to do things.” Ye Hua actually looked outside for a long time, thinking that the East Emperor was all done.

The results came back and the Queen was still chatting with others, so I didn’t bother to eavesdrop.

It feels almost the same, just walked in.

After all, it’s the turn to show off one’s military strength, and say that it’s taking act pretentious.

“Then I would like to see, how did you kill me, quietly killing!” East Emperor said contemptuously, exudes a fierce breath.

Ye Hua bounced the cigarette butt in the finger, indifferently said: “I originally intended to kill you, but you think, I don’t dare just, open and honorable killing you, which makes me a bit strange, in this world, there is no What the deity can’t do!”

Ye Hua just finished, a powerful atmosphere burst into flames, forming a strong air wave.

The wing was instantly overturned, and the sleeping horse was surprised and screamed. He thought that someone was going to kill himself. He immediately saw Ye Hua not far away and ran over.

None of the surrounding buildings survived and collapsed.

Everything happened in the Orange House, and everyone even felt it.

The East Emperor, who is hosting the Youth Conference, is frowning, Uncle, what is it doing!

wrong! This breath is not Uncle’s, not even a little breathline, it’s someone else’s!

Sitting next to the ginger, he whispered, “You have an accident here.”

“I know!” The East Emperor directly disappeared directly in the same place, Jiang Wushou also quickly followed, today’s Donghuang family will not be peaceful!

As the orange building’s discipline, the distance to the accident site!

At this time, the East Emperor Bai Hao was a little dizzy, and Ye Hua wanted to make things bigger. He originally wanted to quietly kill Dong Huang.

Ye Hua is not awkward, is it true to the deity?

You treat the woman of the deity like this, how to do it without paying a little price! Is the deity of the deity so good?

I really want more!

Dong Huang did not expect that Ye Hua actually dared to do this, such a big movement, surely everyone in the East Emperor knows!

Things can’t be controlled again, which makes Donghuang Times very angry. This man is crazy!

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