You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1247

Wei Chang curiously asked: “When did the Lord appear?”

“After a few days!” said the dusty excitement, the Lord of the Lord finally has to see the sky!

“I am really excited. I can finally see the honor of the Lord. It is a great honor.” Wei Chang opened his arms again, as if to hug.

However, the great man coldly snorted: “Pack! Make up!”

The dust has not spoken, too lazy to say.

Wei Chang smiled and ignored it.

“When are we going to meet the Lord?” Wei Chang asked curiously.

Sailing with a smile: “In a few days, we will meet the Lord in the past, and believe that under our strength, those Patriarch can only be scared by shiver coldly!”

“That is natural, I am waiting for the master of the loyalty.” Wei Chang opened the acting pretentious, devout.

The man is coldly snorted: “You are really not suitable for acting, and only these idiots believe in you.”

“Ming adults! You can say a try!” Drunken tenderly shouted, even 骂 统 大 adults!

“Drunk! Don’t think that dust is protecting you, you can do whatever you want!”

Wei Chang at this time said with a smile: “Well, everyone is not destroying the temple, they have to argue again. If the Lord of the House sees us so unsocial, it will be unhappy.”

“Yes, Wei Chang is right, we have to unite and be a big man! You’d better be honest!” The dust gave the final warning.

The big man sneered aloud and never said a word again, you will regret it! I don’t know how to die when I get there!

On the other side, Jiang has no desire to return to his home and call the assembly!

The purpose is for this event!

Donghuang is dead! Was killed by a slap!

And the purpose of the man is to let the Lord of the Lord out!

But it doesn’t seem to be the person who does not destroy the temple, but why should you release that kind of person?

I really don’t understand.

“Patriarch, listen to what you mean, this time the East Emperor will not appear?” One of the Elder group solelmly asked.

Ginger has no point to nodded: “Yes, this time the East Emperor will definitely not appear, then the Lord will definitely appear again! By then, the entire Nine Provinces are dangerous.”

“How can this be good?”

“We called the other two to kill the man!”

“You are stupid, someone else slaps and slaps the East Emperor, and you pass, and others will blow you away in one breath!”


“Then what do you say, do you wait for the king to come out, and then kill one one after another!”

Everyone heard this sentence is quiet, of course, the seal is the Four Great Families, just because of the urinary nature of the Lord, after the out will certainly one after another revenge!

“Patriarch, how should we decide?”

“There are still a few days to reinforce the seal. We can’t control the East Emperor. Now we have to gather the strengths of the other two and prepare for the imperial temple!” There is no better way for Jiang Wuyi, the Donghuang family There was no hope at all, and now I don’t know where the Lord’s Lord came out.

If you go directly to the Donghuang family, it is certainly the best, but if you don’t go to the East Emperor, it will be very troublesome!

“Patriarch, I have to hurry up, now time is in a hurry.”

Ginger has no desire to feel, too, it is not too late, you have to hurry to call.

In the Donghuang family, Ye Hua is now nonsense with the East Emperor.

“Oh? You said that the temple is sealed by you, so to speak, if he comes out, will definitely come to you?” Ye Hua wondered.

“If there is no accident, it should be, the lord of the temple is a man who has a hatred.” The emperor’s face is not very good, obviously on his own territory, but he feels like being detained, there is no such thing. human rights.

“It seems that the deity don’t have to go out and find them, they will come over naturally.” Ye Hua chuckled, and that’s fine, then wait for the master to come, and of course Wei Chang.

The East Emperor did not speak, the man in front of him was a madman, even if the madman would not do so.

Release the lord, that is, the soul is smeared, how many people will die under his knife! At that time, the corpse is wild, hell on earth!

“Unimportant Zhang is a trivial matter,” Ye Hua whispered, stroking a cigarette and igniting it, then looking at the night sky.

However, at this time, the voice of Qing Ya appeared in my mind.

“Husband, where are you?”

“I am looking for Wei Chang with Bai Hao. How are you playing with mother?” Ye Hua asked softly, with a slight curvature in the corner of his mouth.

“mother is very happy, we just came back from the Alps, mother is still skiing, very happy.”

Listening to the tone of Qing Ya, Ye Hua can also know that mother is really happy and happy.

“I plan to play back too long?”

“呃···At least one or two months, mother is very interested in this, I don’t really want to go back. After all, in the palace, mother is in the palace, there is no place to go.”

Ye Hua sighed, yeah···mother in the palace, it really does not go out, it is estimated to be depressed.

If you choose to choose, you will definitely stay in Earth, but there are still a lot of things left unfinished here.

“Ye Hua, mother said that this is good,” Qing Ya whispered.

Ye Hua helplessly said: “This is what mother said to you.”

“Mother doesn’t tell you, I am afraid that you are angry, I am suitable.” Qing Ya softly said with a smile.

Ye Hua snorted: “Where does mom like to be, where is it, anyway, back and forth.”

“That line, I will tell mother to listen.” Qing Ya sings with a smile.

“What is mother doing?”

“Mother is dancing in the square.”

Ye Hua: “······”

“Is it right for Ye Hua, Wei Chang?” Qing Ya asked curiously.

Ye Hua sighed deeply: “Come on, Qingxu has already done it.”

“That’s good, you pay attention to safety, and children should pay more attention to it.”

“Reassured, I will stare at the child, there will be no accident.”

“Well, that’s it, hanging up.”


Obviously it is in the sound transmission, but it seems to be on the phone, it is simply a phone call from a different plane.

Ye Hua stood up and moved toward the house.

The East Emperor is a bit confused, this man actually has mother.

Shouldn’t a Cold Blood man be an orphan?

It’s a bit nonsense.

唉··· finished…

The emperor’s face with a desperate face left, the master of the temple is so powerful that you simply can’t think of it.

You are letting it out, but you can’t put it back anymore, and you will not be spared if you kill yourself.


But he didn’t listen at all, what can you do, and go it alone, when the time is rebellious.

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