You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1249

“You are really hard, do you want to take a break and have a good time to understand the last time?” The dust with a slight smile is extremely confident. Of course, this self-confidence comes from a powerful master.

But still rely on Wei Chang now.

Long Chu coldly said: “If you want to fight, let the horse come over!”

“Long Family Lord, you misunderstood, the Lord of the Lord appeared immediately, we naturally will not intervene, so that the Lord will be active, I hope you will not let the Lord disappointed.” Dust has his own plans.

The lord will soon break through the seal, and naturally he will see the blood.

If you kill all of them, the Lord will not be happy.

When the audience heard the dust, the three could not help but shudder, and the lord was sealed in the previous generation.

The father of the Eastern Emperor was also killed in the war. This Death has sealed the seal of the Lord, and it is a good thing.

Although you can choose a method for strength, you can still dedicate your life when you die.

This is really an extreme.

The three did not say anything, standing in Void waiting for the Lord to come, and then doing the final struggle, this spirit is still admirable.

The drizzle seems to have an increasing trend, and the atmosphere at the scene has become more dignified. It is surrounded by the voice of hua hua.

At the beginning of the dragon, I saw two Undead Races. It looked sinister and uncomfortable.

“Jiang Family, it seems almost the same.” Fu Wen said solemnmn.

Ginger has no intention to order nodded, and the three of them have come early, and they are definitely ready!

To win, you must first have an array!

For this kind of Life and Death problem, the three people have no concealment, tell the other side of the story, and then deal with the most powerful array!

So when you come, the array is already set up, just need to be motivated!

“Great Sadness!”

This is the top array of Long Family, even if it is a good god, the main role is to fiercely suppress the opponent, so that the opponent can not play all the strength, do not look at the role of the array is simple, but to the gods to suppress the array , already very few!

There are only such long arrays as Long Family.

The three men separated immediately, and their hands burst into the golden rays of light. Only the golden rune appeared in the rock pile, which exudes a strong atmosphere and shrouded the stone pile.

Behind the beginning of the dragon, there was a huge illusion, which is a statue of Buddha.

The sacred breath comes from the pavement!

The Buddha’s attribute is bright, and the Undead Race is born with nothing.

Death Magician and Death Assassins are powerful, but this can suppress the god’s array, making them a little uncomfortable.

After all is attribute, there is no way.

Ye Hua itself belongs to Undead Race, so Ye Hua also has weaknesses, that is sacred!

Just like the breath of this Buddha statue, it definitely makes Ye Hua uncomfortable.

Wei Chang can feel the movement of the two skeleton bodies behind him, but there is no movement.

Death Magician after all is Faye, immediately put a black shield over the body, and by the way help his younger brother, this is a little more comfortable.

But this kind of shield is not always available, but Death Magician feels that the Buddha’s breath is getting stronger and stronger!

For Undead Race, this is double the damage and can easily kill them.

The three saw the Undead Race in the indestructible temple uncomfortable, and there was a feeling in the heart that they were really strong and they were uncomfortable.

This kind of self-comfort is okay, but soon they realized that the main force of others did not respond at all.

Wei Chang can feel the power of the breath, but can directly ignore this power, after all, the strength is here.

The dust and the big man are certainly not as strong as Wei Chang. Their strength and these patriarchs are not much different. If they are stronger than them, they have already come to destroy it. Is it necessary to engage Wei Chang?

The dust is so emboldened, because there is Wei Chang here.

“very difficult to deal with the array.” The dust sings with a smile, agrees with the other party’s strength, these three people are still worthy of admiration, knowing to send death, or no return.

Ginger has no desire and the others have not spoken, and the heart can not calm down for a long time.

“The heart of the heart!” Jiang did not want to shouted in a deep voice.

It was shocked by the next round of dust, and even the big man was shocked.

By convention, an array can’t add an array, but this is a battle!

Unprecedented, so the two talents were so shocked.

This is one of the roots of Jiang’s desirelessness, and the array of hearts can be added to any array!

Its purpose is to strengthen our combat effectiveness and weaken local strength.

But this is the main strengthening, the deputy weakening, but it is superimposed with the Great Sadness, and it is also the power that cannot be ignored.

Minimize the fighting power of the place and enhance our combat effectiveness!

“Swordsman!” Fu Wen furiously shouted, hands quickly printed.

I saw a cloud of white clouds on the sky, as if I had a Heavenly Eye.

A sword sings through the earth and falls directly with a strong breath.

This giant sword of the hundred zhang, with a strange mark on the sword, gives a dangerous signal.

However, this sword was directly inserted into the center of the array.

Between the two, the two arrays have actually been strengthened!

The Buddha statue of that phantom seems to be substantial, and there is a humming sound in the air. This is a Death announcement for evil!

A bang!

The shields of Death Magician and Death Assassin disappeared instantly, and the horrible screams rang from their mouths.

This sacred attribute can’t be afforded at all, and for them it is fatal.

“Waste.” Wei Chang whispered and gave the two subordinates directly.

On the side of the big man coldly snorted, looked at the dust, did not say anything.

The drunken brow furrowed and looked at Wei Chang with doubts.

Wei Chang gave a drunken a mysterious smile, which made the drunk and hurriedly regained his eye.

The sword is one of the foundations of Fu Wen, and its effect is to aggravate the effect of the array. This is a perfect match, so that the two arrays reach their limits!

However, in addition to strengthening the array, swordsman can also attack the enemy with the sword array, of course, it must be motivated.

These three complement each other, can try to make the owner uncomfortable, but this is only one of the three great families!

It is impossible to be a huge family of five seas in Nine Provinces.

The dust is now a bit dignified, it seems to be a small look at them!

At the same time, it is recognized for your decision. If Wei Chang is not there today, it is really hard to say.

Wei Chang is very indifferent, one of Seven Sins, that is not a joke.

The release of these details, the three Patriarch also a little peace of mind, because they see each other’s dignity.

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