You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1250

The two Undead Races are gone, but the man is very strange. Until now, he is still laughing, there is no sense of crisis!

However, it is at this time.

The ground began to shake!

As the inside swayed, the three Patriarch’s faces were extremely dignified, and just a little bit of calm was gone.

However, the dust and the others, with excitement on their faces, waited for so many years, the Lord of the Lord finally appeared.

This day has been waiting for too long.

Cracks began to appear on the swaying ground, and the cracks spread indefinitely, giving off the harsh creak.

The rain pouring down the sky seemed to be scared, and it gradually stopped, and even the dark clouds of the sky were scared away.

There is an indescribable horror in the whole air.

In the cracks in the ground, a horrible pressure permeated and everyone felt it.

Still the familiar taste.

The dust, the big man, the drunkenness all slowly squat, Wei Chang smiled and learned their appearance.

But for the three people who are not wanting ginger, this is a Death announcement.

However, the swaying ground gradually subsided, the dark clouds of the sky condensed again, and the violent rain poured down, which was accompanied by the sound of thunder and lightning, resounding through the heavens and the earth.

I saw a crack in the crack, suddenly a hand! This hand is carrying mud, but this is not the point…

The focus is on the five fingers, all the stones of Brimblin… diamonds? Or a gem? This is not known.

But Wei Chang feels that this is a strong local atmosphere.

Five fingers pressed on the wet soil, it is a touch of action.

Ginger has no desire and the others complexion sank, all ready to attack!

However, at this time, a golden light appeared and lighted the eyes.

I saw a golden crown appeared!

There are also many multi-colored stones in the crown. It seems that the owner is really interested in the stone.

Three people swallowed saliva and said, heartbeat is a little faster…

As the crown gradually rose, everyone saw this face…

This face is very ordinary, not handsome or ugly, but gives a creepy feeling.

The pair of scorpions seemed to be emitting bloodthirsty rays of light, and the whole body was infiltrated with a bloody smell.

I saw the other man’s hand on the wet ground, a face looked dull, and the eyes stared at the three people as if to tear the three people in front of them.

However, it is at this time! The accident happened!


The lord screamed, and originally wanted to support his hands. As a result, the soil was too loose and was directly pressed down. The whole person fell into the crack and even the people heard it.


At this moment, a group of crows flew over the sky.

Gu gu 呱···

The whole audience revealed a sigh of scent. How can this fight be played? You don’t have to fight it. It’s so shameful.

However, the dust said with a smile: “The Lord still likes to play like this.”

“Play?” Wei Chang wondered.

Just at this time, Wei Chang felt it!

I saw a silhouette appearing behind the three.

Isn’t this the Lord? A golden robe, the rock of Brimblin is set on it, even a pair of boots.

There are also those gloves, all of which are the stones of Brimblin. This is probably an upgraded version of the infinite gloves, countless gloves.

“Hey.” The lord greeted with a disdainful tone.

However, this is the sound, let the three eyes be bulged out!

When! Appeared behind them?

Why don’t you feel at all!

The three quickly pulled away and took out their own proud weapons. It was simply multi-colored, and at first glance it was a high-end goods.

“You are the Lord?” Fu Wen sighed and questioned, completely did not expect that this temple owner is so exaggerated, look at this gold, it is just a vulgar explosion.

“Yeah, why do you want to ask such an idiot question? Is it better to have a high-intelligence dialogue?” The lord with curious and hopeful face, this expression makes the three people very confused, this is different from the imagination. .

Shouldn’t it be a violent man? Is it the kind of Kill Kill Kill? Why are you still in the mood to chat?

Long Chu coldly said: “Do you have IQ?!”

The lord of the temple suddenly pointed at the beginning of the dragon with a smile: “boy, I like you.”

Wei Chang: “······”

This kind of confession came too suddenly, and Wei Chang felt the horror.

No, this is a thriller, a lively interpretation of a comedy thriller.

As a party, Long Chu was also very surprised. This man actually said such shameless words! It’s just…····· shameless!

However, Jiang has no desire to think, I don’t know if this is the kind of like, do you want to bow?

“Hey, this array? Are you the descendants of those families?” The lord felt the atmosphere of the array and asked with doubts, but if he listened carefully, he could hear it, and there was a killing intent in this tone. And unwilling.

The three did not speak.

The lord rubbed the palm of his hand and said softly: “I don’t know that I know that this array has not been seen before. Your elders used to deal with me, but unfortunately, they succeeded…”

Wei Chang’s mouth is slightly twitching, and this lord has refreshed his cognition and interest.

However, for the dust and the big man, this seems to be used to it. The lord is such a character. In the coquettish position, the enemy’s belt is removed.

I heard the owner say so, the three hearts are happy, it seems that this array works!

“Cheat you, this also believes, idiot.” The lord suddenly laughed and looked very happy.

The three faces are a little stiff… This is the real skin, the naughty skin.

“But I can see you, but I am relieved.” The lord suddenly said with a very sad sentiment.

Ginger has no desire to be solemnly asked: “What do you mean?”

“You show, your I, your father is dead, it’s really stupid.” The head of the temple extended the index finger, it seems that the hair is a little itchy, but it is impolite to take off the crown, so poke from the crack in the crown Go in…

But after the deduction, the fuck’s… is stuck!

尴尬··· This kind of awkward atmosphere has come out again.

“Is this also true?” Wei Chang asked with doubt.

The sound of falling into the dust said: “This is like an accident.”

Wei Chang shook the head, this is really sloppy…

At this time, the lord was pulling his fingers, and he was moved toward the three. He said, “Let you see a joke, mistakes… I will pull out my fingers and kill you.”

Three people: “······”

Great tone! Eat garlic!

Finally, the main lord cautiously pulled out his fingers, and he sighed with relief and took the crown with him.

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