You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1251

The lord of the temple looked cold and stared at the three!

The three have already put on an attacking attitude!

“Look, are you jealous?” asked the crown of the temple.

Three people: “······”

The three people have an idea in mind, so I want to kill him!

“Say?” The Lord of the Temple, holding his crown, looked very serious and explained that he was also a decent person.

Fu Wen swallowed saliva and said : “A little bit smashed.”

“Left, or right?”

“A little bit on the left.”

“More is more.”

“A little bit on the right.”

“Less, then the right one, then a little further, well…”

The lord seems to have completed a major event, and he sighed with relief: “Thank you, really good people. Good people should have good news, and don’t meet me again in the next life.”

“Hah!” The three people furiously shouted, the strength of the gods all bloomed out, the world seems to be able to feel the indignation and killing intent of the three people, the wind is full, the sky is a lot of faint, the downpour is gone, in exchange for The sound of roaring sounds like it seems to burst the whole earth.

“Good! After the Four Great Families! Please allow me to take a nap. How many years have you been forbearance? You should know in your heart that you are going to take the paper!”

“Yes! Lord!”

Ginger has no desire and the others, just watching the temple owner holding the paper, running behind a big rock, taking off his pants, kneeling down…



why! why!

How did his father sealed him? It seems to be suicide now, so the grandeur is all released, and you tell me to pull!

You have a problem with TMD!

In addition to the killing intent and dullness in the air, suddenly there was a bad smell.

This is a slap in the face of tens of thousands of years, the smell is simply confusing.

For the ginger-free and the others who ate breakfast, this is simply the most powerful poison, like vomiting…


Drunken can’t stand it!

However, falling dust and holding drunk, said solemnly: “Drunk! Can not spit, this is the atmosphere of the Lord, to use grateful heart to experience, in this breath, faintly hidden knowledge taste.”

Wei Chang’s face is dark, put your M dog stinky, this is stinky!

I was told by you that I was so convinced that I couldn’t believe it, and I closed my eyes and smelled it, but the green face was a little bit too fast.

Wei Chang felt that this drunken swallowed the vomit.

Fuck! I want to vomit…

This is the most disgusting team I have ever seen in Wei Chang. MD, this product will not go to eat!

However, Jiang’s desirelessness and the others are also uncomfortable. He can even hear the filthy voice circling down and then emitting a stench.

Finally, watching the main lord rubbing his ass, the three were relaxed.

“Not good means, it took a long time, a bit stinky.” The lord moved towards the three men waved, but the three directly looked toward the hand of the lord···

I really don’t want to fight with him. It’s too disgusting. Do you want to use your own jingle weapon?

If yes, then okay, I admit defeat.

The main lord flew to the opposite side of the three, and his face became dignified again.

But the three don’t believe it. The lord of the temple will definitely come to the miraculous words. It must be like this… Don’t be fooled by his appearance.

“Are you not prepared?” asked the lord.

I believe you are a ghost, so bad to die.

“It seems that you have to accept Death, then… I am going to kill you!” Just finished, the silhouette of the Lord disappeared.

The three people who did not want to respond to Jiang did not react at all. How did the owner of the temple suddenly take it seriously?

Long Chu looked at the fist that was getting bigger in front of him, and wanted to reach out to resist, or take out Magical Artifact ···

But the speed of the other party is too fast, and my hand has not been lifted yet… The fist hits my face…

Then there is no intuition.


This fist made a violent violent wave, but because it was too hard, Longchu’s head was broken directly… The Primordial Spirit in the head was crushed.

Punch a second!

Ye Hua had a slap in the face of the death of the East Emperor, but the strength was well controlled and did not explode the face of the East Emperor.

However, the lord of the temple burst into a punch.

Long Chu was so hung up. This is something that Jiang Wuyi and Fu Wen didn’t think of. It was too fast…and didn’t react at all.

Is this lord so perverted?

However, Jiang has no desire to think in his heart, is this the metamorphosis of the main hall, or is the man perverted before?

This is really not known.

“I didn’t control it. I didn’t want to kill him. I wanted to scare it.” The lord smashed the blood in his hand, and there seemed to be a trace of innocence in his tone, indicating that I did not intentionally kill him.

Ginger has no desire to shouted: “I want to trust you again, TMD will follow your surname!”

“Ling Chong!” Ginger has no desire to be furiously shouted, and the array immediately under his feet shines brightly, and a strong atmosphere will entangle the Lord.

The lord of the temple revealed his surprise: “You! What is this!”

Ginger has no desire to coldly said: “This is specially created for you! Two-array and swords! With this spirit, you can suppress you!”

Finished and looked towards Fu Wen: “Wait for what to do, hurry!”

Fu Wen returned to God, his hands smashed out the sword, and the sword of the giant sword exudes red glow.

Brush it! There are countless little swords on the blade, and the immediate sword is arrogant, and the sword is not emitting horrible energy.

This made the owner horrified: “How do you know!”

Fu Wen seems to have seen hope: “How come? Your sentence seems to be lying! But when you say this array! Your eyes reveal fear!”

“Because you are afraid!” Jiang did not want to take this sentence, I feel very cool, when my father used this move to defeat the owner, this time you can!

“No! The Lord of the House is not afraid of these moves! It was a mistake! That time it will definitely not!” The Lord angered with a terrified tone, and the whole body began to struggle, but how can he not get rid of the bondage!

Even when struggling, there was a thunder in the array, forming a whip of electric whip.


“You are a daring master of the temple, but also yell! You go eat it!” Fu Wen shouted coldly, as if to shout all the fears in his heart.

It was just terrible when the dragon was dead, and the result of the inability to react, the hair was erected.

If the fist just fell on his head, it might be the same.

but now!

Not anymore!

Just a negligence, let the master of the temple succeed, but this time will not stay again!

“You bastards! Actually murder the Lord! You are still looking at what you are doing! Come and save me!” The lord moved towards the dust and shouted, and the heartbreaking look was really shocking.

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