You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1252

“No use, no one can save you, waiting for you will be blood and Death, your arrogance will bury your life, in the next absolutely years, you will continue to sleep here! Your followers will be tied On the burning rack, burned with raging fire!” Fu Wen opened his arms, a powerful voice emerged from the mouth, and heard that Wei Chang was boiling, it was a pity that this guy didn’t go to Teacher.

Ginger was shocked after listening to it. You actually came up with such a short time, fake.

“Hey, are you just thinking about these words?” Jiang asked without curiosity.

“No, it was thought last night. I didn’t expect to use it. How about it, not bad.” Fu Wen was a little smug. Originally, I thought it might not be used today.

Ginger has no desire to nodded: “Not not bad, this victory declaration is very domineering, it should be.”

“But those people are a bit tricky.” Fu Wen whispered.

Ginger has no desire said solemnly: “I think that the guy who smiles is a bit problem, not good.”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with his face?”

The lord actually saw the two chatting, and made a scream: “It hurts, I want to kill you, there is a kind of let me go! Garbage!”

“Hmph, I thought you were very difficult to deal with, and in the end it was just that, let’s die!” Fu Wen was loudly shouted, and tens of thousands of flying swords hit the temple with a hot breath.

The lord showed a desperate face, and Roar shouted: “You traitors, the lord of the lord is going to die, you are not ignoring, the lord will not let you go even if he is a ghost, and you two, if not the temple The main idea, a punch will kill you! The villain is ambition!”

Ginger has no desire to say with a smile: “Lord, you just come out to pull the bubble, and then go in and squat, I am afraid this time, can not pull out again!”

“You will wait for me. One day, I will kill you one after another from the present day!” The lord shouted loudly, and the despair and anger were terrible.

Looking at the countless flying swords, the lord screamed with screams and was worn by Wan Jian.

At this time, Jiang had no doubts about his desire: “Why do you say that these temple owners don’t do it? Is it really rebellious?”

“It seems that it is not. I just bowed down.” Fu Wen said with a light heart, and his heart was a bit puzzled.

Wei Chang just looked at the owner of the temple and was worn by Wan Jian.

This temple owner is such a gray! Was it done by these a nobody? Then I Wei Chang is still a fart inferior, making a ghost.

“What is going on here?” Wei Chang asked with doubt.

Dust with a smile: “Nothing, the Lord has just come out, play with a big heart, very normal, can you understand?”

Is this also fun? This temple owner is a bit abnormal.

Wei Chang decided to keep watching.

However, the Big Man whispered: “Why, if you can’t see the Lord, you have an idea?”

“You are misunderstood,” I am worried about the Lord, and I am afraid that the Lord has something unexpected.” Wei Chang explained with a smile.

“hmph, I won’t believe you.” The big man seems to have decided that killing will not change.

“Well, the Lord has appeared, you still have to quarrel! The Lord of the Lord saw it, what is the system!” The dust was coldly shouted, these two people really do not understand the rules.

The big man does not speak.

Wei Chang continues to look at the battlefield.

At this time, the lord of the temple had at least a few holes in his body, and the blood flowed to the ground. The whole person fell weakly on the ground and mourned.

“You are so bold! Actually wounded the main lord into this!” The lord fell to the ground at this time, very weak, as if he was going to die.

Wei Chang feels a bit strange, this temple owner should not be like this.

I saw Wei Chang’s nephew condense a layer of black fog, then gently smiled, it turned out to be the case.

Jiang Wuyi and Fu Wen both fell in front of the Lord, with a smile on their lips.

This is too easy.

Although it is easy, it is also a good thing to at least reinvent the owner.

It is a pity that the dragon was accidentally killed, but it should be very happy now.

Both of them were looked at towards the body of Longchu, and one of the gods was so punched and smashed, and the Primordial Spirit had not come out yet.

“Lord, you look at your subordinates and ignore you. It is a failure.” Fu Wen indifferently said, glanced at the dust and the others, feeling strange, but could not say.

Ginger has no desire to frowns, look at the dust and the others, and there is a bad feeling in my heart.

“Still quickly deal with it, my heart is a bit strange.” Jiang no desire said solemnly.

This sentence also said that Fu Wen’s heart has gone, and he has to hurry.

“Do you have anything to say?” asked the Lord weakly.

“You continue to sleep!” Ginger has no desire to coldly shouted, ready to apply a seal with Fuwen.

However, at this time the Lord of the House smiled: “I didn’t mean it. I still want to hear your words. Actually, there is no more, and the Lord is a bit disappointed.”

As the lord said, Jiang’s desire and Fu Wen’s face suddenly changed, and they quickly pulled away.

Ginger’s unsatisfiedness was opened, but Fu Wen’s feet were caught by the lord.

“Why, I want to run, how is the acting of the Lord?”

I saw the body shape change! Once again, the golden light is shining, and the golden robes have no wrinkles, let alone hurt!

“Small method, let you believe in suspicion, it is sad.” The lord indifferently said, that frivolous instantly closed up, became bloodthirsty, this is the real master, just that must be fake.

Just the lord was only used for a little illusion, Wei Chang saw it, but Jiang Wushou and Fu Wen could not see it.

“hmph! The Patriarch is really weak now.” The left hand of the lord immediately conveyed the flame of purple, and of course it was a different fire.

Fuwen’s complexion changed, screaming out of the violent atmosphere, but even so, it does not help.

“Death is just a moment, don’t be afraid, don’t see the Lord again in your next life!”

“Ah!!!” Fu Wen made a fierce cry, and the whole body burned in an instant, terrible.

The mourning sound gradually disappeared, and the blink of an eye, Fu Wen was burned without slag.

The Primordial Spirit flew out.

“tui!” The lord actually moved towards Primordial Spirit spit! However, this different saliva sticks to the Primordial Spirit accurately!

Primordial Spirit is like a soul. This mouthful of water is strongly corrosive. The screams of Fuwen rang between the heavens and the earth, making people shudder.

Is this the Lord? !

Ginger has no desire to know what he is doing now, where is he, what are he doing?

One was blown by a punch and the other was burned to death. The Primordial Spirit was killed by saliva.

What kind of person is this?

Lord! Legendary is the person like this! Ginger has no desire to fight a little now, the gap is too big…

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