You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1256

“And then?” Donghuang Baiqi asked curiously, gently pouring Ye Hua into a cup of tea, which was still learned by himself.

The current blows have taken care of mother, which also makes Donghuang Bailu a little relieved.

After all, the beauty of self-satisfaction is there. If Ye Hua is a big animal, what should I do?

That is really unbearable.

Ye Hua took the teacup and squinted and sighed: “Of course it is killing, is there still a New Year?”

“Wei Chang, how do you solve it?” Donghuang Baiyu asked curiously.

When he heard about Wei Chang, Ye Hua frowned deeply: “It’s also killing!”

“Ye Hua, Wei Chang has been with you for so long, it should not be easily rebellious, maybe it is a spy on the enemy, giving you intelligence.” Dong Huang Bai Yi felt that it is also possible.

Ye Hua smiled after listening: “White, ah, Wei Chang’s brain, can you think of that many? And what he did is to betray, do you want to say that he is acting? Wei Chang Have such an acting? The deity will go eat!”

Donghuang Bailu looked down and watched Ye Hua sulking.

It’s normal, it’s strange to be angry, after all, Wei Chang does this.

If it is really acting, it is simply the level of the Emperor, and Ye Hua is cheated. It should be said that everyone has been cheated.

At that time, Ye Hua was sure that it would be embarrassing.

Still don’t say it.

“I tell you anyway, if they come, they will all die!” Ye Hua coldly snorted.

“What if Wei Chang is a fake betrayal?”

“If there is no such thing, the judgment of the deity will never go wrong.”

“That’s okay.” The East Emperor Bai Yu spread his hand, but I hope that Ye Hua’s judgment is wrong, and it will be very funny at that time.

Ye Hua is thinking, Wei Chang can have such a good acting? The deity hehe two, the guy is a betrayal!

At this time, the emptiness and the fighting world came.

Qing Xu respectfully shouted: “High Venerable, just after the East Emperor came up, the three Patriarchs were all killed, and the lord should have broken through the seal.”

Ye Hua slammed up and shouted a good one!

Dong Huang Bai Shu shook the head, this Ye Hua is still the same.

“High Venerable, if the subordinate guesses not bad, the lord of the temple should come over.” Qing Xu whispered, his eyes were excited, the lord of the temple can make Wei Chang rebellious, the strength must be very strong.

The person like the Lord, High Venerable will certainly not let go, but the subordinates of the lord should not be bad, I don’t know if I can resist the poison of I, your father.

Just afraid that the other party has not yet pulled the knife, it has been poisoned, it is a bit small.

“Yeah, the deity never looked forward to it. Today, I am very much looking forward to the strength of this temple.” Ye Hua deep took a deep breath.

According to Ye Hua’s estimate, the strength of the lord may be similar to that of Seven Sins. Of course, the deity still hopes that the power of the lord can be higher than that of Seven Sins.

After all, the deity never took it seriously.


You said that when you were fighting with the leaves, the deity was just playing with the leaves, and he never did it seriously.

Who is going to fight with?

The deity does not seem to be a good shot, the enemy is scared, even the East Emperor is beaten to death by the deity, what else can make the deity happy?

No, nothing is gone.

Invincible is lonely.

I really missed the time when I was a small skeleton body. At that time, I was scared. I saw that human beings were cautiously, and I had to worry about various sneak attacks. Every battle was painstaking and I didn’t dare to care.

But now?

Knowing what the deity hates most, that is the strength of this body, really, the deity most hates the strength, or when the small skeleton body is good.

“The other party will definitely not let High Venerable disappoint.” Qing Xu respectfully said.

Ye Hua ignited a cigarette and said, “I hope so.”

When Dong Huangbai saw the look of Ye Hua, he couldn’t help but say that this smoking acting pretentious problem could not be changed.

The children are going out, saving the second-hand smoke to grow up, it is really a headache.

In Tangzhou, the largest capital city in Tangzhou.

There are a few people walking on the street. People are pointing at these people, especially the jewels that are flamboyant and all over the body are Brinburi. It seems to tell people that he is rich.

Whenever people see this man licking his face, it is not the painful expression, but the sparkling stone on the finger.

All in all, this man is a powerful acting pretentious sin, with a crown, and I don’t know if it was the emperor’s patrol.

However, taking the crown on this occasion is simply provoking the imperial power and being slashed.

However, when they saw their indifferent attitude, no one would dissuade them. Anyway, it was courting death, so that they would be forced to do more.

“Boss, five meat packs.” The head of the temple went to a small stall and said.

The booth Boss looked at the golden coat of the Lord, and was a little bit deeply, and subconsciously: “Long live the emperor.”

The lord of the temple sighed and then said with a big smile: “Bat the body, drop the dust, reward him.”

“Yes, the emperor.” The dust has followed the temple owner. Many years, the owner of the temple is still not knowing, it is time to enter the role-playing.

The dust directly took out the gold to the stall owner. For the stall owner, this is the greatest gift.

“Thanks to the emperor, thank you to the emperor, and gave the emperor a slap.” The stall owner was very excited, even when he was hoeing.

Some people around me laughed and some pointed at it. This is obviously a fake, but the booth Boss has never seen the world.

“Get up, give the emperor five big meat buns.” The lord looked very happy, and the joy on his face didn’t even understand Wei Chang. It was really happy, or he was playing people.

The stall owner took five hot meat bags to the owner.

“Come on, eat the meat package.” The owner personally took out the meat package.

Dust and catch the hand quickly, this is the reward of the Lord.

The big man and the drunkenness are also quickly taken over.

“Wei Chang, come, eat a big meat bag.” The lord looked at Wei Chang with a smile, and Wei Chang said with a smile: “Thank you for the reward of the Lord.”

The Lord is laughed, didn’t say anything.

However, the owner of the house took these people and walked on the street with a meat bag. Wei Chang felt embarrassed.

High Venerable will definitely not carry a meat bag on the street with his subordinates.

In the words of High Venerable, this is a very shameful thing.

So this temple owner is different from High Venerable.

The lord is more shameless.

This is the difference.

“There are roast ducks here?” The lord exclaimed, and seemed to be relishing the roast duck that he had eaten before, not knowing that the taste was not right.

“Lord, we will know when we go in and try.”

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