You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1257

“Try this store’s roast duck.” The lord really took the lead in the charge, the quick pace, the look of hope, just let Wei Chang think, is this still a powerhouse?

Powerhouse shouldn’t be as big as High Venerable, with grandeur, majestic?

This temple owner is really a little confused.

A few people walked into the roast duck restaurant, and did not want to be elegant, sitting directly in the hall, not to mention, people are still quite a lot.

The lord felt that it would be more delicious to eat.

“Boss, five roast ducks.” The lord actually carefree shouted.

This makes Wei Chang sigh, look at our High Venerable, and never yell at the public, it is a very faceless thing.


The more you compare, the more you feel that you can’t compare it.

Still High Venerable is suitable for leadership, this lord can only be a younger brother, after all, this is more appropriate than the attribute.

Five roast ducks came up very quickly.

Looking at the steaming roast duck, the owner seemed to be drooling. I didn’t expect to come across the roast duck restaurant when I came out. I haven’t seen it for so long.

“guest, your roast duck is coming.”

Just down the roast duck, the store immediately immediately entered several knives with a knife.

“Let’s pretend to be the emperor, take it all away.” The leading guard was angry and shouted.

Some guards directly surrounded everyone.

This makes the owner very unhappy.

The dust knows that when the Lord is dining, he hates being disturbed.

“Don’t bother the Lord’s meal, the reality is rolling!” The dust was coldly shouted and it was discovered that the owner had changed color.

“Hmph, what is the lord, is to sing a big show.” The leading guards actually took a large knife in their hands and chopped to the cold table. Five roast ducks were immediately dropped on the ground.

The chopsticks in the hands of the temple stopped.

At this moment, World seems to be quiet, and there is a nervous atmosphere in the air.

The main priest slowly put down the chopsticks in his hand, deep took a deep breath.

“There are very few people who can make the Lord of the House angry. Although you are all ants, but disturb the dining of the Lord, do you know how serious this effect is! Can you bear this anger!”

“Rely, if you sing a big show, you still pretend to be pretending, and say the consequences. I tell you, your consequences are very serious!”

“Everyone, your Death is because of them. Don’t live in this place for the rest of your life.” The lord glanced at the place. Your Death was not only because of them, but also because they knocked the roast duck to the ground. Food, only Death can satisfy you!

The leading guards laughed. This is a deep sneer: “Bold! It threatens the people and sins!”

The main hand extended the hand palm lifted up, this raising hand····Wei Chang felt a world of heaven!

This temple owner can always use the atmosphere of heaven and earth, this hand is very scary, because this kind of breath is not felt by others, so it is impossible to judge how powerful this move is.

It seems that this lord is a bit tricky, High Venerable can not carelessly, or else will suffer a dark loss in the hands of this lord.

I saw the palm of the temple slowly falling on the table and making a slight noise.

Although slight, Wei Chang feels that everything around is changing!

Look at those people, their faces are stiff, as if they were fixed.

“Just come out, I can easily eat a roast duck, actually make me so unhappy!” The main lord coldly said, all of them exudes coldness.

Bang bang bang!! !

Everything around is flattened!

That’s right, it’s like being pressed down in the sky!

Wei Chang looked towards all around, nothing, the bustling Tangcheng disappeared, and millions of people disappeared, and the majestic palace disappeared.

Even the stall owner who just sold the buns was gone, but Wei Chang looked down and could see the vagueness. Those people and buildings were all flattened.

If it wasn’t for the table in front of me, I thought it was just a fantasy.

“The Lord is mighty!” The great man respected shouted, and there was no pity.

The Lord indifferently said: “The Lord of the House is very angry, and it is a dusty way to think about it.”

“Lord, you may wish to take a trip to the East Imperial Family.”

The main lord stood up and frowned slightly: “I still want to! I still want to eat and go again, and these stupid! Go! Let’s go to the East Emperor!”

“Yes! Lord!”

Wei Chang is now thinking of ways to stop it. After all, this Donghuang family is likely to have a relationship with the lady.

But if you make a sound, it is very likely that something will happen. It feels like the owner is also skeptical about himself.

Still have to hold back, the secret of this temple owner has not been dug up.

A few people disappeared instantly in the same place, but the Tang City of Tangzhou disappeared completely, only under the pressure of the Lord, all of them Death!

There is no one living!

Dong Huangfei is now chatting softly with the East Emperor.

“I heard that the other three Patriarchs are hanging, the length of the layer, we are very dangerous now.” Donghuang gently could not help but said.

After all is 1st floor, if the other party calls, the death is definitely his own.

The emperor flew nodded: “Yeah, those people are really too sloppy, how can they release the horrible people of the lord?”

“But now it has come out, the layer is long, think about it quickly, we are very dangerous now.” The East Emperor gently rubs his forehead, if it is an ordinary person to attack, there is no need to put it in the heart.

But this is the Lord! Do not destroy the temple!

This is the Lord of the evil.

Donghuangfei was sitting on the chair weakly, and he was in a mood of drinking tea.

“What do you want?”

“Layer, do you want to run?”

“Run? Bye bye.” Dong Huangfei’s white eyes were turned out, and now ran, and later could not be mixed in the Nine Provinces.

“The length of the floor is not running now, waiting for it, but maybe it will suddenly appear next to us.”


The emperor’s soft mouth is slightly twitching, and his mouth will not be so effective.

However, Dong Huangfei looked at the sudden people, and the heart of the emperor was soft. Did your mouth open or rob, and even gave them to summon?

“This is the East Imperial Family?” asked the cold man.

Donghuangfei deep took a deep breath: “Yes, here is the East Imperial Family, who are you?”

Dust indifferently said: “We are the people who do not destroy the temple!”

The emperor gently and immediately felt the legs soft, these are really invincible temples… really come…

The man who wears the cloth of Brinburi is not the master of the temple?

Is this lord so exaggerated?

Dong Huangfei was shocked and didn’t know where he was.

“I feel that there is a very strong guy here!” The lord indifferently said, the killing intent in the depths of his eyes.

Wei Chang also felt that this is the atmosphere of High Venerable… High Venerable is coming!

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