You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1258

High Venerable is here, Scorpio, I am afraid it is because of the respect of the lady.

It seems that Mrs. Zun has a great connection with this Donghuang family.

Otherwise, how will High Venerable come here?

How do you go to find High Venerable? It doesn’t take much time, it seems that today is stable.

With the intelligence of High Venerable, I know that I am a spy, and I can perform in front of High Venerable.

High Venerable will definitely be impressed by his acting skills, and will definitely reward himself when he thinks, and there is still a little excitement.

I Wei Chang is not the most intelligent of the team, even if the goods are not very good, Wei Chang.

I was actually cheated by myself that day.

I don’t even think if you really want to kill, are you just hurting your flesh, that is impossible.

So just a little reasoning, you will know that Wei Chang is pretending to be a mutiny.

“Lord, there are very powerful people here? If it doesn’t exist, the lord should be the strongest.” Wei Chang, who was a little inflated, went straight to the flattering, and was invincible.

The main face of the temple was calm: “I didn’t expect that in this East Imperial Family, I could meet such a master, but I was very excited about the owner.”

“The Lord’s luck is very good today, and it can be played well.” The dust said respectfully, the smile was full of pleasing, which made the drunken a little uncomfortable, and how the dust fell like a person.

The big man looked at Wei Chang and it was not very friendly, but or is said: “The Lord, I wish you have a good time.”

“That is natural, just very depressed, and now there is no such depression, the Lord said very happy.” The lord with an excited expression, the slightest angle of the corner of the mouth can be seen, is really happy.

At this time, the big man solemnly asked: “What is your master called?!”

The emperor’s gentleness has already scared, and it’s the kind of silly that can’t be said.

But Donghuangfei can still speak.

“This lord, this person is very strong, very arrogant, slaps the East Emperor to kill, and Patriarch is under house arrest.” Donghuangfei quickly said.

The owner was a little confused, curious and asked: “Why did he kidnap Patriarch?”

“Because, because, because he wants to release the Lord of the Lord.” Donghuangfei did not dare to lie, did not dare to lie, and now only want to clear the relationship.

When Wei Chang heard this, he knew that it was the style of High Venerable. It is no wonder that there were only three Patriarchs at the time. It was originally related to this layer.

The lord heard this, frowned, and finally knew why only three Patriarchs were present.

There was still one kidnapped. The purpose was to put the Lord out, and the courage was really big.

“Do you know why he wants to release the Lord?”

Dong Huangfei whispered: “The Lord, I really can’t say this.”

“But it’s fine.” The lord said with a slight smile, with a harmonious, looks like a philanthropist.

This kind of appeal is very strong, at least let Donghuangfei feel compassion.

“The man said that he wants to kill you, to kill you!” Donghuangfei feared that his tone was not heavy enough, and he emphasized it again.

The Lord smirked, and this laughter carries an incredible person who does not seem to believe in such arrogant arrogance.

“Kill me, interest, I like this man.” The main character said with a slight smile, did not feel the anger, and even with a little curiosity, can not wait to see each other now.

Wei Chang thinks, High Venerable doesn’t like you, there is no problem with High Venerable.

“Let’s go, let’s go see this man.” The Lord said with a slight smile, and everyone disappeared in the moment.

In the orange building, Ye Hua also felt a different atmosphere, even Wei Chang’s breath felt, no way, too close.

“High Venerable, they are coming.” The whisper of the side whispered, with a killing intent in the tone.

Fighting the world is also a kind of excitement. When the merits come, it is time to let your wife see how powerful he is. It is a great honor to follow the footsteps of High Venerable.

“It’s finally coming, it’s a good idea. If you want to see how this lord is so powerful, you can let the deity of the deity change!” Ye Hua is still angry, how can he betrayed, wait for it to play He didn’t even know Mom.

This damn Wei Chang, who is well-behaved in front of himself, has a good hand and the result has changed. The deity is simply discouraged.

“How to solve Ye Hua, Wei Chang?” Dong Huangbai asked.

Clearly said: “Mrs. Zun, there is no feeling for a traitor.”

Ye Hua doesn’t speak, because Qing Xu is very correct, and for the traitor it is 0 tolerance.

Donghuang Bailu was deeply sighed, and Wei Chang also had a few years of dealing with it. I don’t believe Wei Chang was so betrayed.

The sixth sense of a woman is still very strong, and Ye Hua will not come with a feeling. After all, feeling is an illusion, and that illusion will make you fall.

Suddenly, Ye Hua brows, and not far away, there are several figures.

Ye Hua ignored the owner directly and looked towards Wei Chang.

It can be seen that Ye Hua does not care about the temperament of the lord, or the concern of Wei Chang.

Look at this shameless Wei Chang, fuck is still laughing, is not laughing at the deity, the deity does not kill you!

Deity Fuck!

Actually still moving toward the deity, you are afraid to expand into outer space, even so provocative of the previous boss, it seems to give you the lessons of fiercely.

Wei Chang also saw High Venerable, as well as Mrs. Zun, and a fatty, as well as fighting.

High Venerable is still so handsome, so there is grandeur, then look at this lord, like a tease, even the high Venerable nose hair is better than nothing.

Look at the anger of High Venerable, acting is always online, High Venerable must know his intentions, so deliberately, confuse the enemy.

Just moved towards High Venerable, blinking and explaining your intentions.

High Venerable really reacted, and it was cold to himself.

This can explain what, High Venerable is swearing at yourself, not to be exposed, but also to the overall situation.

High Venerable is really painstaking, and I am still thinking about it now. Where can I find such a boss?

After Wei Chang started YY, High Venerable gave himself a grand award.

Ye Hua looked at the owner.

The lord also looked at Ye Hua.

The two men are looking at each other deeply.

Ye Hua feels that the owner is wearing a little, non-mainstream…

However, the owner felt Ye Hua.

Very handsome.

Of course, there is the beauty behind me. It’s so beautiful. I haven’t seen such a beautiful woman for a long time.

But this is not the point.

“This brother, thank you for letting me out.” The opening ceremony of the lord is a bit special, and it belongs to the kind of card that does not follow the routine.

Ye Hua can feel it, so I have to come back.

“Aiya, I have been waiting for you for a long time, finally come, have a cup of tea.”

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