You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1259

Ye Hua’s tone is a polite feeling, as if it were true.

The lord seems to be able to feel this sincere invitation.

“Politely, this is sister-in-law, it’s beautiful.” The lord directly slammed up and slammed everyone.

This is too unusual.

Wei Chang was acquainted with the lord’s anger, so he quickly gave his eyes to High Venerable, don’t be fooled.

Ye Hua saw Wei Chang’s gaze.

It’s almost mad, and the goods are showing off their new Master. It’s hard to bear. Look at the blink of an eye, it’s just a slap in the house.

Damn Wei Chang.

Wei Chang received a high-key reminder from High Venerable.

Let yourself be careful, don’t panic, High Venerable can do it all.

This eye contact is very bad, very masterful, and it is often the case in the future.

“A lot of prizes, generally beautiful.” Ye Hua indifferently said, made the East Emperor Bai Yi think that they are just pretty, really mad.

“Modest, I see your brother, you are a talented person, romantic, handsome like a jade tree, I think it’s a lot of beauty. Needless to say, I also know that at least four digits, after all, like me, only four digits. “The temple owner sighed.”

Deity Fuck!

This guy actually compares himself to the number of wives!

It is simply very vicious!

“The deity is also looking for it. I know that many of them, this woman, seeing the deity is a thousand miles, there is no way.” Ye Hua began to brag, obviously only four, blown into four number.

The emperor’s white eagle wants to expose it, and look at the appearance of the sorcerer. It seems that he really wants four digits.

“It’s all this kind of beauty, let the deity also worry, come, pour tea.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

Dong Huang Bai Yan stood on the side of the tea, knowing that the two men are trying to test each other, the master is like this.

Ye Hua continued: “I see the Lord and you tall and strong, wearing Jin Daijin, the whole body exudes the golden glow, presumably also the winner of life.”

“Where is it, compared with the brother and you, I am just an ant, ant ant.” The lower the hall, the more he said, the more he compared himself to the ants, which made Ye Hua feel confused.

I would like to ask, which master can do this, the deity will not be so self-defeating, too faceless.

“What ants do not swear ants, you are the lord, the one who dominates the eternal.”

The lord quickly slammed his hand: “Brother, you will spare me, I am not so powerful, what is the ruler, God can kill me with a fart.”

“What is God, in the hands of your Lord, isn’t it just raging?”

“I love you, I am nothing compared to you, you have to let the brothers die to save, or you can’t see the brothers today.” The more the audience said, the more excited.

The dust can feel that the lord is now on the head, just like drinking a big talk.

Ye Hua took a sip of tea indifferently said: “Even if you don’t use the deity to shoot, the lord can come out casually, but the deity is so hearty.”

“Where, where is the brother, you want to have a long-term experience, the main lord can’t catch up, it’s really faceless.”

The East Emperor Bai Yan looked at the two dumbly, and the small powder fist was tightly held, and there was an impulse to hit someone.

What are you doing, business swearing, enough, you have to fight!

“It’s still a great master.”

“No, no, no High Venerable, where is the Lord.”

“The Lord is polite, not the Lord, and the deity will not be so happy.”

“It seems that the Lord has a role to play, to make High Venerable happy, High Venerable is really dazzling.”

“No, it’s the glory of the Lord.”

“Don’t dare to be High Venerable.”

“The deity says it is you!” Ye Hua said solemnly.

“The Lord of the House said it was you!” The lord also shouted with the sound of Hong Liang.

“It’s you!” Ye Hua said with murderous aura.

However, the Lord’s body exudes bloodthirsty: “It’s you!”

Donghuang Bailu is really a bit aggressive now.

Just in the business, I was shouting and killing in a blink of an eye. In this way, I can’t wait to kill the other family.

This kind of turning face is faster than a woman, it is simply horrible.

Is this a man?

With swords drawn and bows bent, it seems to be fighting, it is going to fight.

Everyone is nervous.

Qingxu is ready to be poisoned, and Buoyue is ready to pull the sword.

However, the Lord’s side seems to be very calm, and there is no way to do it.

Wei Chang would like to tell High Venerable that in fact the owner is playing, don’t be fooled.

Really worried about High Venerable, Wei Chang quickly got a wink.

Ye Hua saw it again, this damn Wei Chang, is ridiculing the deity!

Actually still screaming for the new owner, where are you from the courage! Don’t want to live!

Ye Hua finally couldn’t stand it anymore, pointing to Wei Chang and shouting: “Enough you! If you betray the deity, you will be proud!”

Wei Chang has a slight glimpse, and High Venerable has actually begun to cooperate. It seems that he wants to be more stable in the enemy.

So now I have to play.

“High Venerable, the hero of the lord is much better than you.” Wei Chang said with a slight smile.

Ye Hua heard this sentence and almost didn’t get any internal injuries.

Seeing the color of High Venerable, Wei Chang sighed, and the performance of High Venerable is getting better and better, and I have to fool myself.

High Venerable is very proud and proud of being a subordinate.

The lord heard a little doubt after hearing it, because I didn’t know the relationship between Ye Hua and Wei Chang. I just let the dust go to help this thing. As for the relationship, I don’t know it. I only know who Wei Chang is.

Absolutely, I didn’t expect it to be a man in front of me, but it was a bit strange.

The dust is all known, but just did not have a chance to say it.

“Oh? High Venerable, is this your subordinate?” the lord asked curiously.

However, falling in Ye Hua’s ear, this is ironic, this is a deep irony, nothing else.

Ye Hua tried to stabilize after listening, indifferently said: “Yes, it was countered by you.”

“Aiya, I really can’t help it. If I know that I am a High Venerable, I have to give it back to you.” The lord quickly picked up the words, and Ye Hua was shocked and gave it to the deity? Hahaha ···

“You still have to play with yourself, the deity does not need this kind of subordinates!”

Wei Chang looked at High Venerable. This face is still in a tone, admire, and I want to play in the virtual world with High Venerable. How refreshing it is.

Now I have the opportunity to play, it’s so cool.

“High Venerable, it’s just abandoning the dark, not at all.”

Ye Hua: “······”

Ye Hua looked towards the East Emperor’s day, it seems to be saying, look, this is not what the betrayal is!

The East Emperor said nothing, and it feels like this Wei Chang seems to be acting.

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