You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1260

I have to say that the sixth sense of the East Emperor’s White Dragonfly is really accurate enough.

“High Venerable, I don’t care if I want to take it back.” The main priest spread his hands and said that it doesn’t matter.

Ye Hua chuckled, but this smile has the irony meaning: “You keep the New Year.”

“Aiya, don’t lose your temper, High Venerable…but then come back, why should you save me?”

“Because saving you out, I want to let this traitor see how spicy your master is.” Ye Hua took another look at Wei Chang.

Wei Chang feels High Venerable’s eyes, so that he doesn’t mind, just acting, he certainly knows, High Venerable is still as compassionate as ever, and it is a glory to work under High Venerable.

The main face of the temple is awkward: “High Venerable, you say this Lord, the Lord is a little sad.”

“Looking at the fart, it seems that you are not bad, maybe you can let the deity move to the bones.” Ye Hua stood up, did not want to squat, and did it directly.

However, at this time, the Big Man suddenly said: “The distinguished Lord, it is better to let Wei Chang and the former master fight, to be faithful.”

Wei Chang listened to the heart startled, this big man, the heart is really speculation, actually let yourself and High Venerable fight, isn’t that really offensive High Venerable?

And with the strength of High Venerable, you must fight yourself, but if you don’t kill, then there is a problem.

“This idea is not bad, Wei Chang, willing to play for the main lord?” The lord said indifferently said.

What can Wei Chang do, said with a slight smile: “Of course, I am willing to play for the Lord.”

“High Venerable, let it belong!” Qing Xu took the initiative to ask, to kill this traitor.

However, the deliberate request was rejected by Ye Hua.

“No, this traitor let the deity do it!” Ye Hua has already been able to teach Wei Chang’s heart.

Wei Chang can understand why High Venerable does this, just want to eliminate the doubts of these people, or let them know that he still doesn’t know if he is dead, he is still a spy.

“High Venerable, come on, don’t lose to the former subordinates.” The head of the temple cocked his legs and said in a tone of tone.

Ye Hua walked to the middle, and Wei Chang walked to the middle with a smile, and the two were in the opposite direction.

“How do you want to die?” Ye Hua asked coldly.

“High Venerable, can you really kill your subordinates?” Wei Chang is also suggesting that Ye Hua, I am still your subordinate.

But Ye Hua, who is in a hurry, has no idea at all and does not want to guess.

Wei Chang is now two words on the top of the head.


“Good···Wei Chang, you are arrogant! The deity will let you see, what is the abyss of pain!” Ye Hua Sen cold said, the black robes were instantly shrouded by a pair of silver armor, a pair of sharp Gloves also emerged.

It seems that Ye Hua is going to kill Wei Chang with a punch and punch.

“High Venerable, then I will let you see, the power of my Wei Chang!”

“You have the power of a fart!” Ye Hua just dropped the sound, and the whole person burst out, causing a strong airflow, roaring between the heavens and the earth.

Although it was just a small movement, it made the owner frown. This man is really strong…

Wei Chang is probably not an opponent.

Although Wei Chang is weaker than Ye Hua, at least it will not be OK.

For example, this ordinary punch, Wei Chang can feel that High Venerable has to be furious, after all, there are so many people watching.

So if you accidentally lick it, it is normal.

Farting, in fact, can’t hide…


Wei Chang’s face was swollen by Ye Hua, and everyone could even feel that Wei Chang’s face was likely to be sunken.

High Venerable this fist ···It’s really hard, there’s no intention to close it.

It is really realistic.

Wei Chang was directly hit by a punch in the sky, and Ye Hua followed the violent anger, and the fire was fully open. He didn’t keep his hand…

After all, this is Wei Chang. If you keep your hand, you will suffer a dark loss.

I saw that the two people went farther and farther and disappeared in front of everyone, only to feel the wave of terror.

At this time, he suddenly ran out and saw the big man at a glance. He ran away without saying anything, and then hugged the thigh of the big man.

“Ming Daren, I finally saw you.” Hey excited, this is the second time I saw a big man, I still hugged my thigh, think about a little excitement.

But the big man didn’t even know: “Who are you?” He said that he still opened his foot.

I sat on the ground dumbly, watching the big man…the big man just opened himself.

“The big man, I am awkward, the informant in Dingzhou.” He explained nervously.

“Informant? What are you doing here? Don’t you go back?”

“I was lurking in front of High Venerable and providing information.” I hurriedly said, but now I am a little embarrassed.

The Big Man snorted: “Oh? Then why didn’t you see your return?”

“The street people don’t look for me, I can’t help.”

“Waste, this little thing can’t be done!” The great man coldly snorted, simply look down on it.

However, he was very hurt, and he was afraid of being lurking beside the “demon”. Although he had to experience the pain of losing his body, the result was that the big man actually said such a thing, his heart hurts…

“Hey, what are you still standing there?” Donghuang Baiyu suddenly shouted.

This made you stunned, although they were in close contact with them, but found that these people are actually very good, good for themselves…

Especially the lady…

I stood up and found that the people I admire were not taking them at all…

So 绾绾moved towards the East Emperor Bailu.

“What are you doing!” The singer shouted coldly.

“I don’t do it!” I also got a temper, just like myself, you have to swear, how are you thinking now!

The big man was laughed at the air: “Do you know who you are! You are not destroying the temple! Don’t you want to die!”

“You want to kill me?” Unbelievable, the person you like, actually killed himself.

“Yes!” After that, the big man threw away a powerful air sword, and the skeleton of the ordinary person has no feeling at all.

However, the emperor’s eyes were cold, and a wave of his hand was also shot.

Two gas sword friendships, making a muffled sound.

However, not at all disappeared, because the sword of the emperor’s white scorpion seems to be consuming the qi sword of the great man… This situation shocked the big man, and even the lord was very astonished.

Is the cultivation base of this woman too strong?

After the devour of the sword qi of the East Emperor, it was even more arrogant, and the face of the big man was dark.

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