You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1261

At this time, the lord gently waved his hand, and the horrible sword qi disappeared. This is the next turn to the East Emperor Bai Yu was surprised.

It seems that this lord is really strong, many times better than those who do not know.

“Hey.” East Emperor Bai Hao whispered.

The sorrow in the lost is heard, heavy sighed, and walked behind the emperor Bai Biao.

However, the emperor has a slight smile: “What betrayed is not betrayed, just find a better one.”

Donghuang Bailu is a clever woman, her husband has just been despised, and of course he has to find the scene back.

Wei Chang is a betrayal, but your people have also rebelled, so the other side has no excuse to say this.

“Mrs. speaks correctly, just find a better home.” That is to say, but the lord still looks at towards the side of the 绾绾, 绾绾 feel the lord of the lord, as if to tear yourself, even if not tear If you drop it, it will kill.

Dong Huang Bai Xiao chuckled, did not say anything, can feel that this temple owner is a little angry look.

Being angry is a good thing.

On the other side, Wei Chang has already been beaten.

Wei Chang certainly didn’t dare to fight, and Ye Hua was a fist to the flesh, and Wei Chang had to be autistic.

“High Venerable.” Wei Chang winks…

“Your TMD gives the deity a look!” Ye Hua said with anger, look at this Wei Chang, how much eyes he used today, whether this product has eye problems.

“High Venerable, Mo hit.”

“You still have to fight, the deity will kill you!”

“High Venerable, can you see it? The one is under it.” Wei Chang said quickly, High Venerable seems to be overdone, or is, High Venerable, don’t know that he is acting?

Ye Hua has a meal.

Wei Chang quickly explained: “High Venerable, when I was pitted against, I was going to be somebody at their own game, to see who was behind me in the plot, and of course High Venerable, and I was sure, so I know, so I have to pretend, because that person is monitoring me, I have to do something, isn’t High Venerable you see it?”

Hearing Wei Chang’s explanation, Ye Hua was a little bit stunned and blinked.

Wei Chang blinked after seeing it.

“The deity just tries to test you a little bit to see if you have grown up recently. You don’t know if you are a spy, if the deity doesn’t play really, will they believe it?” Ye Hua looked calm, a copy of the long-awaited I know, I don’t need you to tell.

“Under the circumstances, I know that High Venerable is very intelligent. I have long known the intentions of my subordinates. If this is the case, I will not pay attention to it.” Wei Chang respectfully said that he can finally get praise.

However, Ye Hua is thinking, this Wei Chang, acting is not bad, actually deceived the deity.

“High Venerable, everyone should know that I am a spy, with the intelligence of High Venerable, I am sure to inform everyone.”

Ye Hua: “······”

Now everyone thinks that you are a traitor, your wife has gone through the experience, the experience of nine deaths and still alive.

“That is nature, the deity has already known.” Ye Hua has nodded pain, this Wei Chang has become so bad, the old honest people, the original lie, the kind of death, I don’t know who I am studying.

It’s a bit embarrassing to make the deity.

“High Venerable, this lord is actually a kind of temptation, like the kind of play, the character I have already figured out.”

Ye Hua ordered nodded, this information is a bit useful.

“And, I was designed, listen to them, there is a fortune teller, calculate me after the absolute years, so I will be tempted by the dust, because all Seven Sins, only I eat people, others People don’t have this appetite.” Wei Chang was thinking, why would you choose yourself, and now it’s the same, because you eat people… so you get the mark.

Wei Chang showed the mark, and Ye Hua frowns glanced at it. He could feel that this thing can control people, but he can’t control Wei Chang. After all, Wei Chang is very powerful, and this is still a miscalculation.

“High Venerable, is there any way to remove this imprint? I have no choice.”

“Let’s go find the emptiness.”

“Qing Xu found it.”

“That fatty is pure.” Ye Hua ignited a cigarette and ignited it, and then created a strong breath, just like playing dead and living.

I didn’t have any acting skills this year. I’m so embarrassed to say that I am the boss.

“Ah, that fatty is clear?”

“Yes, pig livers have also been found.” Ye Hua added.

Wei Chang listened to the joy, and said: “Congratulations to High Venerable, finally found everyone.”

“Yeah, I will wait for you.”

“The subordinates have to continue to lurk, they have to find the fortune-telling talent, that talent is the key, he can actually count the emergence of High Venerable, and his subordinates, certainly know a lot of things, High Venerable, this thing has to be prevented Ah.” Wei Chang is still very vigilant. This is not a big deal, it is related to the safety of the entire team.

Ye Hua pats Wei Chang’s shoulder: “Wei Chang, don’t be so nervous, it’s just some jumping clown, and the strength of the deity is no longer available.”

“High Venerable is extremely savvy. It’s too much of a concern.”

Paused, Wei Chang continues: “High Venerable, what do you do now?”

“Since the owner likes to play, we will play with him!” Ye Hua coldly said, although I know that there is a fortune teller behind, but these are not important, today… There is no such thing as a feeling to say, actually set the way to the head of the deity.

Then you must know that there is a desperate day!

“Subordinate to the arrangement of High Venerable.” Wei Chang said respectfully.

At this time, the owner of the temple is a bit confused. This person is playing with no shadow. What is the situation?

Just when the owner was puzzled, a silhouette crashed down and fiercely squatted on the ground, picking up a dust.

Of course, it was Wei Chang, and the face was all swollen, and there was a little injury on the body.

Ye Hua fell slowly and was spotless: “If you are a traitor who wants to harm the deity, it doesn’t exist.”

“hmph!High Venerable, you know, I haven’t become an ontology. If you change it, you probably won’t be easy.” Wei Chang coldly said that the killing intent has started in full swing, as if it had begun to change.

“The deity knows naturally, let the deity see how powerful you are!” Ye Hua also burst into a strong killing intent.

However, the side of the East Emperor Baiyu seems to think of something.

In those days, the two men also played a big show for themselves and Qing Ya.

It’s the same when you’re playing, people are gone.

It seems that these two people have whispered again, it is simply two big liar.

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