You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1263

If someone is at the surface of the sea, you can see that the entire Weihai has been opened.

Yes, it is the kind that has been opened. Just like the quilt, it is simply no difficulty. However, the vast expanse of the Weihai formed a huge wave of thousand zhang, which shrouded the entire sky and was extremely terrifying.

And this huge wave is still sandwiched between the two people, it is simply to flatten the rhythm of the entire continent.

It is estimated that even Ye Hua and the lord do not know, but even if they know what they are, they seem to be addicted to the battle.

“Not bad.” Ye Hua indifferently said that this lord is stronger than the guardians, which makes it interesting to play.

Lord with a smile: “You are also very bad, then, are you serious?”

“Of course!” Ye Hua looked cold, and from the moment he saw it, the strength of the other party was already flush with himself… This made the deity very surprised!

In fact, the owner of the temple was also very surprised. Although he was sealing for so many years, he was not raising his cultivation base all the time. He did not dare to waste a little time. After all, no one wanted to come out and was sealed again.

But just under that punch, the lord knew that the man in front of him was not acting pretentious, it was really bullish.

It is impossible to underestimate the enemy!

At this time, the great man called sole solemnly: “The other party is really strong.”

“Really, but the strength of the Lord is stronger.” The dust is no brain worship to the Lord, and this is a fact that cannot be changed.

Drunkenness looked at the back of the temple owner, his eyes were also hot, really really strong ah··· and he is not a grade.

Wei Chang doesn’t feel that the owner is strong, but the strength of High Venerable is even more so.

You know, High Venerable is not a king in power, but a variety of spells, that is fatal damage. High Venerable is still playing now, using your weaknesses to defeat each other’s strengths!

At this time, the master of the temple double-handedly clenched, and the stone on the body immediately emerged with dazzling rays of light, as if entering the old disco.

But Ye Hua can feel that these stones are not that simple… It seems that there is a huge amount of energy…

“High Venerable, then… you will be killed by me!”

“Lord, the deity kills you like a pinch!”

“The Lord is looking forward to being killed by you, come on!”

“it is good!”

Ye Hua’s figure instantly disappeared in the same place, and the main lord is the same. At this level of battle, strength and speed are kings. Under each box, there is a fight of the World, which is higher than some. Cultivation technique ···

Of course, it is not that the cultivation technique is useless, but this kind of bang is more direct.

The emperor’s white eagle looked up towards the sky, and he was worried in the heart. For the first time, there was such a feeling. · Before the Ye Hua fight, don’t worry at all, but today is different, the opponent is very difficult to deal with!

Everyone can’t capture the silhouette of two people, only to see the strong volatility of the sky, no contact, as if the space must be cracked.

This kind of horror is no longer common to people, especially those who are seen by the Donghuang people. They are all dead, I am afraid that it will be cold today.

“High Venerable, is the fist not hurting?” The lord asked curiously, and his fist was so painful, the Lord Fuck!

Ye Hua indifferently said: “Pain? The deity hasn’t torn you yet.” Even if it hurts, it won’t hurt.

“Would you like to take a weapon?” The lord did not want to use his fist. After all, the stone on his body, with the weapon, can play its biggest role.

Ye Hua indifferently said: “Of course, the deity continues to use his fist.”

“What? You look down on the Lord?” asked the Lord.

“You know this, maybe it’s too early!”

“hehe ··· seems to be waiting for you to be hacked to death!”

I saw the hands of the master of the house condensed!

A golden beggar appeared in the hand, the stick was golden, and the stick was also inlaid with glowing stones!

When the stick appeared, all the stones exude a current-like substance that wraps the temple master.

However, this current seems to carry a kind of backlash, at least Ye Hua found that the face of the owner is a bit awkward, it seems very painful.

The voice of zi zi zi is like a barbecue. Ye Hua snorted and suddenly wanted to eat barbecue.

Forget it, the problem of not wanting to roast for the time being, it seems that you don’t respect the enemy. After all, the deity is very respectful to the people who challenge. At least before death.

“Comfortable!” The lord held the long stick in both hands, twisted his neck, and his face was very comfortable. It seemed to be just bathed in the hot spring, and it was baptism.

Ye Hua can feel that the current owner is stronger than just now, and it really has the rival of the trump card, so that the deity can be happy!

“What kind of weapon is this?” Ye Hua curiously asked, the bundle seems not simple.

“Tianyun Huanglong stick!” The lord suddenly moved toward the sky!

The violent breath instantly splits the sky.

The East Emperor Baiji immediately released an energy to withstand this breath.

The dust that stands next to you is the same.

The orange building belongs to the top floor, so when the top layer is defended, the lower layer will be safe.

“Tianyun Huanglong stick? The name is very domineering, what effect?” Ye Hua asked curiously.

“Nature will not tell you, wait until you know, how terrible is the body of my body… You only see the tip of the iceberg.” The Lord is very confident.

However, Ye Hua is not, said with a slight smile: “It seems that your understanding of the deity is not enough. What you see now is only one hair from nine oxen.”

“Of course the Lord knows, but…” The words of the Lord have not finished, and the figure has disappeared.

This makes Ye Hua look, my heart, this guy is fast!

A horrible energy condenses on the head of Ye Hua, and Ye Hua does not dare to take care of it and directly takes out a bloody red shield!

Then across the top of my head, the action has just been completed, and the stick in the hands of the Lord has fallen!

Ye Hua has a bad feeling!

“Play a dog, fiercely blow!”


A majestic gust of air was generated, which was distributed to the side with two people as the center. The whole world was instantly blasted, and the space seemed to reach the edge of collapse. It could not be supported anymore. If the space collapsed, then Nine Provinces, the Five Seas are completely gone…

咔 ····

Ye Hua’s shield showed a crack, and when the reaction was not given to Ye Hua, the shield broke open instantly.

The power of terror directly hits Ye Hua’s arm, and Ye Hua’s face is tight…

I saw the silhouette of Ye Hua falling from the sky, the speed of the friction actually broke the flame, directly hit the orange building, and then continued…

Until I crashed into the depths of the seabed…

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