You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1264

The lord waved the Tianlong Huanglong stick in his hand and chuckled, standing in the Void and waiting quietly. This looks terrible…

But the lord knows that he can’t do much damage to him.

However, I also won a small win, and my heart is also a little proud, High Venerable, you really looked down on the main lord…

The gems of this body are not the kind of toys of Brimblin. This is a powerful Huispi stone. It collects the time of the Lord, and does not know how many talents are collected.

Every Huispi stone is the lifeblood of a planet. However, this set of the main body of the lord has a hundred pieces, and even inlaid into the stick, it is even more violent!

If it is a general character, just the stick goes down and it is shattered directly.

However, this High Venerable, not at all smashes, just to reach a violent impact, the quality of this body is really ok.

The lord sighed in his heart, and the others were not the same.

In the dust, it seems that the lord of the temple can still exist under such a stick. It is a miracle…

However, Wei Chang was shocked and could break the shield in High Venerable. It was not easy, and I could play High Venerable!

This is a miracle!

Dong Huangbai is now amazed. For the first time in many years, Ye Hua was actually beaten!

And it was so serious, Donghuang Bailu was in a panic. After all, such a thing has never happened before, and I am very worried. Is this the Lord so powerful?

The emperor’s white eagle stared at the owner of the air, thinking that he should not shoot, plus the emptiness and fighting the world, he should be able to do it.

Just as the East Emperor Bailu wanted to not do it, a silhouette floated into the hole with the impact…

Dong Huangbai looked at Ye Hua and grabbed a small mouth. Even Wei Chang was surprised, but it was not clear.

At this time, Ye Hua has already showed the body, that is, a skeleton body, and the armor on the body just broke down.

Directly put the body out.

“High Venerable, I didn’t expect you to be an Undead Race.” The lord pu chi smiled as if he saw a joke.

Ye Hua There was a little red glow in the hole in the hole. It was just a big deal. If you didn’t calculate the strength of the other party, it would lead to such a wolf!

For many years! Since the last siege by hundreds of Paragon, battered and exhausted, it’s still because of the big idea…

The deity is underestimated, and the silence of so many years is white, still the same as before.

Ye Hua The ten bones slowly squirmed and suddenly lifted the right hand, and Sen Bai’s bone pointed at the owner.

“Lord, you really didn’t let the deity disappoint.” Ye Hua indifferently said, but when talking, the bones are condensed with purple rays of light.

This makes the head of the temple condense, this is what the hell thing!

There is no point in the pressure, as if it is like a bubble, giving people a fear.

But the lord knows that this guy is definitely in cheat! Not even dare to underestimate!

The High Lord was only sealed because of the light enemy, and the consequences would not be repeated for the second time!

“The Lord of the House will naturally not let you down, this is just the beginning!”

Ye Hua is full of fighting intent: “It’s just getting started!”

“Abyss gaze!” Ye Hua slowly spit out four words.

I saw the purple rays of light gathered by my fingers.

In such an instant, the eyes of the lord are all purple glow, in the depths of the pupil, it is actually a demon from the abyss…

This is the result of the refraction of the abyss gaze, people are lost in such a moment, this moment the temple owner lost!

Although it is only 0.5 seconds, it is very important for the master to see the battle, even if it is 0.1 seconds, because it will take a little bit of time to put the opponent to death.

After 0.5 seconds, the main lord reacted, but the abyss gaze in front of him was already half a meter away.

Although I don’t know if this is what the hell, the temple owner used all the means to resist!

However, only the huispi stone on the body is used to resist!

I saw that there was a layer of current in the body of the temple. All of these currents seemed to have life, and they were si si low.

These strange currents condense into a mass, moving towards the abyss gazing away…

Ye Hua looks at the natural phenomenon in front of me, slightly frowns ···

The stone of his body is indeed a problem!

A dull voice suddenly sounded, naked eye can be seen!

Another magnificent atmosphere is expanding outwards, and the whole world is shaking even more. The air has a black line. This is a space crack, which is no longer able to support it!

Under this impact, there is no room to withstand it, the entire sky is multi-colored, and the silhouette of Ye Hua and the Lord’s lord are all shrouded.

The speed of light is extremely fast, and this is not an ordinary light beam. It will cover the entire Nine Provinces.

Meng Yao was taut at this time and looked at the cracks in the air.

“Meng Yao! Mengyao!” Mengli directly pushed the door open, his face with panic.

Meng Yao’s face is heavy: “We have to be evacuated!”

“Meng Yao, the space is about to collapse! Who is fighting in the end!” Dream glass with horror, how long the Nine Provinces have existed in the Five Seas, no one knows, but such signs have never happened.

“It is the master of the temple that is not destroyed, and the emperor big brother ···” Meng Yao now also called Ye Hua as the emperor big brother, it seems that it is not enough.

“The emperor big brother? Is it your robbery?” asked the dream glass, but immediately closed his mouth.

“Yes, it’s his pro big brother.” Meng Yao sighed, and if the two men fight again, I am afraid that the entire Nine Provinces will be finished!

Dream glass is stuck in a breath of cold air, Meng Yao is going to robbery, how can I recognize such a powerful big brother?

This is too lucky.

Dream glass shook the head: “Meng Yao, what should I do now, look at this situation, the space will soon collapse.”


“Walk? Where are you going?” Mengli asked curiously.

“There is no virtual empire.” Meng Yao sighed.

“Is it the place where you robbed?”

Meng Yao ordered nodded.

Mengli thought for a moment, his eyes became firm, and now he can only go, so it is too dangerous to go on.

“We must not only evacuate the people here, but also evacuate the entire Nine Provinces, and we must act quickly.” Meng Yao said seriously, the beautiful faces are heavy, and I don’t know if my decision is right or not. That is the place of my own sadness.

While Meng Yao made the decision, other states were making decisions because the precursors of the space cracking had already appeared and had to be taken seriously.

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