You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1265

Other states soon contacted Meng Yao, and Meng Yao said his thoughts to the empire without a virtual empire.

Although everyone is a bit confused about the imaginary empire, Meng Yao is a god, and it is worth trusting at this moment of crisis…

Everyone’s goal is all without a virtual empire, and there are even a lot of Spirit Beast···etc. etc. All the creatures that can be transferred, all have to be transferred, because it will be too soon! The entire Nine Provinces are about to disappear! And that kind of thorough!

This temple owner is really powerful!

However, in the coastal areas, the tragedy has begun to happen. The waves of ten thousand zhang are like the piranhas, crushing all the creatures, even the continents are flattened, maybe a few more hours, Nine Provinces To become a piece of ocean.

If there is a population counter at this time, you can see that the number is tens of thousands!

Such a ten thousand zhang giant wave, simply can not be compared, no one can do anything, only the part that was swallowed!

Relatively close to the coast, there is basically no hope of surviving, but far from the coast, there is still a glimmer of life!

But hurry up!

Dong Huang Bai Hao clenched his fists, his hands were full of sweat, and the sky was covered by colorful rays of light.

But this is not a beautiful colorful rays of light, this is a sign of Death!

The East Emperor has been unable to pretend to sleep, and the space in front of him has been unable to support it. The Donghuang family cannot be so absolutely!

As a Patriarch, the East Emperor has to evacuate quickly!

As for where to evacuate, of course, it is the spirit of the gods!

After all, there is the birthplace of the East Emperor.

The colorful rays of light of the sky gradually dissipated, and the silhouette of Ye Hua and the Lord’s lord appeared. For both of them, they were completely addicted to the battle. As for what happened outside, it was already a side effect.

Neither of them are good men and women, they simply don’t care about the consequences, and they don’t want to know that they just want to kill each other!

Then it is a sentence of a lifetime…

“Lord, you are really strong, the deity wants to change your mind about you.” Ye Hua said lowly, this temple! It is by far the most powerful person I have ever seen. Of course, I have seen the most powerful weapon. That is the Legendary weapon. If the deity holds the Legendary weapon, it can kill it in seconds.

However, the practice of Legendary weapons is simply too difficult. So far, there has not been a complete collection of materials, and there are many missing.

It’s not a good idea to do it. It’s estimated that it will take thousands of years. It’s tens of thousands of years. It’s not necessarily successful. So, ah, that person is still quite hanged, and the deity really admire.

The Lord heard the words of Ye Hua, smiling smiled: “Yes? What do you think of me?”

“It is impossible to be serious, the deity must kill you easily. It is as simple as that.” Ye Hua, the bones are waving, and some images appear around me.

Wei Chang and Qing Xu are a bit aggressive, what is this? I have never seen High Venerable before.

There are a few pieces of equipment around Ye Hua, not many, but still can choose.

The emperor’s white pheasant is a little bit forced, Ye Hua, where the baby, even I don’t even know it!

These are not ordinary babies. Although Ye Hua can’t say that these can be compared with Legendary weapons, but at least they are top-notch.

Ye Hua’s bones are slowly sliding, and the surrounding imagery is also rotating. It feels like playing a tablet, it’s funny.

“Equipped a lot.” The lord whispered, my heart is a bit strange… This guy can resist if he doesn’t wear equipment. If you put on the equipment, you can’t afford it!

Ye Hua indifferently said: “When the lord is bored, I like to do something to worry about. After all, everyone needs hobby. This is one of the hobby of the deity. There are not a lot of equipment, but it is produced by the deity. Naturally, it is not a product. So you have to be mentally prepared.”

The Lord gave a light smile and smiled with a scorn: “High Venerable, isn’t it good to wear equipment?”

Listening to the words of the lord, it seems that I am not at ease. I started to smash Ye Hua without wearing equipment.

“In fact, you can also do without equipment, but these equipments have to come out to show off, or what do the devils do? You say yes.”

Lord: “······”

“Then can you hurry up, don’t change it, and it will cost me all my eyes.”

Ye Hua issued a low smile of jié jié jié, which is the real language of Ye Hua.

Wei Chang heard it, this is a swearing word, and it is very dirty, so it is not translated.

Imperial Family Translation: ****

Ye Hua ordered a golden robe, and a golden batten, and then selected ten rings of infinite gemstones to wear.

The moment is forced to increase.

You will bring gold! The deity will not bring gold!

You will only show the earth with gold, and the deity will bring gold, which is a noble force!

Emperor robes!

This is a robes that Ye Hua has done recently. After all, he is a master. After all, he is still a spell. He is not a robes to bless a spell. It is not too much, but at least it is better than nothing. ·

The point is that this yellow robes can be automatically defended, because the deity has injected the source of life into it, and it was also called the leaves to test the material. Under the punch of the leaves, it can still hold, but Ye Hua knows, That’s it.

But it is enough. After all, there is only one leaf in this world, and there will be no second leaf.

So for this yellow robes, Ye Hua is still very reassured, after all, Faye is still afraid of being close…

In order to achieve his own strength, Ye Hua added the golden light effect, wearing it on the body… that is a focus…

Even on the yellow robes, there is a golden mist drifting, which further enhances the force.

Even the lord was shocked by the look of the face. I felt that this robes were handsome. After waiting to kill him, I must grab it.

Although I don’t know what it is, there is an acting pretentious style on the body.

In the hands of Ye Hua is a black staff…

This is called the Mustache Staff. It is also Ye Hua’s recent creation. Ye Hua is also making weapons and equipment, and it is also improving his proficiency to prepare for the Legendary weapons. These materials can be scrapped, but the materials of the Legendary weapons are wasted. There is no more.

There is only one chance!

In the words of Ye Hua, I am still satisfied. Although it is just a stick, on the top of the black stick, the white fairy is wrapped around the bottom of the staff, it is the black gas. There is no mixing between the two, and it’s not so good, it’s a little depressed.

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