You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1268

“Meng Yao, are you crazy? You can’t guard it! Why should you bury yourself here!” Meng Li quickly persuaded that such a horrible wave is no longer God can resist, the only way is to leave here. In order to escape.

Meng Yao said solemnly: “My mind has been decided, how much can you bring?”

“Meng Yao! Why are you so stupid! Can you not do this, if you die, can I drag out an ignoble existence, I will accompany you!” Mengli looked at the huge waves coming from afar, with his eyes in his eyes. The firm color, this time, is to make your own choice!

“Don’t be like this. With people leaving here, the palace without the imaginary empire is not very good, but the imaginary empire is indeed a good one. I believe that people should be happy when they go there.” Meng Yao said softly, there is himself. It’s OK… although the effect is not great.

Dream Glass chuckled, but this smile with a trace of despair: “Meng Yao, you and I grew up, I don’t know my character? I won’t leave you alone, die together and die.”

“I’m sorry.” Meng Yao said softly.

The dream glass is a glimpse, but before it reacts, the body feels unnatural and is bound.

“Meng Yao! What are you doing!”

“Live alive.” Meng Yao did not look back, reached out and sighed, and the dream glass disappeared instantly.

But such transmissions can only come one by one, and the time is too late… and the consumption is very high. If you pass a few hundred people, it will be exhausted.

Meng Yao looked at the huge waves that covered the sky. It looked very calm. He took out his handkerchief and it was a lollipop, but it was almost gone.

Meng Yao is in his mouth and feels the sweetness of that.

Also took out a piece of jade, this is the jade piece that the emperor big brother gave himself, crushed … let you see the leaves.

Meng Yao chuckled and showed a rare tender feeling on his face. He whispered: “Stupid, I still like you in my heart.”

Mengyao took out a red rope, put the jade piece tightly, and hung it on the neck, feeling like it was with the leaf.

Deep took a deep breath, Meng Yao’s gaze became extraordinarily firm, the body slowly rises, the huge breath exudes, and the white glow emanating from the body is like the gods.

Everyone looked at Meng Yao and began to shout, and after a while.

Mengyao’s nephew is immediately whitened, and the majestic air pressure fills the whole world.

“Current map!” Meng Yao directly threw away his most powerful cultivation technique, without a trace of hiding hands, dare not have …

In Mengyao’s hands, I saw a huge array of images. The image was blurred, but full of the might of the World. After all, God used the monster of the World.

The picture is beautiful, with flowers and grass on it, emitting white rays of light, as if telling people that this is the dawn of hope.

But this is an illusion!


The array and the huge waves touched the shock of the sky, so for a moment, Meng Yao immediately spit a mouthful of blood, this person is pale, as if near the edge of Death.

At this time, Meng Yao knows how powerful this huge wave is. In front of the huge waves, it is simply too weak…

It is so weak that it cannot be resisted at all.

Everyone looked at the horrible waves and slowly moved, and Meng Yao’s white gauze had gradually turned red, and the pores had overflowed with blood.

In front of this huge wave, the Quran map is no different from the little child, and it slightly delays the huge waves so little…

No matter how Mengyao increases his strength, it will not help.


The array actually ruptured directly, and the huge backlash power made Meng Yao hang from the air…

The huge waves from the pavement brought a hot atmosphere, turning everything into nothingness, waiting for only Death and mourning.

As the huge waves swept, the entire mountain range became a vast ocean, and everything disappeared at this moment.

However, this huge wave moved toward another state, and the time for them was not much.

Donghuang family, above the orange floor.

This is the most horrible place in the entire Nine Provinces. The general space is gone, it becomes a black hole, the sky is no longer the sky, it is the gaze from the abyss, with endless darkness.

As if to tell you, if you don’t leave now, you may not be able to go.

The huge horrible wave ball moved towards Ye Hua slowly, but the speed is slow, but Ye Hua can feel that this is a huge force. This power has never been seen before.

The robes on Ye Hua’s body were swayed, their feet were plunging into the ground, and their bodies were tilted forward to avoid embarrassing situations.

“High Venerable, this move Bobo ball is the independent research and development of the main hall. Its formidable power is naturally huge and horrible. Heaven Destroying is not a problem.” The lord seems to be confident in his move, after all, from that confidence The cheek can be seen, the horn of victory is already blowing to him.

Ye Hua listened indifferently said: “this move does make the deity unexpected, as you said, can Heaven Destroying destroy the ground, but unfortunately…”

“What a pity?” asked the owner.

Wei Chang thinks in his heart, High Venerable is going to say one thing: unfortunately, the deity can’t be destroyed.

“Unfortunately, the deity can’t be destroyed.” Ye Hua indifferently said, it seems that Wei Chang still knows High Venerable.

The lord of the temple gave a slight glimpse, although he laughed loudly: “Then let the Lord of the House take a good look, do you have such strong strength.”

The owner thinks that Ye Hua is really strong, but there is a bottom line for it. If you move this ball, it is a strong bottom line. Since it has already condensed, it is absolutely dead!

Dong Huangbai’s eyes are worried and he wants to fight with Ye Hua, but he is afraid that he will be unhappy.

Ye Hua’s temper is still very well understood. The battle between men does not require women to intervene.

In the face of such a powerful wave ball, Ye Hua raised his right hand, and Sen Bai’s bones couldn’t help but make people hairy, but the gleaming gem gave a little flower but no fruit.

“Oh? What do you mean by this?” The lord asked curiously, holding out a palm.

Ye Hua said solemnly: “What do I mean? Let you see what is called real power. Under this powerful force, everything is nothing, and everything is trembled under the power of the deity. !”

“hehe ···” The main lord laughed and heard two sounds. This acting pretentious madness is really shameless. Are you not acting pretentious to die?

Also say what powerful power, you first solve this powerful force, and then mention something else.

Wei Chang knows what Ye Hua wants to do. For High Venerable, what is needed is simple violence, which is enough.

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