You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1271

I made the lord think that you want to be successful, so I used such a trick. Who knows that you have no success at all. If you don’t succeed, you will lose this unstable fire to the Lord. You think Is this twilight?

At this time, the owner of the temple could not stop the car completely, and directly hit it up.

At this time, the owner only wants to be in the heart of the QNMB.


A violent explosion immediately sounded, and Ye Hua felt that the whole air was shaking, and it was terrible that the fire burst failed. It was more powerful than the wave ball.

It seems that the deity is not the material of the fusion fire, or forget it. If you don’t engage in this, you will waste two kinds of different fires. It’s not worthwhile. For yourself, this fire is not the most powerful. .

The deity does not rely on different fires to eat.

With the explosion of the fire, Ye Hua felt that the space was suspended…but this is not a good news, because after the suspension, the space will be fragmented, and the hell the hell knows can not hold the space to smash, If you can’t stop it, then it’s a bad thing.

“The Lord of the Lord…”

“Wei Chang, Ann, everything is under the control of the Lord.” The dust took a ride and gestured to Wei Chang.

Wei Chang almost wrote.

At this time, Ye Hua was quite shocked. Both suffered such damage, but they still haven’t died yet!

The title of Xiaoqiang, you are worthy of possession, good kind…

When the powerful explosion dissipated, the silhouette of the Lord appeared.

The arm was gone… The long whip was gone, and the cheeks were cut in half to reveal the white teeth.

But now this white tooth is a bit scary.

Blood is constantly flowing out.

At this time, Wei Chang asked again: “Do you want to help?”

“No, the lord is using this method to swindle the enemy. When the lord of the temple is going to fight back, let the enemy know what is called singularity…” The face of the dust makes Wei Chang ······· I don’t know how to say it.

The face of the lord is not so good, he was played by this man… slut! Damn slut!

“You are still doing what you are doing, but still to help!” The lord moved toward the dust and shouted loudly.

The dust archer said with a smile: “The Lord of the House, Hongwei, does not dare to intervene.”

“You!!!” The Lord seems to know that this bastard thought he was acting, so he didn’t come up to help.

“Hurry up to help! The Lord is serious!”

The eyes of the dust have been happy, and the Lord has not interacted with himself for a long time. Think about it a long time ago.

“Lord, busy, I will not help, come on, oh, what?”

Lord: “······”

Wei Chang is just laughing and exploding. Ye Hua doesn’t know the situation, but she is a bit confused. Has the subordinate’s subordinates been betrayed?

“The deity only has one rebellion, and that traitor is many of them.” Ye Hua said with a pink fist, there is something called beating, and it is the kind of killing people!

The lord looked at Ye Hua’s movements, and he was a little scared: “Dust! But it’s just to help! Wei Chang! Big man! Drunken!”

“I don’t dare to be subordinate.” Dust took the lead and shouted respectfully.

The lord is so angry that he wants to kill, what else do you dare to do, I, your father is going to be killed!

Ye Hua twisted her neck and whispered: “Be prepared to be killed by me, go on after death, tell others… is the deity killed, maybe a little face!”

After listening to the corner of mouth twitching, the lord said that he had said to him before, but now he actually said that he was the face of the lord.

Ye Hua is not awkward, and this space is about to collapse. For everyone’s safety, I have to solve this problem.

“Death blow!” Ye Hua snorted and rushed straight up.

However, at this time, the lord has no way to resist. If it can resist, is it still called support?

Ye Hua’s right fist fiercely hit the left face of the main lord and his face was snoring.

Under this fist, a strong spurt bursts into the space that is about to collapse.

“Is this still a fake?” The Big Man snorted.

Sailing with a smile: “Listen to the screams of the lord, what a realistic look, almost will be believed.”

Wei Chang really can’t help, spare me, you guys are so funny.

“You are stupid.” The Lord gave the final mourning, never said anything again, silenced, and closed autistic.

Ye Hua hit two punches and felt that the owner had almost hanged. I didn’t expect my strength to be a lot stronger.

This damn strength makes the deity too good, and now I don’t have to look back, I can feel the little eyes of the Queen.

Of course, there is also the subordinate worship, 唉···

“Cough cough cough···” The lord sent a severe cough, and the whole person was already weak to the limit. The two big tricks made him have exhausted the oil lamp. There was no idea of ​​survival. There was a group of idiots. Still watching the play, the main lord must hang!

“There is no last word,” Ye Hua asked softly.

The lord smirked and his tone was very low. He didn’t want to say it loudly, but he couldn’t say it.

“I am just dying before you. It is too early for you to be happy.” As the lord said such a sentence, the blood became even more powerful.

“hehe, the deity is immortal, even if this god is gone, the deity still exists.” Ye Hua disdain, cursing the deity to die… You can only do this.

The main lord smiled and said: “No one can live forever. Do you think that I am talking about it? I just didn’t tell you. The fortune teller told the lord that if the lord died in the hands of a strong man, then… That powerful opponent will also be in Death soon.”

“What is the credibility of a fortune-telling? It is basically zero.” Ye Hua said disdain, saying that the deity never believes in this thing, life is only in his own hands, can change the fate, not sitting and waiting! But to fight, even if it is not a choice!

“Ye Hua, you are called Ye Hua.” The Lord is said with a slight smile.

“Say you don’t seem to know what the lord is calling, isn’t Wei Chang telling you?” Ye Hua coldly said, to dress up up as God, playing the devil.

Wei Chang didn’t really tell, but Ye Hua felt that Wei Chang might have said it.

“He? Didn’t tell me, it was the fortune teller that I never said this thing. Because of fortune telling, I might die, I don’t believe it, so I came to see you, but I didn’t expect it. The fortune teller is really amazing, Ye Hua ··· I will wait for you in hell! I will win you when I arrive!”

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