You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1273

In the palace of the illusory empire, Ye Hua appeared with everyone.

For this trip to the Nine Provinces on the Five Seas, Ye Hua has done everything, found the Qing Dynasty, and found Wei Chang.

Also kill a powerful master, but for the curse after the Lord, Ye Hua not at all in the heart, do not want to put in the heart, cursing the deity of the people too much, not bad one.

Some of the arrogant curses simply won’t work.

But such a big Nine Provinces five seas, it is no longer, the deity is a little pity, the fight before the master is an important scourge of innocent people, the deity will pray for those kind people, but those evil people, you still go to hell.

It is your destination.

“Meeting!” Ye Hua lightly shouted, this is not to tell everyone, just to inform Seven Sins!

After so many years, I finally gathered. The process is a bit “hard”, but it is still dangerous. Especially the Wei Chang’s rebellion has actually deceived the deity. I have to say that this acting is also very good. .

The first one came over, and when I saw Wei Chang, I looked at it: “Wei Chang! You traitor, I, your father killed you, actually beat my wife!”

However, the pig liver sputum dragged the sky: “Aiya, what to kill, don’t you see that greed is normal?”

Brett also appeared, but did not give Wei Chang a good look, now remember Wei Chang abuse himself… It turns out that Wei Chang is better than himself.

The leaves are also coming, with lollipops, walking slowly, always wearing a gorgeous Princess dress.

“Everyone long time no see.” Qing Xu saw everyone, shouted.

“Who is this, is it so fat?” The leaves snorted.

The two are simply the most cute, the volume of the leaves is the smallest, and the volume of the clear is the largest.

Qingxuan turned to look at the leaves, and there is also a kind of irony and tenderness in his eyes. This is not love, it is just a kind of favor.

After all, in the entire team, only the leaves and the two women of Brett, Bright is only interested in the day, other people do not speak, the leaves are different, it is the object of everyone’s favor.

“Qing dynasty fatty, how do you eat this belly, isn’t this too ridiculous.” The leaves couldn’t help but say, but also poked the empty belly, but the emptiness is just hehe, only The leaves dare to do this, and the emptiness is not angry.

I changed it to Wei Chang and tried it all day long. I definitely turned my face.

“I rely on you, you are clear, really did not recognize it.” The pig liver screamed and pointed at the emptiness, said dumb.

Qing pats belly, said with a smile: “Pig liver, I did not recognize you, actually so thin, but still ugly…”

Pig liver sputum: “······”

Ye Hua looked at each other and spit out each other, and my heart was very happy. It was like a big family.

Wei Chang is very confused now, isn’t High Venerable wondering if he is pretending? Why do they think they are betraying?

“Glutinous, I heard that you have rebelled, how come back? I am still ready to kill you, it is a pity.” The leaves licked their mouths and carried the gravel under their feet.

Wei Chang is speechless, but I still have to say it.

“Never, Bled, I was really sorry about the day, because at that time I was lurking inside the enemy, someone was watching me next to me and I had to hurt you.” Wei Chang apologized.

Of course, the day is not convinced. The meaning of this words seems to be able to hit two.

“That is what you are not taking me!” It is not convinced.

The pig liver licked the bluestone at the foot of the poke, and looked up towards others. Indifferently said: “It is very weak.”

绝天: “······”

“Pig liver! You almost got it! Do you want to fight one!”

“Come on, I am afraid of you.” The pig liver is waiting for this sentence. Now I am saying this in front of High Venerable. It is even more powerful. Unfortunately, Dongfang Yuer is not there. If the young lady is in the language, it will definitely be I am fascinated by my own posture.

Ye Hua not at all Stop, a team needs such a quarrel, this is like a team, it has never been quarreled before, it doesn’t care about others, it doesn’t matter, and the noisy is more united.


A burst of dragon roar resounded between the heavens and the earth, Lie Gu’s huge silhouette shrouded in the sky above the imaginary empire, with a roaring body.

“Qing Xu! You are the bastard! I, your father is going to marry you!” Lie Gu, that depressed, so many days and months, I have a wife but can’t go home, sleep in the mosquitoes within the valley Face, have to freeze to death!

However, the culprit is this emptiness, if not he can become the body of the body, scare the little child.

At this time, Ye Hua had to stop.

“Well, Lie Gu, Qingxu is back, and naturally can detoxify you.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

“High Venerable, then he has to pay for me! How many nights and nights have I lost these days?” Lie Gu has to cry, the kind of wife who can’t arch, wants to die, or what else? .

Qing deficiency indifferently said: “Recently refining some not pill, how about using this compensation?”

Ye Hua listened, but didn’t say anything.

Lie Gu thought about it after listening: “That line, quickly detoxify me.”

I don’t know what to do with Qing Dynasty, Lie Gu has become a human form, as if it is controlled by consciousness.

Looking at myself as a human hand, and pulling a pair of pants, Lie Gu was so excited, never like it today, I hope to become a person, a normal man.

“Pharmaceutical.” Lie Gu certainly won’t let go of any chance. If there are more wives, it will be a little powerless. Fortunately, it has become a dragon recently. You can stop and look at Yuehua and the others. I will take a look at it from time to time. Resentment…

But you don’t know, my baby is uncomfortable, Lie Gu can’t wait to hide for a while, and High Venerable is called, and I have to appear…

After seeing the emptiness, it can only be sold poorly. After all, the team is a gossip group, and things will definitely be passed out.

When I let Yuehua know it, then it’s going to be a domestic violence. The time of the month is really different. It’s really fierce.

“Give.” Qing Xu gave Lie Gu a bottle of medicine, but Ye Hua’s eyes kept staring at the bottle of medicine.

It turns out that the man’s glory really has nothing to do with strength, even the mighty Ye Hua has to think about…

Lie Gu elated got the pill bottle: “Wei Chang, Fuck! Are you not betrayed?”

Wei Chang didn’t talk, and he was too lazy to say that you guys, who had been mixing together for so long, actually thought they were betraying.

Ye Hua is now indifferently said: “Everything is quiet! Collection!”

Seven Sins everyone stands in a row.

There is no C position inside.

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