You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1275

“Experience?” Lie Gu wondered, and the three mothers went to experience? What did you experience?

Brett added: “They want to detoxify you, so they chose to go through the experience.”

“Isn’t it the experience? Where did they go?” Lie Gu didn’t care. It’s no wonder that they didn’t show up during this time. They have been coming to the moon to talk with them.

“There are Great Desolate beasts, etc…”

Lie Gu was originally a face, but when I heard it, I was so stiff that I suddenly froze.

Of course, that place knows that it doesn’t matter if you go, but when they go, it is very dangerous.

Great Desolate The beasts are also hierarchical, and some rare Great Desolate beasts are very ferocious and will be dead if you are not careful.

Brett indifferently said: “There are a lot of people going, and Tang Wei has gone.”

Wei Chang was just about to leave to find Tang Wei, and immediately stopped. Looked towards Bright Solemnly asked: “You said Tang Wei also went?”

“Yes, the green red brother, the soul, the fangs, they all went, and of course the High Venerable pro-younger brother also went.” Brett whispered.

Wei Chang directly wanted to teleport to see Tang Wei, but it was stopped immediately.

“High Venerable said that no one can help, but you can rest assured that they are watching every move, although it is a bit wolf, but still will not die.” hurriedly persuaded.

Wei Chang did not force the past, because this is Ye Hua’s order, Wei Chang still dare not defy.

However, the buoyant world not far from the side has been stunned, and his wife has actually gone. Why is this?

Fortunately, the gods say that they are fine, then it will do.

I am afraid that everyone does not know that it is only a slight description of the day, but it is not a wolverine. It is a tragic…

At this moment, in a dark cave, there are no fingers, but no one dares to light up, afraid to attract the Great Desolate.

Of course, this group of people is coming to practice. To be precise, it is to courting death.

Although still alive, everyone’s body has been hurt, especially the leaves, and there is a scar on the handsome face, extending from the left forehead to the lower jaw.

This kind of leaf is so beautiful that people feel that it is not so feminine, with a little irony man.

Man, the scar on his body is still very sexy.

In addition to the scar on the face, the left arm of the leaf can not be lifted up, blood is DC, at this time is healing.

And other people are almost the same.

A group of people have been here for many days, but whoever called the time adds up, absolutely no ten hours!

Just arrived at this world, actually fell directly on the head of a Great Desolate beast.

The general plane, the Great Desolate beasts are one by one, but the leaves finally know that the Great Desolate beasts here are grouped and not live.

Everyone only thinks one thing a day, and that is how to live.

“Tang Wei, it’s okay.” Seeing from the soul, Tang Wei licked his stomach, so he asked.

Tang Wei shook the head : “I’m fine.”

“Is the injury on my back yesterday?”

“It’s almost good.” Tang Wei sighed softly. It was really scary. It took a long time for everyone to find such a safe cave.

At this time, the leaves are soled solemnly: “brothers, we have not treated a lot of medicines. Next we have to save some points, no major injuries, no medication!”

Lv whispered at this time: “I knew that it would be like this, I should take more medicine.”

Yihong long vomited: “big brother, the medicine will be used up one day, we are coming to practice, there is no experience of Life and Death, it is also called experience, it is a life!”

“Oh, I can’t see it, your kid is still a lot calmer.”

Yihong whispered: “Time can change a person.”

“Don’t pretend to be deep, big brother still don’t know you?” Lu pats the shoulder of the younger brother, the latter immediately lowered, this is seen out, can I get rid of the fascinating attribute?

“Quiet, don’t attract the beast.” Still whispered.

Green red brother nodded, did not speak, the Great Desolate beast here is too strange, you did not expect, a blood-sucking mosquito … may be a Great Desolate beast.

Maybe the ant under your feet is also a Great Desolate beast, and in the bamboo forest, all the bamboo is not at all. It is some feet. If you have an intensive person, your face will be scared.

So the entire group has to pay attention to a lot of things.

“Language, how?” Tang Wei asked. There was no strength in the language before, but the day was not very reassuring. I gave it a little, at least I could protect myself.

Dongfang Yuer is the weakest, so everyone is more cared for. Although there are injuries on the body, it is not a lot of…

However, this makes Dongfang Yuer uncomfortable. Everyone works hard. They don’t need special care. Look at the arm of Ye Tiantian. It is to help Dongfang Yuer to block the attack of Great Desolate. If not help. Dongfang Yuer is about to die.

Ye did not want to see anyone leaving, the big brother is their boss, although not, but can not lose the face of the big brother.

Xunfang has never spoken, bowed his head and seems to be thinking about something.

In fact, today’s leaves are uneasy, the head always has dangerous signals, and even the appearance of Yiyi, and the sound of Yiyi’s call. If you can, Yeh wants to see Yiyi, maybe this is Let’s live the motivation.

Just when the rest of the people, in the depths of the damp, suddenly emerged as armor worms, such an insect, like the insects in the stool, makes people feel not very comfortable.

But now the problem is, these insects are not acting alone, but the group action, and such a small armor bug is also a Great Desolate beast!

Hesitant to the darkness, everyone seems to have not seen the wet, but in an instant, thousands of armor worms are lying above the cave, and below are the leaves and the others.

Maybe you think an ant is impossible, but when the number reaches a Peak, then even the elephant can be pushed down.

Don’t underestimate any opponent, this is the basic principle.

There are thousands of armored worms, and there are always a few unreliable ones. Just like this one, it is really unbearable, so I pulled a bubble…

Just falling on the back of Yihong’s hand, Yihong can clearly feel that there is a drop of unclear invincible on the back of the hand.

If it was before, it can be completely ignored, but… Where is this?

All the details must be taken seriously.

Yihong smelled the unknown liquid on the back of the hand. It was a bit unusual. It was not stinky, but rather awkward.

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