You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1277

It depends not only on strength but also on the mind.

But everyone has time to think about the problem and give them too little time.

After a minute, everyone was entangled and made people feel desperate.

“big brother ···” Yi Hong shouted, looking at the big brother Lu.

Lu Lu is a bit embarrassed: “Little red, big brother is useless.”

“Don’t say big brother, this is my own decision, I can die with the big brother, it’s worth, just didn’t have a chance to say sorry with the purple clothes.” Yihong sighed, facing this situation, Yihong I know that there is no hope of escape. These “蛤蟆” are simply too abnormal, and they are not opponents in the air.

Tang Wei, leaving the soul, seeking Fang, still and the others are thinking about their own men, the first three are either mutiny and kidnapping, Lie Gu’s direct become giant dragon.

However, they still choose to come, this courage is still worthy of recognition.

The leaves are also fiercely entangled, unable to move, eyes with a twisted color, seemingly unwilling, not willing to die.

However, when Ye is struggling, the power is gradually fading!

Leaves pale with fright, these Great Desolate beasts can actually use their power to make prey unable to struggle and resist…

Everyone feels that power is gradually losing, the whole body is soft, but the consciousness is still sober, knowing that they are going to die.

There is no way to do it now. The first thing that comes out of my mind is mother. I can’t do my filial piety, and there is a big brother.

In the future, it is necessary to take care of the mother by the big brother.

Yiyi’s silhouette also appeared. If you can, I really want to say it in front of Yiyi. Sorry…

Finally, it is Gongyue. This woman has paid too much for herself. It is also her responsibility to take care of her.

However, from now on, I am afraid that I will not be able to take care of it. I only want to take care of the big brother. After taking good care of Gongyue, the big brother should not be too difficult for the palace. After all, Gongyue is also a woman of her own, and she is dead… For this part, the big brother won’t be too much.

At this moment, everyone is thinking of the people in the heart. Only before they die can they understand who the most important person in the heart is and what regrets have not been done.

All of all ···

However, the day of monitoring down is being carried out in the pig liver truss.

These two people basically quarrel every day, just like two women, the entire palace is the battlefield of their quarrel, and the shrews.

However, as everyone waited for Death to come, a horrible breath came in, a crescent-shaped silver knife.

Under this knife, hundreds of tongues were cut off.

Everyone felt it, and the Great Desolate beast from the bottom mourned and ran away with fear…

The tongue on his body gradually loosened.

“What’s wrong?” Yihong asked, and he was ready to die. You told me that he couldn’t die. This kind of mood is really difficult to accept.

“It seems that someone has saved us.” Tang Wei murmured, thinking, will it be Wei Chang, is it really him?

“It won’t be High Venerable.” Lu Lu curious, except for High Venerable, or someone else, is there anyone else?

Ye always feels that the big brother is saving himself.

A black silhouette suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

The entire group saw this black silhouette, with deep doubts, this is? Who?

If it is High Venerable or someone else, is this necessary? Obviously not needed.

That so to speak, it is someone else!

“Senior, are you?” Ye is very respectfully asked, can kill these tongues, the strength must be above them, and even save themselves and the others, this kind of kindness is very heavy.

Black clothed person took off the hood, revealing a delicate face, although not very handsome, but the feeling is very reliable, it seems to be trustworthy.

“I? Who am I? I don’t know.” The black clothed person whispered, his face was confused.

Don’t know who you are? The leaves are the day and the others are full of question marks, the big brother said before, this plane, except for the Great Desolate or the Divine Beast, basically there are no other creatures, suddenly a person emerges, you are surprised. .

“You don’t know what you are calling?” Tang Wei asked with doubt.

Black clothed person indifferently said : “Although I don’t know what I am calling, you can call me, guardian!”

“Guardian?” All the chins have to fall on the ground.

Because the leaves have recently brought back a guardian, called Ren Yao!

However, this is also a guardian, how not to be amazed.

“You are the guardian?!” Ye asked in amazement.

“Yes.” The man was indifferently said.

“Do you know Ren Yao?” asked Fang Fang.

“Ren Yao? Don’t know, is he also a guardian?” the man asked curiously.

Nodded from the soul: “Yes, he is also the guardian, called Ren Yao.”

“That’s great, can I see him?” The man seemed to have a goal, with a tone of urgency.

Everyone, look at me, I look at you.

“What’s wrong? Is there any inconvenience? I just saved your life.” It seems that this guardian is not a fool, but also knows that the help of life is very important, but it is also subconsciously said.

Ye is helplessly said: “We are practicing, and we can’t go back now, so if you want to go back with us, you can wait for us to finish together.”

“Experience in this place?”

Everyone feels the meaning of this guardian, he wants to say, here too weak, what is good to experience.

For the guardian, it is really weak here, just like bullying a child in a kindergarten.

But for Ye Zhitian and the others, this is not a kindergarten. Here is the hell mode, just hanging out.

“Yes.” Ye said that he said.

“And that’s all, then I will wait for you, lest you die.”

Everyone: “······”

Ye said in a respectful manner: “The guardian, we are practicing. If you can, you don’t have to be close, don’t help, this is not good for cultivation.”

“I know, maybe you have a way, I have to do it.”

Everyone: “······”

There is just a way to fart, there is no way.

However, in this case, everyone just thinks about it in their hearts, and it is a shame to say it.

However, everyone wonders, how does this guardian feel really strong, that Ren Yao does not seem so strong.

Ren Yao just stepped on the power into an omelet. If you absorb that power, it can be so strong.

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