You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1280

“This kind of sin is unforgivable, so I will give you Death! All take the criminal court!” Kaiyun coldly shouted.

With Kaiyun, everyone started to sip, these people are too bullied during the day, and now they want to rebel… the courage is too big.

“You can’t kill us! We are the people of Nine Provinces!”

“You, the low-ranking human beings, are very poisonous! It is a savage act!”

“Patriarch helps me… I don’t want to die…”

Everyone is sealed with power, and what is the difference between the ordinary person and the ordinary person, can not break free from the constraints of the yellow armor.

“Root throat, come over, I need you to arrange the guillotine.” Kaiyun recruited and waved his throat and whispered a few words in his ear.

“Okay, let’s do this.” Luo throat went to work with an excited face. I didn’t know if I thought of going to my wife and seeing the excited look.

Open cloud deep took a deep breath, it should be considered to meet the expectations of High Venerable.

“That···How are you going?” Meng Li asked weakly in the back.

“One by one cut.” Kaiyun coldly said, actually have the idea of ​​monopolizing the empire! It’s just too bad. High Venerable is well-intentioned, but it’s all white-eyed wolves. It’s not worth it for High Venerable.

When Kaiyun finished, he left, leaving a stiff dream glass. This emptiness-free empire seems to be not an ordinary empire.

In the five seas of Nine Provinces, there is no war, at most it is a small fight, the number of Death is not very high, at most hundreds of casualties, thousands or tens of thousands are rare, even this Fighting, they are said to be a big fight.

Dream glass lingered for a long time, and quickly chased it up.

After walking through a few streets, Mengli saw a huge building. Everyone moved away and walked inside. His face was angry and he kept licking these people.

Mengli even saw many people seeing their own eyes are a bit strange, like the kind of looking outsiders, there is a kind of vigilance and alienation.

Dream glass still went in.

After entering, Mengli discovered that this is a venue where tens of thousands of people can sit. There is an open space in the middle. · There is a respect on the high platform. Presumably that is the emperor.

But now it’s the open cloud, but of course it’s just standing…

Today’s execution is a bit special. I just added a ladder in a short time. The ladder is a platform. At this time, a fatty, with a red sleeve on my head, holding a silver light gleaming machete.

The criminals continued to enter the scene, and after they were neatly arranged on the steps, these people had just escaped, and they did not expect that there would be a situation in which there would be a blessing in the end, and this would be a disaster. Rhythm.

The stands are already full of people, there are people from the Nine Provinces, and there are local people…

There was a bloody smell in the air, but here it was cut down by tens of thousands of people, the kind of bloody taste that could not be dissipated in a few years…

Even the sky sounded thunderous, adding a horror to this repressed atmosphere.

Some criminals have already urinated their trousers, their feet are constantly shaking, why should they bully people?···repent, ah···

If you don’t bully people and get along with them peacefully, how can this happen? It is impossible.

Kaiyun shouted loudly at this time: “The original inhabitants, new residents or not! Come to the emptiness of the empire! You have only one identity! That is the people of the imaginary empire! There is no Nine Provinces five seas, or other! Everything wants to be overthrown The emperor’s rule is subject to beheading! The emperor does not want to see this happen again!”

“Execution!” Kaiyun coldly shouted, surrounded by immediate coldness.

Mengli saw that she was just under the willows, and now there is a arrogant look under the willow. The whole person seems to be a few decades old. The messiness of the hair is even more irritating. It is also only oneself. To blame.

“No, no, no.” Liu will now regret it. If I know earlier, the people here are so strong, how can I dare to do things!

Just because I don’t know, I want to do things…

Liu will be pressed down on the edge, and his head is lowered to look at the pit below.··

The original dream glass is still doubtful, what is the meaning of digging a pit under the steps, now I understand, this is used to put the head!

If it is so ferocious…

“Kill Kill Kill !!!”

The people around them screamed and the atmosphere pushed to a climax.

The petition of Liu Xia has been drowned by the sound.

The executioner took a sip of wine and sprayed it on the big knife, aiming at the neck under the willow…


The human head is exactly in the pit, and the body without the head spurts a lot of blood, horrible to see.

The crowd who just yelled and killed was quiet. Then there was a cheering sound. Kaiyun was very satisfied with this model. Looking at these audiences, I immediately became like a self-sufficient person, haha···

Meng Yao saw such a scene is very uncomfortable. In the five seas of Nine Provinces, this primitive violence solution has long been abolished.

It’s not just the dream glass, but the other Nine Provinces are also so cruel, it’s too cruel.

Look at the audience around, all of them are screams of screams. This is incomprehensible. This kind of murderous technique, even if people clap their hands, is simply subverting the three views.

Mengli really can’t understand, this kind of cruel thing can actually be held like this, even if it is so, it must be secretly come.

How can it be just, open and honorable.

It is really incomprehensible.

The heads of the humans fell one by one, and the body bones were pushed down one by one, waiting for the result of being finally transported away. No matter how powerful it was before, it was a dragon without a virtual empire. This is not a joke. It is a lesson of blood.

Kaiyun looked at this dagger like this. I feel that this program is quite bad, and I have to hold it often.

This also led to the city becoming a baby, not afraid to anger this Kaiyun adult.

However, these are all words. At this moment, the blood on the ground has emerged as a small pond. It seems to be horrible to see. The headless body next to it is like junk, and it is so messy.

Mengli is really incomprehensible. What flaws exist in this place? Why does Mengyao say that this place is good?

This place is so ferocious, but it has been said that Meng Yao is so good, it just can’t see, where is it… Where is the good place.

The bloody smell on the scene is very thick, floating in the air, the sky seems to be dyed red, making people shudder.

When the emperor shot, it was sure to be dead.

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