You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1281

However, compared with the last time, this time is a pediatrics. Although there has been a change in the technique, the overall gas field is still slightly poor, so it is necessary to refuel.

Over time, all the betrayed people were beheaded one after another, and the blood on the ground was almost full.

It’s really amazing.

Kaiyun floats in the air, said solemnly: “This is just a warning. I hope that you can keep in mind, don’t forget, who is giving it all, since it can be given, it will be fully recovered, so I hope you understand, live well. Better than anything.”

When Kaiyun’s words were just finished, they disappeared into the place, leaving behind bloody scenes. Of course, there are tens of thousands of people’s surprises. The emperor is really powerful. It seems that anyone is in front of him. This grandeur is really unstoppable.

The crowd gradually left, no one paid attention to the dead things in the pit. In their hearts, these people are having only oneself to blame. The emperor is giving a face, and you don’t give the emperor a face, then only the abyss of fear is waiting. You.

Nine Provinces The people of the Five Seas naturally can’t understand this kind of practice. Bloody and human nature can’t be said. It’s like hell, it has a glamorous appearance, but there is deep evil inside.

Although today’s scene is not enough to reach the super shocking people, but it is not much worse. At least the whole new one is shocked. After all, these two people are brazen, and some are waiting to see the situation. Make plans.

However, from the current situation, there should be no drama. Of course, if you want to courting death, you can try it.

Ye Hua is not clear about the matter tonight, but even if I know it, I will not object. After all, it is necessary to have such suppression to be effective. Other methods can only show that you are weak.

Early the next morning, Ye Hua woke up early, and the East Emperor’s white cockroaches around him did not respond.

Ye Hua put on clothes, not at all, wake up the East Emperor, and stand out of the palace.

Ye Hua not at all went to find a subordinate, but went to find Gongyue, this pregnant younger sibling.

This younger brother is not at home, and he should go and see the situation. This dream is gone. If the palace is gone, the younger brother will come back, you can imagine.

In the palace of Gongyue, Ye Hua found that Gongyue got up early in the morning and was trimming the flowering branches, followed by two palace ladies.

Gong Yue’s expression does not seem to be happy or sad, it seems a bit calm, but for a pregnant woman waiting, this is normal.

“The emperor.” Gong Yue immediately noticed the arrival of Ye Hua and went forward to respectfully shouted.

Ye Hua indifferently said: “Get up.”

“Thank the emperor.”

Ye Hua looked at the belly of Gong Yue and asked indifferently: “How is the child recently?”

It seems that in the heart of Ye Hua, it is still important for children. After all, this is the bloodline of Ye Family. There should be nothing more important than this.

“The emperor, child is in a good condition during this time, no need to worry.” Gong Yue said softly, it is also obvious that he is the kind of mother-in-law rhythm. If there is no such child, it is estimated to be waiting in the dungeon.

“It’s okay, lest you worry about it,” Ye Hua whispered.

However, Gong Yue is thinking, if you can worry about the day, you are willing to do what you do.

Ye Hua originally wanted to tell Meng Yao about the death of Meng Yao, but still did not say it. If the younger brother came back, at least know that Meng Yao is still alive, not dead.

“The emperor is relieved, I will take care of myself, waiting for the day to come back.” Gong Yue gently licking his lower abdomen, it is not big now, but the little life inside is his own child, of course, and the leaves Child, life suddenly becomes more perfect.

Ye Hua looked at Gong Yue’s slightly sullen mouth and suddenly felt that this woman is now satisfied, and this satisfaction is not from rights, but simply satisfaction.

“I’m leaving.”

“Congratulations to the emperor.”

Watching Ye Hua leave his bedroom, Gongyue gave a slight sigh of relief, and was really afraid that the temperamental emperor big brother was punished.

If you let Ye Hua know, it will be very speechless, when will you become a temperamental person.

It is clearly a person with constant anger.

For the morning meeting, Ye Hua still pays more attention to it. Although the staff is not very full, the things to say are still to be said.

Things seem to be handled now, and we should make a detailed plan for the future.

What is it to do, the deity is now very confused.

In the great hall, Ye Hua did not wear a royal robe, or a more ordinary dress sitting on the throne.

“Is the rebellion yesterday clear?” Ye Hua looked at the indifferently asked.

Today’s Moonlight is worth noting. There is still a faint blush in the face. Now, look at the guy Lie Gu. It’s like just losing the battle, and the whole person is vain.

The Qingxuan face is full of success, it seems that it is a pit of Lie Gu.

Wei Chang and Doufu are a bit low, but knowing that their wives have nothing, they are a little relieved.

As for the other people, that is the way.

At this time, Kaiyun respectfully said: “Back to High Venerable, the rebellion has been eradicated! A total of 2031 is cut off!”

“Not bad Kaiyun, now it’s on the road.” Ye Hua raised the praise. Some things don’t need the deity to remind them. It’s a good subordinate to understand the leadership’s mind and do things.

Kaiyun’s heart is a joy, this is the first time I’ve got a High Venerable performance. It’s really exciting and incredible. There’s such a good thing, I’m just doing a trivial thing, and there’s such a surprise. .

As Ye Hua praised the opening of the cloud, everyone envied.

And Wei Chang is thinking, when is High Venerable to praise himself, this is to use “life” to interpret the essence.

However, Wei Chang was disappointed because High Venerable didn’t talk about it at all.

“After this incident, the focus of our entire team seems to have changed a bit. Therefore, the deity wants to re-engineer a plan for future development plans, etc.” Ye Hua is indeed a little bit directional, although it’s just a day, but What is the difference between living with no direction and salted fish?

“Talk about it, are there any good suggestions?” Ye Hua indifferently asked.

Wei Chang said that he was very sad and said the praise? I Wei Chang sacrificed so much…

At this time, Wei Chang stepped forward and respectfully said: “High Venerable, since after the simplification and the affairs of my…”

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