You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1283

In the group of ministers, no one dared to answer this question. This is obviously a kind of proposition, who answered who died.

Commonly known as the back pot.

“Why, no one talks?” The East Emperor screamed coldly, and the audience was immediately filled with a tense atmosphere.

However, no matter how nervous, no one speaks. It seems that anyone who is offended will feel bad.

“Whose of you has the most official position?!” The East Emperor was extremely angry and shouted, as if to inspire all the fears in his heart.

So people are all looked forward to Shan Junren, the latter face calm, but my heart is NMB.

Is it necessary to back up the official office?

“You think, why is this happening? You are defending the face of the royal family, but let a foreign surname sit on this chair. What are your faces?”

Shan Junren respectfully said: “old ancestor, this is a long story.”

“That’s a long story short.” The East Emperor was extremely indifferently said.

“That is because Ye Wangye.”

“Ye Wangye? What is the full name?” The East Emperor was wondering, who is this Ye Wangye? How do you feel that it is not so good?

Shan Junren certainly does not dare to lie now, and there is no difference between lying and courting death.

“Ye Hua.” Shan Junren said in a low voice. He felt that the name of Ye Wangye was so disrespectful to Ye Wangye.

However, these two words were bombarded in the brain of the East Emperor.

Ye Hua !

Not that man!

Everyone saw the old ancestor instantly change his face. This face is faster than a woman, and it is the kind of fear in the shackles.

Why do you still have a trace of fear, and everyone has something to understand.

“You speaks correctly! Ye Hua, who looks tall and handsome, has a face in the sky? It seems like everyone owes him money, how can he be like a 2,580,000?”

The group of ministers did not expect ah···old ancestor to actually evaluate Ye Wangye, and simply evaluated Ye Wangye’sessence.

It’s true that Ye Wangye is such a person, and the old iron is not a problem.

“old ancestor, what you described should be Ye Wangye.” Shan Junren respectfully said, for the time being, I still don’t understand why.

The East Emperor was shocked. The Donghuangfei in the crowd was also shocked. Even the soft Emperor of the East was shocked.

Can you be so smart? Can this meet this person? ? ?

The emperor’s heart was so wrong, if he could, he just didn’t want to ask, but now he asked, and he didn’t want to know.

How can God torture people like this?

I saw the East Emperor suddenly stood up and said: “Tell me… Where did the Queen live yesterday!”

“Ye Yuanqing is still at home, Ye Family ···”

The emperor’s moment disappeared into the same place, and the urgency looks like his wife’s child at home, which is sloppy.

Of course, this can’t be sloppy. It’s a man who is murderous to the explosion, if he is also a member of this Ye Family.

Offended again, even a temple owner can upset, still say his own?

On the streets of Lingdu, the East Emperor began to ask passers-by, where Ye Family is, and then quickly flew away.

This thing can’t be sloppy, you have to put that lady, don’t have to take the queen to the top, yesterday, when nothing happened, you can’t see it?

The East Emperor came to the Ye Family Gate and knocked directly at the door.

However, in other places, the East Emperor is not like this at all. When I knocked on the door, it is basically a direct push.

But now, under such circumstances, dare? Obviously, I don’t dare. It’s all ancestors… You are my ancestors.

Soon, there was a family opening.

“Who!” The family who did not understand the situation was very arrogant. After all, the current Ye Family is different from the past.

If it was before, it would be so arrogant, the East Emperor would not care, but naturally someone would kill him.

But now, it is not the same.

“This little brother, please tell me about it, and say that the East Emperor is coming up.” The East Emperor was slightly bowed, and his face was flattering.

However, the extension of the hand has been raised, it seems that you should understand.

The East Emperor was not deeply involved in the world. I didn’t understand it. I think…

Shaking hands is the best face for him.

“You are sick, this does not understand!”

The Emperor of the East suppressed the fire in his heart. This humble person actually dared to insult himself to be sick! If you can, I really want to kill him!

Now the East Emperor is very understanding, taking money is not the behavior of the boss, the boss only has a baby.

So the East Emperor gave a bead to the pole, and the family looked at it and shook it. Indifferently said: “Not bad, go in.”

“Thank you for this little brother.” The East Emperor was in the heart once, the little devil was really difficult.

The family sneered, at first glance, is a man who has never seen the world, actually went to the back door to knock, still stupid to the baby, this person is not sick, is it even?

Ye Family is actually quite big, just like the East Emperor, in order to find the Queen, do not speak loudly, and will not ask questions.

Why do you ask for something and baby when you ask, you say it, you tell the truth, the result is still fake…

People who haven’t seen such a pit yet, everyone here is awesome!

Everyone is targeting I, your father, it’s a bad embarrassment.

The lost East Emperor can only find a place to sit, let yourself calm down, don’t be tempered, just flatten it!

Suddenly a footstep sounded, and the East Emperor said directly: “Don’t ask me for something, I don’t have a baby.”

“old ancestor ???” Ye Chen exclaimed, I saw it on the court yesterday, so I saw it at a glance.

This person also rushed out of himself and the elder sister yesterday. How come again today, what does it mean?

“You are?” The East Emperor is going to take care of what others are calling. It is not a big impression to the young man in front of him.

“My name is Ye Chen and Ye Yuanqing is my sister.”

“What! Your name is Ye Chen! Take me to see your sister, hurry! There is a hurry!”

In Ye Chen’s eyes, this old ancestor is also a very decent person. How can it seem so impetuous and not stable at all?

And so anxious to find elder sister, what is the situation?

But thinking about the current situation, I can only bring it to see you. I am afraid that there is still room for turning things around.

Ye Chen did not say anything, directly took the East Emperor to go to the elder sister.

Ye Yuanqing is waiting for the arrival of the big brother, and then can regain the throne, it seems a little impatient.

But at the door, suddenly two figures appeared, which made Ye Yuanqing stunned, because one of them was the man on the East Emperor, and he ousted himself yesterday.

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