You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1286

The East Emperor is not talking, it is afraid… I am afraid that Ye Hua will really miss the day, the masters only see the showdown, the loss is the loss of life, this is an unquestionable result.

“Promise me, I will take every battle seriously in the future.” Donghuang Bailu worried about holding Ye Hua’s hand.

Ye Hua ordered nodded: “Reassured, the Lord promised you this rude request.”

The emperor’s white pu chi sang, and was teased: “You bastard, tell you seriously, you are arrogant.”

“When does the deity hang out, the Queen, you don’t want to smear the deity.” Ye Hua lightly said with a smile.

“Cut.” The East Emperor Bai Hao screamed.

Ye Hua suddenly thought of something, pinching the little face of the Queen: “Right, Queen, I have one thing to ask you.”

“en? What?” asked Donghuang Baiyu.

“In fact, it is not a major event. I just want to ask you, how much are you bigger than me?” Ye Hua’s mouth was full of a sly smile.

Seeing Ye Hua’s smile, Donghuang Baiji knew that the goods were teasing himself.

“Do you want to know?” Donghuang Bailu also snorted, sometimes the husband and wife need such an atmosphere to enhance their feelings.

Ye Hua ordered nodded.

“I can be your old ancestor.” East Emperor Bai Yu spread the stall.

Ye Hua corner of mouth twitching : “The deity feels that he is very poor. How old is tens of thousands of years, or a few hundred thousand years old?”

“What? You want to squat.” The Queen’s adult hands akimbo, now I am abandoning myself.

“I want to taste the taste of your old ancestor.” After that, Ye Hua picked up the Queen.

Empress Bai Hao exclaimed: “Ye Hua, during the day~!”

“What does it matter to me?”


“Queen, do you think that a man with a face will catch up with a beautiful wife? That doesn’t exist.”

“As long as you care a lot!” Donghuang Baiqi said with no anger.

“Old witch.”

“Who are you talking about old witches!”


“Ye Hua! I am not finished with you!”

In the room, immediately, the two people snorted, and the feelings were really good.

However, at this moment, the Long Aotian entire group has arrived in the Innocent Sea, which is also the region of the north and south friendship.

The entire group was on the road with no danger, no major event, no even a chase, but for the sudden departure of the Death Assassin, everyone expressed doubts, of course, reluctant.

However, there have been many wonders on this road. Since that night, the entire land has undergone tremendous changes.

Some of the ground sank, some of the ground left, and some of the ground were as tall and straight as the mountains, and a few people on this road were amazed.

Long Aotian even thought that it must have something to do with that night.

Even the disappearance of the Death Assassin was related to that night.

I heard that this sea is a vast Sea Territory, very spectacular.

but now···

Even the water did not see, the bottom is actually the ten thousand zhang abyss.

“Is this the sea of ​​innocence?” Long Aotian said with a loss of mind.

Ninth Master is slightly frowns, looking at the ten thousand zhang abyss in front of him, but wherever the other side is, he never sees it.

Next to the golden hair Xiaobao sniffing around, from time to time whispered.

“grandfather, father, child gives you a way to find out.” Chu Yuxuan indifferently said, it seems really cold.

Ninth Master and Long Aotian seem to be accustomed to the name of Chu Yuxuan, and now they are exceptionally calm.

Long Aotian shook the head : “Forget it.”

Meng Meng holds Longyang and vomits a little. A woman just wants to find a stable home, but since she came to this world, she has not stabilized.

Long Aotian looked at the wife next to him, knew his wife’s thoughts, and tried to find a home. When An An was happy.

But the illusory empire… I heard that it is in the far north, but now it is only in the middle, and there is no such good weather in the north, it is cold to death.

“Do we really want to go to the empire without a virtual empire? Can other cities not?” Meng Meng whispered, in fact, where to go to sprout is not very concerned, mainly want to stabilize.

But Long Aotian also has his own ideas, looking for a safe place, no need to move.

Long Aotian whispered his wife’s fragrant shoulder and said, “Meng Meng, you are relieved, there is still a distance. They all say that the emptiness of the empire is heaven and earth. After we get there, we can live well. I have never used this kind of drifting life.”

Ninth Master doesn’t think so, because when you hear the two words, you will think of nothing.

But Ninth Master is also thinking in my heart, it should not be so smart, this can also be encountered, does not exist … so you can go and see.

Touching Xiao Bao’s head, Xiao Bao was very happy with his tail.

For Xiaobao, as long as there is a place for the owner, it is a home, and the dog is not too poor.

I saw that Chu Yuxuan flew directly down the abyss, which made Long Aotian exclaimed.

Ninth Master grabbed his forehead and asked in a low voice: “Aotian, what kind of stitching do you have, haven’t you studied yet?”

“呃···You can give it a try.”

Meng Meng white husband glanced: “You still don’t try, before you tie someone into a child, and then tie others into high-cold people, if you tie it again, then become Old Codger tone how to do.”

“Yeah, father, in fact, Yuxuan big brother is still very poor, don’t always tie others.” Longyang is pleading for Chu Yuxuan, and now it has stopped, don’t make any mistakes.

Long Aotian is long sighed, the set is too difficult, but the wife and the child said that if it is bad, it will be more troublesome, and now this is obedient.

Suddenly, Xiaobao actually moved toward the abyss under the abyss, which made everyone alert.

A fierce breath immediately emerged from the abyss, everyone immediately retreated, Long Aotian and Ninth Master bowed down slightly, how to fight at any time, Meng Meng holding Longyang standing behind them.

Xiaobao stood beside Ninth Master, grinning and gazing.

I saw three silhouettes rushing out from below, one of them is Chu Yuxuan naturally, and two are wearing armor, which looks like a bodyguard.

Chu Yuxuan is still very strong, at least Long Aotian and Ninth Master have seen it, but the other two soldiers can suppress Chu Yuxuan, this is doubtful.

“Who are you! I dare to blame the sea.” One of the guards shouted coldly.

Chu Yuxuan coldly snorted: “No sea! You give me a drop of sea water to see!”

The two guards looked at each other and screamed: “Bold! Dare to be disrespectful to the innocent sea! Damn!”

After talking about the two guards, they launched a new round of attack. In the attack between the two, Chu Yuxuan seems to be a little powerless, and the other party is really strong.

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