You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1288

Meng Meng heard this sentence, greatly relaxed, moved towards the son said: “Yang, we finally have a home.”

“Yeah.” Longyang looks very well-behaved.

Long Aotian looked at his wife and child and smiled. Although he didn’t have a virtual empire, it was better to come to this water city.

Ninth Master touched Xiao Bao’s head and was relaxed. These days, the escape, has been exhausted, and sometimes I really want to give up.

Qi Xuewen took everyone to the seabed of the innocent sea, but now it can’t be said to be seabed, just in a city with a ditch.

Of course, the following scenes are not visible on the shore, because it is really deep and deep.

Although there is no sea water, the grandeur of the water city is still unstoppable. At least Long Aotian and Ninth Master are surprised when they see the water city.

This is simply a combination of ancient and modern.

“father mother, it’s so beautiful here.” Longyang liked the city at a glance, even stretching his arms as if to hug the entire water city.

“Yeah, it’s really beautiful.” Meng Meng whispered, and the scorpion looked amazed.

Long Aotian and Ninth Master are the same.

For Qi Xuewen, an inexplicable feeling rises. At Earth, Ninth Master is better than me, but here, I am a scholar.

“You fellows, here is the water city.” Qi Xuewen is pleased to introduce that the status of the water city is now rising, and I did not recognize my father-in-law before, but now I have begun to recognize myself.

Looking at the prosperity of Shuicheng, even at first glance, I can’t see the end, it’s really big.

I feel that this should be better than a virtual empire.

“This is really eye-opening and admirable.” Ninth Master said with a hand, the young man crossed this place and actually mixed so well, and he thought about it, he was tired of that life. This is only coming over, if you are not tired, you will not come over.

Qi Xuewen said modestly: “If you win a prize, please come with me.”

Long Aotian saw that on the city wall, there was still an interstellar cannon. It felt amazing. What kind of city is this?

Walking into the city, Long Aotian also saw the real prosperity of Shuicheng. It really made the eyes shine. The guards here are all really strong.

“Shuicheng has three great families. I am now a member of the Bao family.” With Qi Xuewen saying this, everyone understood it in an instant. It turned out to be a swearing. After all, others were surnamed Bao.

But this is also the ability of others, this is not envious.

Long Aotian said with a smile : “The wife of Qi brother should be beautiful and alluring.”

“The ugly woman · ugly woman.” Qi Xuewen said modestly, his wife is the water city number one beauty.

Of course, everyone knows that Qi Xuewen is modest and laughs.

The Bao family is still so big. Although eldest son hangs in the last battle, it still can’t stop the development of Bao’s family.

Long Aotian and the others are also amazed. It is one of the three great families of Shuicheng. This scale is really blush with shame.

“French.” At this time, the abalone fish came from the front hall, said with a slight smile, looking at the person behind her husband.

Long Aotian and the others A look at the abalone fish, this is what an ugly woman, looks so good… It is a beautiful and alluring woman.

“Fish fish, let me introduce you, these are my fellow villagers.” Qi Xuewen said happily.

The abalone fish looks very hospitable and reveals a smile: “Hello, come into the hall and talk.”

Everyone saw that there was no shelf on the abalone fish. It was also relaxed. In general, the big family would look a little bit off.

But this Baojia people still seem to get along very well.

“Come in, fish, fish, tea, food, and a room.” Qi Xuewen lightly said with a smile.

“Okay, I will be with you first.” The abalone fish whispered.

“It’s really bothering you.” Ninth Master showed a sly smile, and the two were really hospitable.

Qi Xuewen said generously: “What bother you, come on, don’t be polite, it’s not easy outside.”

Long Aotian ordered nodded, which is not easy outside.

Everyone was sitting in the hall, the tea came up very quickly, the abalone fish did not bother everyone to chat, and personally prepared the food, let Long Aotian and the others fear, this is too enthusiasm, will not kill themselves and the others, Then make a meat roast.

“Everyone, you will be relieved to stay here later. This Bao family house is very much. I am very bored with fish and fish.” Qi Xuewen lightly said with a smile ,moved towards Xiao Bao recruited beckoning, and Xiaobao looked Towards Ninth Master, Ninth Master ordered nodded, this time Xiaobao slowly walked to Qi Xuewen next to him.

Qi Xuewen gently stroked Xiaobao’s head. He had the idea of ​​feeding the dog long time ago. At that time, he wanted to feed a Samoyed, but there was no time at all, so the time was spent on cultivation.

There is no such thing as a dog here. Now I see a golden hair and I feel a lot.

You have to say which plane is good, Qi Xuewen wants to say, or the family is good… but it is only necessary to come over.

When I heard Qi Xuewen’s suggestion, everyone was embarrassed to agree to it. Maybe someone else’s kind words should understand water.

“You don’t have to, it’s too much trouble for you,” Long Aotian said quickly.

However, Longyang whispered a little mouth: “Father, my mother and I like it very much.”

“grandfather, father, I also like it here.” Chu Yuxuan also followed.

Long Aotian and Ninth Master look awkward.

Qi Xuewen looked at everyone with a smile: “Well, just decide, you should not be polite again.”

Long Aotian and Ninth Master look at each other.

Ninth Master said with a smile : “That is more respectful than death.”

“Do not be restrained in the future, in this world, still have to cultivate.” Qi Xuewen said softly, since the innocent sea has no sea, he can not absorb the dragon, but also think of a way.

Long Aotian nodded, really… If you have a strong Assassin, you don’t have to run with your wife, the strength is still very important.

However, Ninth Master doesn’t think so. The strength is important, but not all. I want to bring Xiaobao, Anan to spend my old age, and leave those disputes, but those disputes always take the initiative to find the door, so it is annoying. what.

“Yeah, still have strength.” Long Aotian whispered.

“In the future, everyone will practice together and learn from each other.” Qi Xuewen said with a slight smile, and teased Xiaobao from time to time.

After a long time, when everyone chats, the abalone fish walks in with a smile: “French, everyone, you can eat.”

Qi Xuewen stood up and said with a smile: “Some steps, fill your stomach and take a rest.”

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