You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1293

Then everyone played the 10 li gallery’s scenic spots all over, except for the lined up…Ye Hua saw it and turned around…

Qing Ya and the others to blush with shame, it’s better not to come, it’s really bad.

Fortunately, it is not the peak season for tourism, most of them do not queue.

However, Ye Hua found that… It seems that in addition to watching it, the caves have gone in twice, and the feelings are exactly the same.

Mother and wife actually played with keen interest pleasure, even… even let the deity take pictures…

Even if you take a picture, you have to say after the filming. Your technique is really not good.

The deity wants to say it! Have the ability to turn off the beauty and the filter, don’t see it as the deity…

“Go to West Street to eat!” Ye Hua said solemnly, I want to eat something more interesting than watching Ye Hua.

Qing Ya said with a smile : “Ye Hua, you haven’t tasted the snail powder here.”

“What is snail powder?” Ye Hua asked with doubt, it was the first time I heard it.

Qing Yutong said with a smile : “brother-in-law, go and try it.”

Ye Hua ordered nodded, since they are recommended by them, they should not be able to go anywhere.

After arriving at West Street, it is already more than seven o’clock in the evening…

Ye Hua looked at the crowd in front of me and suddenly remembered the movie she watched a few years ago.

Maybe the tyrant is a good person. If it disappears, how good it is. This is simply the rhythm of people squeezing people. The deity suddenly does not want to go.

“Ye Hua ··· We went to print a dress.”

Ye Hua hasn’t responded yet, and Donghuang Bailu took Ye Hua and ran to the 3D print next to it.

Seeing the enthusiastic recommendation of the owner, Qing Ya and the others fell in an instant, and Ye Hua really wanted to knock on their heads. What fun?

The result is still not like mother, I made a family photo printed on ···

And all replaced with…

Originally, Ye Hua wore a shirt and now it is short-sleeved. Ye Hua doesn’t like this feeling very much. It seems that the deity seems to be not stable enough.

Look at the young Lady around, seeing the deity’s eyes are not right! The courage is really too big, the body of the deity is what you can admire…

“Handsome guy, take a shot together.” Waiting for Ye Hua to react, a young Lady next to her sister screamed and got away.

Ye Hua’s forehead appeared a few black lines. These women didn’t get the consent of the deity, they stole the face of the deity!

Who knows whether these women will take photos of the deity and do some screaming moves when they are in the middle of the night.

Think of the deity there is nodded halo.

“Well, don’t be angry, how big is it, we are not jealous.” Qing Ya is proud with a smile, others are too late to laugh, Ye Hua is still angry…

“When is this buddy angry! Don’t talk nonsense!”

“When you do, you are not angry, let’s go eat powder.”

Ye Hua ordered nodded and decided to try it.

After half a ring, Ye Hua looked at the snail powder in front of it, which gave off a strange smell…

Ye Hua’s brow has been wrinkled deep.

Le Jing is grinning, obviously, this is a whole tidy.

Ye Hua said solemnly: “Qing Ya, is this what you said?”

“Ye Hua, this is a principle of stinky tofu, you try it, it is very fragrant.” Qing Ya grabs said with a smile.

Ye Hua won’t believe it, the smell of stinky tofu is different from this one, this is as stinky as 屎···

“The deity has no appetite.” Ye Hua said solemnly, went straight out, and whose face didn’t work.

Qing Ya is ready to chase it out, but Le Jing pulls it.

“Let him walk alone.” Le Jing whispered, Ye Hua needs a quiet person now.

Ye Hua does need a quiet person now, and my heart is a bit messy… I really want to find someone to tell me…

But with his wife, it seems that the deity seems to be very weak, and his subordinates say? It’s hard to get a boss like this.

Say with child? This father’s face is saved.

“Handsome guy, today we have discounted bars and famous DJs.” A sexy Young Lady sister moved towards Ye Hua, and her eyes were also amazed, handsome man.

Ye Hua turned to look at the bar next to it, it was very noisy, Ye Hua didn’t like the bar.·Ye Hua liked the quiet bar.

Under the eyes of Young Lady’s Death, Ye Hua walked away.

Ye Hua, who walks in the crowd, is still so convex. The focus is certain. There are a lot of Young Lady sisters on the way, and Ye Hua is a stinky face. No one’s face is given.

“Fortune teller.”

Suddenly a voice made Ye Hua stop, looked towards the corner of the old man…

His face was yellow and his face was full of old wrinkles. He wore a dark sunglasses at night, and he didn’t put a signboard around him. He didn’t even have a book… It’s really incompetent…

The deity never believes in your swindler. If the deity believes, it is an idiot…

“Handsome, isn’t it fortune-telling?”

Ye Hua stopped again, looked towards fortune telling, coldly said: “The life of the deity, can you count it?”

“of course.”

Ye Hua doesn’t like arrogant people, so she decided to educate the liar.

“Then say you! The troubles of the deity!” Ye Hua sat opposite the fortune teller, on a small bench.

The fortune teller has a smile on his lips: “You guy, you are afraid.”

Ye Hua listen to complexion sank: “Who are you!”

“It seems that I am right.” The fortune teller whispered.

Ye Hua reached out and shook in front of the fortune teller.

“Handsome, my eyes are not worried.”

Ye Hua did not say anything, continued to ask: “Do you say that the deity will die?”

“The world is full of life, there is a death, no matter who it is, can not escape the reincarnation, have you not died once?”

Ye Hua’s face was stiff, and then a murderous aura emerged, reaching for it… but catching the air…

“Ye Hua, we will meet, you often give people a choice, then I will give you a choice.” After that, the fortune teller disappeared.

Ye Hua shook the head, I actually sat at the door of a shop…

Just the deity actually…·! ! !

Great! This damn fortune teller enters when the deity is restless!

Actually also boast shamelessly, let the deity choose! Little child makes a choice!

Ye Hua deep took a deep breath, looked at the bar next to it and walked in…

Maybe only a little irritating voice can make the deity awake…

“Tonight’s spending is paid by Young Master Ye!” With the Shouted of DJ, the audience applauded.

Ye Hua looked at it silently and then shouted: “Wife, come over and pay the bill…”

Qing Ya : “······”

I am acting outside pretentious, and finally let my wife come…

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