You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1294

Knowing that Ye Hua is in a bad mood, the wives and wives are generous and play with them personally. They have to stay with them at night.

Ye Hua feels that it is a bit of a effect to install melancholy. It doesn’t matter, it’s a sensible wife, not bad not bad. · The deity is very happy now.

In the next few days, Ye Hua went to see Liu Sanjie, and it felt that it was not bad. It was quite a lot of people.

The best ticket is the best, sit on the top, not bad not bad ···

Of course, there are still bamboo rafts, although they are all automatic now, there is no manual kind of the previous, but the mountain next to it looks like it is not bad, blowing the breeze, leaning on the fragrant wife, this is the immortal day. .

This kind of life has passed very quickly. Le Jing originally planned to live there, but Gong Yue was pregnant and wanted to go back and take care of it.

Ye Hua also saw that Mother had no intention of traveling. After playing for four days, everyone returned to the illusory empire.

When Le Jing returned to the palace, he went to see Gongyue, and even Qing Ya was the same.

The treatment of pregnant women is different.

Gongyue did not expect that even after her pregnancy, even the mother was extremely careful, and there was gratitude in my heart.

Ye Hua plans to proceed to the next step and complete the unfinished Legendary weapons program, which was stopped because of the following things.

I have to reopen now!

After all, the days are a bit boring. In fact, Ye Hua also wants to give himself a guarantee. The fortune-telling, the strength does not seem weak, and can even run in front of the deity, although at that time it was only phantom, but at least the deity did not find…

It seems that this fortune teller hides in a corner to observe the deity.

But then, how is it, not afraid of the road, this twilight, will only hide in the corner to circle the curse of the deity, what is the ability ···

If it is true, it will come out and fight with the deity.

I also said that letting the deity choose to choose your sister, the deity will only let others choose, and the deity never chooses.

In order to get detailed data, Ye Hua also ran a glimpse of the gods, and went to find the current emperor of the magic capital, shockingly…

I was shocked to think that this man appeared again, and there was still fear, but I heard that Ye Hua’s intention was still relaxed.

Just the Legendary weapon to create the details, of course, dare not hide, so all the details are told.

I even said that I gave my “away fire” to Ye Hua.

However, it was rejected by Ye Hua fiercely. Do you look down on the deity! Can you build a Legendary weapon with the deity? I really want more…

The deity wants to create a more powerful presence than the Legendary weapon.

Ye Hua has lived in Modu for at least a month and has learned a lot about building Legendary weapons.

Just waiting to go back and operate.

But now the problem is coming, the materials have not all been found, and now all the subordinates are sent out to find materials.

Progress is still very slow, at least for more than a decade.

Ye Hua stood in front of the palace and looked over the empty empire. His face was slightly sad, and the invincible was really lonely.

I really miss the little skeleton body at that time, how exciting it was to live.

“What do you want?” Qian Yuqing hugged Ye Hua and leaned back on Ye Hua’s tiger back.

Ye Hua looked at the night sky, indifferently said: “Sometimes it feels boring.”

“How come suddenly there is such an idea.”

“Feel it.”

Qian Yuqing said softly: “Ye Hua, before Qing Ya took me to your bar, and said that we will live in the bar later.”

“Yeah, the bar is indeed a quiet place with lots of memories, and even the memories of the bar are more profound than before.”

Qian Yuqing gently glared at Ye Hua’s back: “We will live there after that, I will peel you the crayfish.”

“en? Qing Ya tells you?” Ye Hua chuckled, peeling the crayfish and turning it into a stalk they only saw.

“Well, Qing Ya and Bai Yu also said a lot of things. I feel that in a few years, if I was just fine, I missed too much.” Qian Yuqing said depressedly, it was so cute to whisper.

Ye Hua turned and gently held Qianyu Qing in his arms: “You will never miss it again in the future.”

“This is what you said, if you regret it, I want you to look good, hehe~”

Ye Hua squeezed the small face of Qianyuqing: “Go, the party has just begun.”


Today is the 30th year, and Ye Hua summons all of his subordinates, of course, except those who are not experienced.

This is already the practice. In the New Year’s Eve, everyone eats a group dinner together, and then celebrates and celebrates, happy and happy.

“High Venerable, I have been playing with Mrs. Zun for a long time in the toilet.” Lie Gu seems to have drunk and started running the train.

As the mount of Ye Hua, only Lie Gu dared to ridicule Ye Hua, and others would never.

In this atmosphere, Ye Hua is not very concerned, holding a thousand words sunny with a smile: “Yes, the deity is very happy.” After that, he also kissed a thousand words of red.

It is obvious that Qianyuqing is not suitable for such an environment, but Qing Ya and the others have become accustomed to sitting down and laughing.

Gorefiend as a videographer is recording the joy of everyone.

“High Venerable, let’s sing a song for us.” Lie Gu’s ghosts are still a lot of ideas, and I haven’t heard High Venerable singing before.

At this time, the pig liver sputum also proposed: “Do not let High Venerable and the Zunfu people sing together.”

“Good ··· This proposal is not bad.” The subordinates began to cheer.

Ye Hua gave Lie Gu a Death gaze, and your kid waited for the deity.

Ye Hua is not a disappointing person. Isn’t it just singing? If the deity sings, it is absolutely necessary to shock everyone.

Qing Yutong As a star, singing is a good thing, it is the best to sing.

Qing Ya and Dong Huang Bai Hao are also not bad. After all, the sound is beautiful, and singing will not be worse.

At this time, Qing Yutong whispered: “brother-in-law, what song would you sing?”

“Then come one, the love of the tracker.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

Qing Ya and the others are drunk after listening, but Ye Hua likes it, then come on…

Everyone listens, High Venerable actually wants to sing the love of the husband, each and everyone becomes very excited, but there are still some that are not there, otherwise it will be perfect…

“High Venerable handsome…”

“High Venerable Powerful···”

“High Venerable, I am your little girl.” This is what Kaiyun said, and even shakes the light stick in his hand.

Ye Hua came to feel, with the first sentence lyrics···

It’s broken.

The scene is a bit small.

The crowd is under a slap, and then the High Venerable sings well, all kinds of touts, making the atmosphere even more 尴尬····

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