You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1299

Let father disappoint, this is what Ye Shen doesn’t want to see, and what to do is absolutely not to let father disappoint!

Qing Yutong may not know that this is completely giving this nephew to the pit.

“I think, in fact, Liu Xianer is quite good, but unfortunately others don’t catch you. You have been chasing for half a year. It’s hard to say ten words. Brother, you have to be straight, sister doesn’t expect it. You kiss, take a hand, father’s sister skills, you have no inheritance, it is estimated that Xiaoyan has to take three or four back.” Donghuang said a lot of crackle from crackle, this is simply a pit mad Devil, there is nothing that is obvious.

In fact, the East Emperor is also beating somebody at their own game, to the character of Ye Shen, chasing the girl is definitely not there, unless the father orders are almost the same, now Ye Shen has a favorite girl, then go after it.

In fact, six months ago, Ye Shen began to chase Liu Xianer, no way, this is the task given by father, but even if it is a task, but also pick one can look at the past, so I chose Liu Xianer.

Liu Xianer is also a big beauty that is flush with the East Emperor. The strength is also the lever. The focus is on the Senior Sister. It is as big as the East Emperor. This year 20.

Ye Shen first saw others and said directly: “Woman, be my wife.”

This kind of tone is simply the overbearing president, but others say it directly: “Not good, I don’t like the little brother.”

When I finished speaking, I turned and left.

This made Ye Shen hold on the spot.

Think about myself, the son of Supreme Paragon, who was rejected today. If he reaches the father’s ear, he has to be ashamed to die.

However, this matter was immediately known to the East Emperor, because the East Emperor and Liu Xianer lived together.

When such a thing happened, Liu Xianer certainly said to her good friend Dong Huang.

Your younger brother is crazy.

The East Emperor is also a sly look. If you have such a sister, come up and say this, you can catch up with the girl, then there is a ghost.

Perhaps it was rejected, which aroused Ye Hao’s ambition and began to use what he thought was awesome.

Block the door! Send flowers!

If Ye Hua is there, surely a slap in the head of the son, how can the deity have such a stupid child, directly to the child, isn’t that yours?

Look at your mother, this is not the case, I, your father conquered, this year, as long as there is a child, then everything can be said, marriage is appropriate.

Still so pursued, the real is wasting brain cells, idiots.

“Sister, what do you say, Xianer will see me now, I can’t say a word at all, I will go home soon, and I won’t be able to take my girlfriend back…” Ye Shen thinks it is terrible.

Donghuang said seriously: “This line, you listen to your sister, maybe there is still a rescue. After all, I and Xianer are a dormitory. I feel that Xianer is still interesting to you.”

“Is it interesting to me? Really fake?” Ye Shen did not believe it, feeling that the elder sister was comforting himself.

I feel that I am cold, but that Liu Xianer is more cold in front of her, but she is smiling in front of others, and she seems to be awkward.

“Crap, can you not believe the sister’s words?” The East Emperor said from a serious.

To be honest, Ye Shen doesn’t believe it very much. The elder sister is now a “cheat”. The kind of people are scared. Everyone sees that they have to shun the kind of the house. Even the Sect Master has to talk well, otherwise it will be The broken pulse sect made the dog and dog restless.

For various reasons, it is roughly divided into improving strength, and then accidentally making mistakes, blowing a house, or burning the Book Collection Pavilion, anyway, it is all kinds of things.

Everyone is afraid, this is really a little devil, no, now it is a big devil, and many people have witnessed the destruction of the East Emperor, it is simply trying to escape.

Can live with the horror of the East Emperor, that Liu Xianer is not a simple character.

“Letter, of course, believe.” Ye Shen said against his conscience. Anyway, what the sister said, don’t do it, but now the situation is different. If you don’t do it, then you will be there.

Not waiting for the East Emperor to leave, Ye Shen suddenly curiously asked: “Sister, how are you looking?”

“I? Who else dares to be close to your sister, except for your male?”

Ye Shen unconsciously ordered nodded, and there is nothing wrong with it.

“That sister, are you not afraid of father disappointment?” Ye Shen asked curiously.

The East Emperor is away from the shoulder of the pats Ye Shen: “Brother, I am a woman.”

Ye Shen knows, the girl has an advantage, and he can’t do it. Father’s expectations for himself are very high.

“Sister, you said, I will listen to you.”

Donghuang said seriously: “Extend your arm.”

Ye Shen deep in the arm, expressing curiosity.

“The muscles are not very strong.” The East Emperor looked away from the younger brother biceps, too low, not expanding.

Ye Shen does not quite understand: “This strength has nothing to do with muscles. Do you see that father has muscles?”

“You don’t know about it. Girls like meat boys. I listen to Fairy.”

“How can the mother like father?”

Donghuang from complexion sank: “Ye Shen! I am teaching you, don’t pull on father mother, how do I know!”

“Oh, elder sister don’t know.”

“You, roll, don’t teach you!”

Ye Shen hurriedly pulled it and said in a flattering tone: “Sister, I am wrong.”

“Sprinkle your sister.”

Ye Shen: “…..”

I saw Ye Shen deep took a deep breath, and then shouted with a scalp and numbness: “Sister ~ 嘤嘤嘤 ~”

The East Emperor left the pig sounds.

Ye Shen quickly put away this look, and he felt sick.

“Laughter!” Ye Shen said seriously, and the time was called.

The emperor has stabilized his emotions: “Although you don’t have a lot of muscles, but the lines are still there, you need to show your muscles in front of the fairy, I think the fairy will look at you.” After that, The East Emperor did not believe in himself.

But there is a reason for this. Ye Shen is too face-to-face, and even loves face more than father.

This chase girl has to face, how to catch it, so to exercise the spirit of Ye Shen shameless, just like yourself.

“That also has a chance.” Ye Shen said seriously.

The East Emperor couldn’t help but knocked on the younger brother: “You are an idiot, you will have a match tomorrow, and Fairy will look at it. You will show your muscles. Do you know, if you can’t catch it, you will die. deal.”

Ye Shen’s eyes suddenly appeared firm. This time, the contest is mainly sister.

For the task, Ye Shen has forgotten the agreement with the younger sister Ye Hao, and then decided to compete.

However, at this time, under a shade of the Maple Valley.

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