You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1301

Lin City is also famous outside, because Ye Hao and Ye Hao have not participated in the competition, and everyone knows less!

However, Lin City competes every year, the ranking is gradually increasing, and the reputation grows. It is also the well-know figure of the younger generation in the Shenshu Academy, but Lin City feels that this is nothing!

Because these two siblings are not playing, then even if you take a first place, that is not what!

Seeing Lin City coming, Ye Hao had to turn his eyes, and even Ye Hao wanted to turn and leave.

This is not rude, but it is really numb, because the gap in strength is here, I really don’t want to fight the enthusiasm of others. After all, I am born at the end of the child.

This world is so unfair, no way ah.

Even Lin City can guess what he said next, and he will definitely say it!

I will definitely win you! Will! I want everyone to see the strength of my Lin City!

Lin City looked at the siblings in front of him, said solemnly: “This time! I want everyone to see, God Academy! More than two of you! And my Lin City!”

For the man who is so persistent in Lin City, the siblings are still to be praised.

But if you praise, you can’t say it. After you say it, others think you look down on it…

For siblings two, this time there are only two opponents!

Only the East Emperor is away, and Ye Shen···others are not very concerned.

“I am looking forward to your performance.” Ye Hao looked at Lin City indifferently said.

Lin City turned a beautiful turn, and it was a breeze, and the black black clothes on Lin City floated up, and there was a heroic style.

“Well, everyone else is gone.” Ye Hao said softly.

Ye Hao shrugged his shoulders: “I think this is even more discerning. When Lin City loses, it will be relieved.”

“Okay, go back, you should see the elder sister and the big brother tomorrow.”

“I really look forward to tomorrow. If father mother is coming, it will be fine.” Ye Hao hopes that father mother will come over, and then he will see his own style and will definitely praise himself.

However, Ye Hao thinks that Father is so busy and should not come.

If you don’t come, you should go all out, after all, the news here will be passed to Father’s ears.

Ye Hao sighed and came to be the best.

Fenglin entrance, this is the “city” specially built by the organizing committee.

In fact, it is a village model, and even Inn is made of wood, it is very simple.

Again, the organizing committee has many tips.

Although it is a trick, but the facilities are also there, the scale is still very large, after all, the number of people coming to watch the battle is huge…

Therefore, Inn is full of people, not booked in the room, only to go to the open air.

Ye Hua is facing such a situation now, and the original big mood is not good now.

The deity lives in such a place, it is enough to give face, actually said that … no reservations!

Walking on the street, the entire group has caused concern… It just seems a bit curious.

Because the dress of Ye Hua entire group has changed, even the appearance has changed.

Ye Hua wants to sneak a peek at the children’s achievements and don’t want to be discovered by children too soon.

Both Qing Ya and Dong Huang Bai Yu agreed, and they have not seen each other for more than ten years. It is to look at the achievements of children.

As for the others, of course, they have changed. Although they have not seen it for more than a decade, the children can still recognize these subordinates.

The entire group is dressed as a normal businessman. All of them are guards. Ye Hua is of course Boss. There is nothing wrong with this camouflage.

But here… It seems that the status is not very high. After all, it is a place where masters gather, and the ordinary person is unacceptable.

“Look for a place, eat a meal.” Ye Hua indifferently said, moved towards a shop next to it, saying that the store is also exaggerated a bit, in fact, is a straw shed, business and good.

The entire group adds up, there are more than twenty… looks very awkward, especially the sky red, tall and strong, a look of fierceness…

Ye Hua walked into the straw shed and sat down directly.

Boss saw such an entire group and quickly smiled: “Boss ··························

It is a reservation! The deity is to look at the children, you must be irritated by the great mood of the deity!

“Sit.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

A group of fierce subordinates sit around, this is definitely the situation to do things.

Boss clearly felt that this group of people is coming to trouble!

But Boss still loses with a smile: “Boss, here is someone who is really booking, and Boss, if you want to make trouble, this is the next choice.”

“What’s the food?” Ye Hua indifferently asked.

Boss’s smile is also disappearing. These people seem to be just like ordinary people, just a little more!

Really take yourself seriously!

“This is managed by the Southern Organizing Committee, no matter how big your power is! Let’s make trouble today, and hang up later!”


For so many years, the gates of the deity are not coming, and today they are threatened!

“Give me a look.” Ye Hua whispered, looking at the Gorefiend.

Gorefiend seconds understand, stand up, moved toward the stove, and the Gorefiend followed by Luo throat, after all, the Gorefiend is only the ordinary person, Luo throat is guarded ···

Besides, the cooking of Gorefiend is now a must. If you want to eat it, you can’t eat it. At this time, you have a chance. How can you let it go?

“What are you doing! Courage is too big!” Two little two trembling with fear pointed to the Gorefiend trembling with fear.

People who are eating around are a bit surprised. Are these people really not afraid, or are they dead?

Luo throat immediately stunned Xiao Er, Gorefiend did not know where to get the white coat to wear, there is a high hat, and then carefully selected materials.

The subordinates look at the Gorefiend, swallowed saliva and said ··· In addition to the Chinese New Year can taste the Gorefiend craft, basically can not eat…

Who dares to disturb the Gorefiend to cook today, that is to enemies with us, courting death!

Boss pointed at the people shouted: “You are kind of waiting for me… I am going to sue the organizing committee and drive you away!”

After talking Boss, I ran away, and Ye Hua did not stop it. The deity was planning to go low-key and bring the children home.

It’s these people who make the deity unhappy, and what kind of main committee, what to order, why not say a reservation call.

It is obvious that people can’t afford to watch, which makes the deity really difficult.

“Ye Hua, pick up the children, don’t make too much trouble.” Qing Ya whispered, and didn’t want to have other factors at the moment of reunion.

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