Yuan Zun Chapter 1048

When the landscape celebrates the landscape of corpses like carbons, the countless spectacles outside that tower are staring at this time, and the atmosphere is steadily solidifying.

Everybody’s didnt expect to fight so fast.

Ten centuries before the land celebration, and with that powerful defense order, Zhou Yuan was powerless, he was acting recklessly after tens of rest.

Zhou Yuan suddenly exploded with alarming manpower, leaving countless missing.

That level of attack, apparently not 1.5 billion Origin Qi can reach!

The atmosphere of solidification lasted and then ripped apart by sudden outbreaks.

“Lung Zheng was defeated!”

“Why didn’t Zhou Yuan Minamo ever know about him?”

“This Zhou Yuans Origin Qi Background should not be celebrated on land… and the landing celebration is the old Heavenly Sun Realm late stage, the way is weak and how it loses!”

“It’s hard to believe, and that’s the truth, and it’s only to say that everyone has taken a little look at this former King Divine Palace Realm.”

“Awesome, it was thought that after entering Heavenly Sun Realm, he should be silent so that he could be gradual, didnt expect, and we underestimated him.”

“Undoubtedly, even Lord Cang Yuan would prefer him, and the child’s cultivation innate talent and fighting innate talent are rare in the world.”

“Who can imagine that the plans of the five major alliances were finally planted in the hands of a Heavenly Sun Realm…”


countless’s theft of private words erupted, a path of surprise, sights, shocking eyes, and countless on the top of the young silhouette set up in Tanner.

And in this romantic noise, there was a moment of silence on the edge of the sky, and finally woke up, next moment, when the deaf voice of the ear was loud, even though the thunderstorm was all over Lake wind and rain.

For the people of the heavens and the earth, this wondrous item is called a fall.

At first, they thought that it would be difficult for the five major alliances to prevail over the strengths of the heavens and the earth, but who could think of the five major alliances claiming the method and dragging a paradox into a state of peace.

Qin Lin, Bai Yu, the strongest Heavenly Sun Realm in these natural areas…

And now, instead, it seems to be almost used in the eyes of many people, at this desperate moment, to turn the situation over.

As was the first nine regional congresses.

So at this point, even the Heavenly Sun Realm expert from the sky basin, once again looking towards Zhou Yuans, has become more complex and intriguing, and some of them have been unsatisfactory, almost completely clean.

Before they saw the identity of King Zhou Yuan Divine Palace Realm, even though cant be considered lightly, the reasons for their self-qualifications were Zhou Yuan’s sense that even if innate talent was ever higher, it would take a short period of accumulation to challenge them.

And in the meantime, this descendant should be honest.

But the subsequent appearance of Lord Zhou Yuan direct disciple directly triggered the jealousy of countless Heavenly Sun Realm expert in the Skyscrapers, which made them uncomfortable.

It’s just that all this emotions, under this battle, are completely extinguished.

“I understand why he can be a grandfather.” Qin has looked at Zhou Yuans silhouette, and there are some sightings.

“This guy is completely a pervert, and I’ve never heard of being promoted to Heavenly Sun Realm for a few months to defeat a glass Heavenly Sun Realm late stage.”


won’t slow down nods.

Bai Yu complexion had some gloomy and uncertain, and he wanted to pour some cold water, but he could not finally speak because he knew that any of his words would be particularly ridiculous under Zhou Yuan’s strategy of pulling strongly against a crazy tide.

The latter Ilimpid autumn water, the leaves ice cream, they hung tightly and cheering the tits.

Those four cabinet members, more than complexion, are proud of their eyes, and Zhou Yuan, after all, is still their total Pavilion Lord, a glorious glory and a light for four cabinets.

In front of that, Hiroshi, Master Five Chiefs, staring at Iron Pagoda’s halfway, and then it was a slight spit.

“The passing of this great pride is, indeed, some curiosity.”

Although Zhou Yuan had previously had some disputes with Spirit Sect, at a time when he had to admit that since Zhou Yuan came to the heavens, he had indeed created many miracles.

And the red lips were smiling, and said, “The great pride, it is certain that it will be difficult at this time.”

She knows that the grandfather must be watching here at this time, and he has tried to drive the five major alliances to pawn, but ultimately to be destroyed by a small Heavenly Sun Realm, a result that, even if that great respect is as deep as it may be, cannot be spared.

That’s a great pleasure.

After all, they were framed by the plan of the grandfather of that grandfather, and they were stuck in a pair of pieces.

Today, despite the loss of wondrous item at Nascent Origin Tower, the wondrous item here at Heavenly Sun Tower is generally barely preserved, which will undoubtedly greatly disrupt the next plan of the grandfather.

Generally speaking, their natural areas are not completely lost.

The atmosphere of the five major alliances in the direction of Ray is a dead and silent one compared to the joy of the sky.

Even the Huang Nine Court, like Law Domain expert, was staring at the scene, and complexion hidden some iron.

The rest of the people in the back aren’t even afraid to breathe.

“Didn’t you say that the landing celebration could be dragged?”

Turning back to Lord Origin Mountain’s face, the defense says, “That Zhou Yuan is weird, and even the noble method is ineffective, and you expect that landing celebration will be absolutely secure?”


Hung Nine Court was choked down and returned to Lord Origin Mountain. After all, it was not surprising to let him resolve landscape celebrations.

“Once the landscape fails, the paradise has won, the wondrous item of Heavenly Sun Tower, and we have failed.”

A few other law Domain expert was also a little nods, and everyone didnt expect, everything that went smoothly, would end up here in a little Zhou Yuan.

Lord Origin Mountain set up his hand and said, “We’re just carrying out the mission, and the master’s plan is not that simple, and we just need to hear the order.”

Hung Nine Hospital, they hearthis, eyes glittering, and finally nods.

black Iron Pagoda.

Zhou Yuan’s body, like a demon, began to shrink rapidly at this time, and after counting, it became normal.

He looked at a landscape like charcoal, and there was a stream of light dropping out of the sky, directly rolling it up and then throwing it out of the tower.

It also symbolizes the results of this tower contest.

Zhou Yuan’s sighed in relief, because he was able to feel that Origin Qi in the body’s pound was also beginning to disappear rapidly, and Heaven Primal Brush’s “promotion” time had come.

He took his hand, Heaven Primal Brush came out.

Zhou Yuan looked towards the seventh tattoo, where the old Origin Pattern became extremely bleak, apparently there was no way to push this “promotion” again in a short period of time.

But in good time, it’s not necessary now.

hong long long.

It is at this point that Zhou Yuan suddenly felt that Tane had a vibrating voice, and the azure jade plate under his feet suddenly escalated with his slow rise, and finally came directly to the top of the tower.

Just see there’s a side stone platform here.

stone platform 之上,铭刻着诸多古老的纹路,而stone platform 中央,有一颗crystal ball 悬浮着,crystal ball 内部,有碧浪滔滔,wind and rain 呼啸,宛如一方wind and rain World 。

And when the wave floats, it seems to be life-saving, there can be many changes.

Like the spirit of the water.

Zhou Yuan is aware that this crystal ball is an extraordinary life in the ocean and should be wondrous item in Lake wind and rain.

So, he extended the hand and took it lightly, without receiving any hindrance to hold that crystalball in his hand.

The wondrous item of Lake wind and rain is finally in place.

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