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At the moment of King Wu’s body, Great Wu’s ending is completely doomed.

当King Wu 身陨的那一刻,Great Wu's 结局便已是彻底的注定。

Zhou Yuan’s news of the command of King Wu directly caused the whole Great Wu dynasty to vibrate. The cities and the army that were originally intended to die and resist were all morale.

Zhou Yuan 将King Wu 殒命的消息传出,直接是令得整个Great Wu 王朝震动,那些原本还打算死命顽抗的城市与军队,皆是士气散尽。

So, in just a few days, Great Zhou’s army, like a broken bamboo into the Great Wu, everywhere, the city’s Wuqi, all for the week…

于是,短短不过数日的时间,Great Zhou's 军队,势如破竹的闯入Great Wu ,所过处,城头武旗,尽数换周…

On the fifth day, the elite army led by Zhou Qing arrived outside the Great Wu capital.

而第五日时,Zhou Qing 所率领的精锐大军,已是抵达了Great Wu 都城之外。

Zhou Qing Looking at the magnificent city in front of the gate, the complexion is extremely complicated.

Zhou Qing 望着眼前城门大开的宏伟城市,怔然许久,complexion 极其的复杂。

In his behind, Wei Canglan and many other veterans, they are excited and red-eyed, because they used to routed from here, and finally they were rushed to the remote north by King Wu.

而在其behind ,Wei Canglan 等诸多老将,则是激动眼睛通红,因为当年,他们便是从这里一路routed ,最终被King Wu 赶往了偏僻的北方。

At that time, they were like a dog at home, running all the way.


Although they have always supported Zhou Qing, I am afraid that in their deep in one’s heart, there is no expectation for the restoration of the country, because the strength gap between Great Wu and Great Zhou is too great.

虽说他们一直支持着Zhou Qing ,但恐怕在他们的deep in one's heart ,也是对复国没有抱有几分期望,因为Great Wu 与Great Zhou 之间的实力差距太大了。

So, when they once again appeared outside the Great Wu capital, their hearts were incredible.

所以,当他们再一次的出现在Great Wu 都城之外时,他们的心中,满是难以置信。

Their counterattacks on this road are as smooth as they are in their dreams.


“I am back again…”


Looking at this once-familiar city, even Zhou Qing, at this time, I couldn’t help but see the red eyes and the urge to cry.

望着这座曾经极为熟悉的城市,即便是Zhou Qing ,此时都是忍不住的眼眶通红,有着流泪的冲动。

He also thought that in this city, he could never come again.


At this time, in the rear of the Great Zhou’s army, there was also a deafening cheer.

而此时,在那后方Great Zhou's 军队中,也是爆发出震耳欲聋的欢呼声。

The sound shook the capital of the city, and the city had a countless awe-inspiring gaze. They all knew that King Zhou, who had been driven away by King Wu, came back a decade ago…

声音将这座都城都是震得抖动起来,城中有着countless 道敬畏的目光投射而来,他们都很清楚,十数年前,那曾经被King Wu 赶走的King Zhou ,再度回来了…

On the wall, Zhou Yuan’s figure flashed out, and then in the fearful and frantic gaze of the army, it fell to Zhou Qing.

城墙之上,Zhou Yuan's 身影闪现出来,然后在那大军countless 道敬畏狂热的目光中,飘然落向了Zhou Qing 。

“Royal Father, King Wu is dead. From then on, Boundless Continent, there is no Great Wu.” Zhou Yuan looked at Zhou Qing and smiled.

“Royal Father ,King Wu 已死,从此以后,Boundless Continent 上,再无Great Wu 。”Zhou Yuan 望着Zhou Qing ,笑道。

Zhou Qing stared at Zhou Yuan in front of her eyes. After a long while, he took a deep breath, and suddenly he dismounted, his left hand was chest, and the complexion was solemn. He said: “All the troops, salute!”

Zhou Qing 凝望着眼前的Zhou Yuan ,半晌后,他took a deep breath ,忽的下马,左手擂胸,complexion 郑重,低沉喝道:“诸军,行礼!”



In the rear, the countless Great Zhou’s sergeant, his eyes were fanatical, his fist was heavily licking his chest, and he made a thunderous sound like a thunder.

在那后方,countless Great Zhou's 军士,眼神狂热,拳头heavily 捶胸,发出了震天动地般的轰隆声,宛如雷鸣。

Wei Canglan, Wei Qingqing and many other generals are also respectful salutes.

Wei Canglan ,Wei Qingqing 等诸多将领,也是恭敬行礼。

Because they are very aware of the significance of Zhou Qing’s move, this time, Zhou Yuan almost saved the Great Zhou that was about to be destroyed.

因为他们都很清楚Zhou Qing 此举的意义,这一次,Zhou Yuan 几乎是以一己之力,挽救了将要覆灭的Great Zhou 。

If it weren’t for him, King Wu would inevitably destroy Great Zhou. Under the bloody wash, Great Zhou Dynasty will be dyed red.

如果不是他,King Wu 必然会摧毁Great Zhou ,血洗之下,Great Zhou Dynasty 将会被染红。

When the King Wu soldiers came down to the city, everyone including Zhou Qing, I am afraid they are all in deep despair. At that time, they only had to fight for a battle.

在那King Wu 兵临城下时,所有人包括Zhou Qing ,恐怕都是处于深深的绝望,那个时候,他们唯有拼死一战。

But everyone is born’t expect, and in that desperate time, their Great Zhou’s Your Highness, coming to the river, has become the last hope of the Great Zhou countless people.

可谁都didn't expect ,在那绝望之际,他们Great Zhou's Your Highness ,踏江而来,成为了Great Zhou countless 子民最后的希望。

No one can imagine how excited it was when they saw Zhou Yuan coming from the river.

无人能够想象,当他们见到踏江而来的Zhou Yuan 时,心中那一刻是何等的激动澎湃。

Zhou Yuan Chau’s Zhou Qing’s tribute to him is also a glimpse, and he is helplessly said: “Why should Royal Father be like this, I am Great Zhou Your Highness, and naturally I have the responsibility to protect the people.”

Zhou Yuan 瞧得Zhou Qing 率着大军对他如此行礼,也是一怔,旋即helplessly said :“Royal Father 何必如此,我身为Great Zhou Your Highness ,自然也有护佑子民的责任。”

Zhou Qing looked at Zhou Yuan, his eyes filled with the color of gratification and pride, saying: “You save me Great Zhou countless people, deserve this gift.”

Zhou Qing 望着Zhou Yuan ,眼中满是欣慰与自豪之色,道:“你救我Great Zhou countless 子民,理应受此一礼。”

“With your prestige, even if you want to be the king of this Great Zhou, it is enough.”

“以你如今的威望,就算要成为这Great Zhou 之王,也足矣了。”

Zhou Yuan hearing this, but it is a laugh.

Zhou Yuan hearing this ,却是干笑一声。

Zhou Qing sighed: “I know that your little guy is now getting higher, and the root is really not seeing a little King of Great Zhou.”

Zhou Qing 叹道:“我知道你这小家伙现在眼界变高了,根originally 看不上一个小小的Great Zhou 之王。”

He also understands that Great Zhou is too small, and this Boundless Continent is too small, so today’s Zhou Yuan’s talent, strength, root is originally impossible to stay in Great Zhou as a king.

他也明白,Great Zhou 太小,这Boundless Continent 也太小,以如今Zhou Yuan's 天赋,实力,根originally 不可能留在Great Zhou 当一个王。

“Royal Father is now precisely strong, and you don’t have to think about this.” Zhou Yuan laughed and stayed at Great Zhou, not the way he pursued.

“Royal Father 如今precisely 壮年,也不必想这让位的事。”Zhou Yuan 笑道,留在Great Zhou ,并非是他所追求之路。

This time, Great Wu was solved. He was completely devoid of worries. In the future, except for occasional return, most of the time may be in Blue Profound Sect.

此次解决了Great Wu ,他也算是彻底没了后顾之忧,未来除了偶尔回来外,大部分的时间可能都会在Blue Profound Sect 。

Because only in a wider area, he can continue to become stronger.


Zhou Qing points nods, the son can have a higher pursuit, he is naturally support.

Zhou Qing 点nods ,儿子能够有着更高的追求,他自然是支持。

Zhou Qing patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulder, then looked at the majestic capital of the city, took a deep breath, said: “Go into the city, from today, the whole Boundless Continent will know, that Great Zhou … is back. .”

Zhou Qing 拍了拍Zhou Yuan's 肩膀,然后望着眼前那座雄伟的都城,took a deep breath ,道:“入城吧,从今天开始,整个Boundless Continent 都将会知晓,当年那个Great Zhou …又回来了。”

As Zhou Qing entered the Great Wu capital, the Great Wu Dynasty, it was completely shattered.

随着Zhou Qing 入主Great Wu 都城,Great Wu 王朝,也就算是彻底的破灭。

During these few days, Zhou Qing issued a command and began to receive and sweep the Great Wu. During the period, although there was resistance, the Great Wu trend had already gone. These resistances did not take much effect.

在这几日间,Zhou Qing 一道道命令的发出,开始接收与扫荡Great Wu 余孽,期间虽有反抗,但Great Wu 大势已去,这些反抗并没有取到太大的作用。

Some of the dynasties around Great Wu are also extremely quiet.

而Great Wu 周边的一些王朝,也是显得极为的安静。

Generally, according to normal conditions, a dynasty is shattered, and the surrounding dynasties will inevitably move around and take the opportunity to invade the territory. However, this time, the dynasties around Great Wu are honest.

一般按照正常情况,一个王朝破灭,周边王朝必然会蠢蠢欲动,趁机侵占疆域,不过这一次,Great Wu 周边的王朝,皆是老实无比。

Obviously, it’s all because they know the Great Zhou today, and they have a High Quality that can defeat the Divine Palace Realm middle stage…

显然,这一切都是因为他们知晓了如今的Great Zhou ,拥有着一个可败Divine Palace Realm middle stage 的Your Highness …

Even King Wu has been defeated by him. This kind of strength, on this Boundless Continent, is rarely rivald, let alone the Great Zhou’s Your Highness, or the first of the Blue Profound Sect’s Saint Child…

连King Wu 都被其所败,这般实力,在这Boundless Continent 上,已是鲜有人能敌,更何况,这位Great Zhou's Your Highness ,还是如今Blue Profound Sect's Saint Child 之首…

Backed by this mountain, today’s Great Zhou, no one dares to provoke.

背靠着这座大山,如今的Great Zhou ,已是无人敢惹。

Zhou Yuan didn’t leave directly these days because he knew Great Zhou at this time and needed him to sit down and wait until everything was stable before he could get back to Blue Profound Sect.

Zhou Yuan 这些日子也并未直接离去,因为他知晓此时的Great Zhou ,还需要他来坐镇,等到一切稳定后,他方可赶回Blue Profound Sect 。

Therefore, Zhou Qing received Qin Yu from the Great Wu City. Zhou Yuan, who has been away from home for many years, is naturally accompanied.

于是Zhou Qing 将Qin Yu 接到了Great Wu 都城,离家多年的Zhou Yuan 自然是时刻陪伴着。

When Zhou Yuan enjoyed a short and quiet life, he did not know. In this Blue Profound Heaven, during this time, it brought a big shock, and all the top forces were turbulent.

而当Zhou Yuan 在享受着短暂的宁静生活时,他却是不知,这Blue Profound Heaven 内,在这段时间带起了天大的震动,各大顶尖势力,皆是动荡起来。

The strong existence of many retreats on weekdays is also breaking through at this moment.


The reason for everything is because the Palace Master Sheng Yuan is a glimpse of the secret, and it is naturally perceived by these powerful beings.

一切的原因,都是因为那Palace Master Sheng Yuan 窥探天机,引发异动,自然也是被这些强大存在所察觉。

The sacred plan, aiming at the Blue Profound Saint Seal!

圣元之谋,志在Blue Profound Saint Seal !

This is undoubtedly a shock to the Great Sects.

这无疑是令得各Great Sect 派皆是震惊。

When Old Ancestor Cang Xuan was the Blue Profound Heaven Heavenly Lord, he controlled the Blue Profound Saint Seal, but later the Old Ancestor die and the Blue Profound Saint Seal were also unknown. No matter how you search, you can’t see the clue. It is obviously by Old Ancestor Cang Xuan. Great means to hide.

当年Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 为Blue Profound Heaven Heavenly Lord ,掌控Blue Profound Saint Seal ,只是后来Old Ancestor die ,Blue Profound Saint Seal 也是不知所踪,无论如何探寻都是无法窥见端倪,显然是被Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 以大手段隐匿。

Nowadays, Palace Master Sheng Yuan is turbulent and aware of the location of Blue Profound Saint Seal. This is undoubtedly indicative of his ambition. He wants to get Blue Profound Saint Seal and go further and become the new Heavenly Lord of this Blue Profound Heaven. !

而如今,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 动荡天机,察觉到了Blue Profound Saint Seal 的所在,这无疑是表明了他的野心,他想要得到Blue Profound Saint Seal ,再进一步,成为这Blue Profound Heaven 新一任的Heavenly Lord !

Such ambitions, for other giants, are undoubtedly like thunder.


After all, they all know that once the Palace Master Sheng Yuan becomes the Blue Profound Heaven Heavenly Lord, then Saint Palace will really dominate Blue Profound Heaven, and other sects will also be under it.

毕竟他们都知晓,一旦Palace Master Sheng Yuan 成为了Blue Profound Heaven Heavenly Lord ,那么Saint Palace 就将会真的主宰Blue Profound Heaven ,其他宗派,也将会居于其下。

And this is obviously not the scene of other giant music.


Therefore, some keen people are faintly aware that the atmosphere in Blue Profound Heaven seems to be getting tight at this time…

所以,一些敏锐的人,都是隐隐的感觉到,Blue Profound Heaven 内的气氛,仿佛都是在此时渐渐的变得紧绷…

However, this tension did not last long, it was the news that was erupted by Blue Profound Heaven.

不过这种紧绷并没有持续多久,便是被一则传出的消息,引爆了Blue Profound Heaven 。

“Blue Profound Saint Seal, hidden in the land of lightning strikes…”

“Blue Profound Saint Seal ,隐于雷击之地…”