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The black and white mottled scrolls appeared in the hands of Palace Master Sheng Yuan. When the scrolls appeared, they led to the change of Heaven and Earth. The entire Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth violently swayed at this time.

黑白色的斑驳图卷,出现在了Palace Master Sheng Yuan 的手中,那图卷一出现,便是引得Heaven and Earth 变色,整个Heaven and Earth 间的Origin Qi 都是在此时剧烈的波荡起来。

And the experts who recognize the things in the hands of Palace Master Sheng Yuan are also complexion changes, and there are deep fears in their eyes.

而那些认出Palace Master Sheng Yuan 手中之物的各方expert ,也是纷纷complexion 大变,眼中有着深深的惧色浮现出来。

Because they know, it is the famous holy treasure of Saint Palace.

因为他们知晓,那是Saint Palace 鼎鼎有名的圣宝。

Spirit Executing Chart !

Spirit Executing Chart !

The old Ancestor Cang Xuan’s die, the Spirit Executing Chart, also had a credit for it… This shows how great this might be.

当年Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 的die ,这Spirit Executing Chart ,也是有着一分的功劳…由此可见此物究竟是何等mighty energy 的大杀器。

This is the treasure of Saint Palace’s town palace. If it is not the most important moment, Palace Master Sheng Yuan will never use it easily. This shows how the Palace Master Sheng Yuan is at this time Yao Yao.

此物乃是Saint Palace's 镇宫之宝,若非最为重要时刻,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 绝不会轻易的将其动用,由此可见,此时的Palace Master Sheng Yuan 究竟是何等的忌惮Yao Yao 。



Origin Pattern “Tun Tun” roared, the huge body smashed into the void, and once again thundered to the Palace Master Sheng Yuan.

Origin Pattern “Tun Tun ”咆哮,庞大的身躯踏碎虚空,再度如雷霆般的扑向Palace Master Sheng Yuan 。

The Palace Master Sheng Yuan complexion was fierce, the body was not moving, and the “Spirit Executing Chart” was slowly unfolded with both hands, only to see that it was black and white radiance, mysterious.

而此次Palace Master Sheng Yuan complexion 阴厉,身躯不动,双手缓缓的将那“Spirit Executing Chart ”展开,只见得其中尽是黑白radiance 流转,神秘莫测。



Spirit Executing Chart trembles with black and white radiance.

Spirit Executing Chart 一颤,有着黑白radiance 冲天而起。

The radiance is intertwined with each other, like a yin and yang, and exudes unpredictable power.

那radiance 彼此交缠,宛如阴阳交 合,散发着莫测之威。



The black and white radiance collided directly with the Origin Pattern Tun Tun, but in this collision, the black and white radiance passed, and the Origin Pattern trace on the giant beast was swiftly ablated.

黑白radiance 直接是与Origin Pattern Tun Tun 碰撞,不过这一次碰撞时,黑白radiance 所过处,giant beast 身躯之上的Origin Pattern 痕迹,竟是迅速的消融。

In just a few bites, the black and white radiance passed, and the Origin Pattern Tun Tun was melted away.

短短数息,黑白radiance 过处,那Origin Pattern Tun Tun 便是被消融得一干二净。

Between Heaven and Earth, the sound of countless horror sounded. Before they saw the power of the Origin Pattern giant beast, even the Palace Master Sheng Yuan was forced into the wind for a time.

Heaven and Earth 间,响起了countless 惊骇的声音,之前他们可是亲眼见识到了那Origin Pattern giant beast 的力量,即便是Palace Master Sheng Yuan 一时间都被逼入下风。

Didn’t expect Now, Palace Master Sheng Yuan has sacrificed the Spirit Executing Chart to clean it up.

didn't expect 如今,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 一祭出Spirit Executing Chart ,便是将其抹杀得干干净净。

The treasure of the holy treasure can be seen.


In the eyes of Headmaster Qing Yang and others, it is inevitable that there will be a worrying color.

Headmaster Qing Yang 等人眼中也是不免有着担忧之色浮现。

“Your Origin Pattern is rumored, I admit that it is very good.” Palace Master Sheng Yuan holds the old Spirit Executing Chart, staring at Yao Yao, indifferently said.

“你的Origin Pattern 造诣,我承认很厉害。”Palace Master Sheng Yuan 手持古老的Spirit Executing Chart ,眼神冰冷的盯着Yao Yao ,indifferently said 。

“However, even Cang Xuan was planted that year, how can you?”

“不过,当年就连Cang Xuan 都栽了,你又能如何?”

The Spirit Executing Chart in the hands of Palace Master Sheng Yuan suddenly burst out, and finally rose into a storm, turning into a huge, full of black and white colors, many expert eyes cast, and suddenly felt the Nascent Origin in the body is stern The screams, as if they were about to dissipate, suddenly rushed to regain their gaze and run Origin Qi.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 手中的Spirit Executing Chart 陡然暴射而出,最后迎风暴涨,化为万丈巨大,其间满是黑白之色,诸多expert 目光投射而去,顿时感觉到体内的Nascent Origin 都是发出了凄厉的哀鸣,犹如将要消散,顿时骇得急忙收回目光,运转Origin Qi 。

“Spirit Executing Chart, yin and yang!”

“Spirit Executing Chart ,阴阳界!”

Above the sky, the Spirit Executing Chart rolled over. At that moment, the entire Heaven and Earth seemed to be overturned at this moment. The black and white light stream turned and the Kun Kun reversed.

高空之上,Spirit Executing Chart 翻滚,那一瞬,整个Heaven and Earth 似乎都是在这一刻倾覆下来,黑白之light stream 转,乾坤倒转。

Yao Yao stands in the void, and she looks around, and there is a change in Heaven and Earth. The black and white color is full of vision.

Yao Yao 立于虚空,她明眸看向四周,此时的Heaven and Earth 出现了变化,黑白之色充斥视野。

It seems to be in the other side of Heaven and Earth.

仿佛身处了另外一方Heaven and Earth 。



Countless looked at the huge black and white scrolls on the sky, because they saw it, and in the scroll, I don’t know when there was a shadow.

countless 道目光骇然的望着高空上的巨大黑白图卷,因为他们见到,在那图卷之中,不知道何时多出了一道倩影。

Thallyo Yao Yao !

precisely Yao Yao !

Obviously, Yao Yao is trapped in the Spirit Executing Chart.

显然,Yao Yao 被困在Spirit Executing Chart 内。

Headmaster Qing Yang They are also complexion drastic changes, falling into the Spirit Executing Chart, any creatures will be wiped out by the yin and yang, that is the real flies away and scatters.

Headmaster Qing Yang 他们也是complexion 剧变,落入那Spirit Executing Chart 内,任何的生灵,都将会被那阴阳之气磨灭消融,那是真正的the soul flies away and scatters 。

“Get it, help!”


Headmaster Qing Yang took the opportunity to stand up and scream.

Headmaster Qing Yang 当机立断,暴喝出声。

If you let Palace Master Sheng Yuan wipe out Yao Yao, it would be a big disadvantage for them.

如果任由Palace Master Sheng Yuan 磨灭了Yao Yao ,那对他们可谓是大大的不利。

Tian Jianzun, the ancient whales are also immediately nods, the next moment, the three joined forces to launch the offensive.

天剑尊,古鲸尊者也是立即nods ,下一瞬,三人联手发动攻势。

However, in the face of their attack, Palace Master Sheng Yuan was a sneer, one-handedly printed, and the Spirit Executing Chart on the sky suddenly broke out three black and white brilliance, directly facing the three.

不过,面对着他们的攻击,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 却是一声冷笑,单手结印,高空上的Spirit Executing Chart 顿时爆发出三道黑白光华,直接对着三人落去。

The three black and white brilliances fluttered, and it seemed that the momentum was not obvious, but it made the Headmaster Qing Yang three eyes shrink.

三道黑白光华飘飘荡荡,看似声势不显,但却令得Headmaster Qing Yang 三人眼瞳一缩。

They know how terrible the yin and yang power of the Spirit Executing Chart is, even if they are Law Domain Realm, they can even be wiped out once the fleshly body is contaminated.

他们知晓那Spirit Executing Chart 的阴阳磨灭之力是何等的可怕,即便他们是Law Domain Realm ,可一旦fleshly body 被沾染,甚至也有可能被磨灭的。

Headmaster Qing Yang took a deep breath, the sky is covered with brilliance, and there is a mottled lithograph in the brilliance. The lithograph glitters the light of the mysterious light, and the Guanghua is transformed into a mountain river.

Headmaster Qing Yang took a deep breath ,天灵盖处,有着光华冲天而起,光华之中,有着一枚斑驳石印,石印glittering 着玄奥之光,光华衍变着山川河流。

Blue Profound Sect’s Holy Treasure, Little Cang Xuan Print!

Blue Profound Sect's 圣宝,小Cang Xuan 印!

This is the holy treasure that Old Ancestor Cang Xuan refining with the Blue Profound Saint Seal as a replica of the Blue Profound Saint Seal.

这是当年Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 以Blue Profound Saint Seal 为模子炼制而出的圣宝,算是Blue Profound Saint Seal 的仿制品。

Tian Jian Zun opened his mouth and spit out a long sword of the metal of the metal. However, the long sword has no handle and presents a nine knot. When it appears, the Heaven and Earth in front are torn apart by the sharp Sword Qi.

天剑尊张嘴吐出了一柄neither metal nor wood 的长剑,不过长剑无柄,呈现九结,当其出现时,面前的Heaven and Earth 都被锋利的Sword Qi 撕裂开来。

Inquiring Sword Sect’s holy treasure, nine spirit sword.

Inquiring Sword Sect's 圣宝,九灵剑。

In the body of the ancient whale, there is a thing flying out. It is a golden whale. The little whale is engraved with the ancient rune, soaring in front of him, and swallowing Heaven and Earth.

古鲸尊者体内则是飞出了一物,乃是一条golden 的小鲸,小鲸身躯上铭刻着古老的rune ,翱翔其身前,吞吐着Heaven and Earth 万物。

Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace’s holy treasure, the sky whale.

Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace 的圣宝,天鲸符。

The three Headmasters, at this time, sacrificed the holy treasure at the bottom of the pressure box, which suddenly caused a sharp vibration of Heaven and Earth.

三位Headmaster ,皆是在此时祭出了压箱底的圣宝,顿时引得Heaven and Earth 剧烈的震动。

The experts of other parties’ powers are all very eye-catching. The six giants can stand the Blue Profound Heaven for thousands of years, with the background, and the holy treasure, which is a kind of background.

其他各方势力的expert 皆是看得眼热无比,六大巨宗能够屹立Blue Profound Heaven 万千载,凭借的便是background ,而圣宝,则是background 的一种。

Hōng hōng !

hōng hōng !

Three holy sacred flying dances, colliding with the three black and white brilliance that whizzed, and immediately attracted the heaven falls and earth rends.

三道圣宝飞舞,与那呼啸而来的三道黑白光华相撞,顿时引得heaven falls and earth rends ,虚空震颤。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan just looked at the three people with a cold eye, but they didn’t care too much. Even though they also have holy treasures, they still have a lot of distance from him at the level of strength.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 只是冷眼看了一眼三人,但并没有太过的在意,即便他们也是拥有着圣宝,但在力量层次上,与他还是有着不小的距离。

After all, he is now a pseudo-holy.


The most difficult thing at the moment is the mysterious girl named Yao Yao’s.

眼下最为棘手的,还是那名为Yao Yao's 神秘女孩。

From her body, Palace Master Sheng Yuan perceives the extremely dangerous danger aura, and somehow, he even felt that Yao Yao in front of him was even more dangerous than Old Ancestor Cang Xuan.

从她的身上,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 察觉到了极端浓烈的危险aura ,而且不知为何,他冥冥中甚至觉得,眼前的Yao Yao ,恐怕比当年的Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 还要更加的危险。

“Where did she come out?!”


At this moment, Palace Master Sheng Yuan still feels incredible, this level of existence, not to mention in Blue Profound Heaven, even the entire Heavenly Origin Realm, it can not be a nameless generation, but he never heard …

此时此刻,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 还感觉有些不可思议,这种级别的存在,莫说是在Blue Profound Heaven ,就算是整个Heavenly Origin Realm ,那也不可能是无名之辈,可他却从未听说…

“Forget it, no matter what the road you are, whoever blocked me to win the Blue Profound Saint Seal today, who will kill it!”

“算了,不管你究竟是什么来路,今日谁挡我夺得Blue Profound Saint Seal ,那便灭了谁!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan In the eyes of the greatly rises, as long as he wins the Blue Profound Saint Seal, he can really step into the Saint. At that time, he was in the Heavenly Lord. Even if he looked at Heavenly Origin Realm, he could be regarded as a finger. The strongest number of existence!

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 眼中寒意greatly rises ,只要夺得Blue Profound Saint Seal ,他便能够真正的踏入Saint 境,那个时候,他位列Heavenly Lord ,即便是放眼Heavenly Origin Realm ,也当算得上是屈指可数的最强存在!

Therefore, this woman must be removed today!


In the heart of the killing intent rises, Palace Master Sheng Yuan no longer hesitate, hands out of the law.

心中killing intent 升起,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 再不犹豫,双手结出法印。

Buzz !

buzz !

In the sky, in the huge Spirit Executing Chart, there was a roaring sound, and then the countless people saw that the black and white color gradually condensed, and the faintness seemed to be turned into a black and white giant dragon.

天空上,巨大的Spirit Executing Chart 内,传出了轰鸣之声,然后countless 人见到,那其中的黑白之色渐渐的凝结,隐隐间,似乎是化为了一头黑白色的giant dragon 。

The giant dragon exudes an indescribable pressure, and its dragon eye is black and white.

giant dragon 散发着无法形容的威压,其dragon eye 一黑一白。



Black and white giant dragon roaring, dragon eye locked Yao Yao trapped in the black and white sea, the next moment, black and white dragon breath, like a yin and yang intersection, carrying the destruction of all the material between Heaven and Earth aura, the mighty Yao Yao shrouded.

黑白giant dragon 咆哮,dragon eye 锁定被困于黑白光海之中的Yao Yao ,下一刻,黑白dragon breath ,宛如阴阳交汇,携带着消融Heaven and Earth 间一切物质的毁灭aura ,浩浩荡荡的将Yao Yao 笼罩而下。

“Even if it was Cang Xuan, I was hurt by my yin and yang dragon breath…”

“当年即便是Cang Xuan ,也被我这阴阳dragon breath 所伤…”

“So you, give this Highness die too!”

“所以你,也给this Highness die 吧!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan staring at the shadow, the look on his face, gradually groaning.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 死死的盯着那道倩影,脸庞上的神色,渐渐的狰狞。

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