When golden’s heart turned into a light stream that was swallowed into the belly by Palace Master Sheng Yuan, his eyes closed slightly, and the whole Heaven and Earth seemed to be stagnation at this moment.

All the winds, all the Origin Qi flow, are stopped at this time.

It is like time and space being frozen.

The countless line of sight looked at the Palace Master Sheng Yuan with a stunned look, because everyone felt it, and at this moment, there was an indescribable momentum that gradually spread from the latter.

In that kind of momentum, Heaven and Earth are shaking.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan The top of the head, the golden flame quickly grew at this time, and finally turned into a burning golden flame, the flame is gradually flowing, faintly, there are signs of forming golden Fire Lotus flowers. .

“Holy Crimson Lotus…”

The top expert complexion is frightened, and the teeth are trembled, because it is said that only the true Saint can turn the holy fire into a lotus shape symbolizing the perfection.

Golden flame lotus is formed, and the dragonfly blooms.

In the golden lotus, there is a tassel-like golden light flowing down, covering the body of the Palace Master Sheng Yuan, and the golden light penetrating the fleshly body, which can continuously temper the body and make it perfect.

Obviously, after swallowing the heart of Saint, Palace Master Sheng Yuan broke through the layer of shackles for a short time and truly stepped into the territory of Saint!

His slightly closed eyes opened, and his eyes reflected the golden lotus burning the flame. At this time, he was a vast expanse of aura, as if he could not die.

And Headmaster Qing Yang, when they saw this scene, the complexion couldn’t help but become a little pale.

Because of this moment, they also from the Palace Master Sheng Yuan, aware of the terrible danger aura.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan His eyes are indifferent, his lips are one, and his voice echoes Heaven and Earth.

“The source of the ban.”

When the voice spread, everyone was amazed to discover that the Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth disappeared silently, even the Origin Qi in their body was at an alarming rate. Weird dissipated.

Boom! Boom!

The figure that stood in the air and volleyed at this time fell from the birds in the sky like broken wings, and it was extremely embarrassing.

This Heaven and Earth banned the existence of Origin Qi.

Here, even the Law Domain is difficult to exist.

This is the power of Saint. With the words and deeds, one can make Heaven and Earth a passive place…

The top experts of all parties have landed, only Headmaster Qing Yang, Tian Jianzun and others can stand in the void, because they have the holy treasure, with the holy energy of the holy treasure, can isolate the forbidden source of Saint force.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan just gave them a faint look and didn’t pay much attention to it. His eyes turned back to the Spirit Executing Chart in the sky. He looked at one of the shadows and sneered at the corner of his mouth.

“This time, will you explain it to me?”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan With a volley of fingers, the intense vibrations on the Spirit Executing Chart gradually subsided, and the boundless black and white gas emerged from it, and even some black and white gas penetrated the Spirit Executing Chart.

In the Spirit Executing Chart, the black and white gas forms a huge vortex, and the golden light column outlined by Yao Yao is directly swallowed up by these vortex.

Then the golden light began to fade.

The black and white gas is coming from all directions.

Hōng hōng !

In the black and white atmosphere, there is a black and white Rayman spouting out, like a giant dragon, hiding the sky and covering the earth, yelling at Yao Yao.

The black and white god, the power is extremely terrible, and it is still contaminated with flames, it is a holy fire!

In this short period of entering Saint, the strength of Palace Master Sheng Yuan has reached a very terrible degree.

Yao Yao’s rapid shaking, the countless Origin Pattern formed a golden mask on his body, but whenever the black and white god thunder fell, the mask shook violently and then shrank a little.

No matter how Yao Yao waves the Origin Pattern Brush, the black and white gods are gradually approaching.

Anyone can see that with the Palace Master Sheng Yuan swallowing up the heart of Saint, this situation has begun to change again…

Headmaster Qing Yang Their hearts are sinking a little bit at this time. If Yao Yao is really suppressed, then the Palace Master Sheng Yuan at this time will really be no one can check and balance.

“Toasting, not eating and drinking, waiting for this Highness to suppress you, this Blue Profound Sect up and down, everyone will accompany you, including the kid.” Palace Master Sheng Yuan looking at the black and white gods in the Spirit Executing Chart Ray, indifferent.

Obviously, being pushed to this point by Yao Yao today is also a little anger in his heart.

Inside the Spirit Executing Chart.

Yao Yao’s waving Origin Pattern Brush seems to have stagnated at this time. She slowly raises the head. The scorpion penetrates the Spirit Executing Chart and looks directly at the Palace Master Sheng Yuan. The depth of the eyes seems to be implied. Heart-wrenching.

Her eyes seem to be asking about the Holy Yuan. Do you really want to die?

Palace Master Sheng Yuan read the meaning of her eyes, but she smiled and shook her head: “boast shamelessly.”

Obviously, he used Yao Yao’s move as a useless threat. After all, he is now stepping into Saint. He really doesn’t know how Yao Yao can resist him.

Yao Yao’s ethereal dawn, suddenly turned to the space of Zhou Yuan, she stared at the latter for a moment, then her eyes closed slowly and resolutely.

At the same time, in the smooth eyebrows, the seal that showed the broken posture began to smash more and more…

The cracks on the seal are constantly being expanded.


Countless The light spot of dark golden rises from her body and merges into the golden mask. On the reticle, the golden light overflows. This time, let the black and white gods thunder bombard, It is hard to make the mask shrink.

And, the golden mask is still gradually expanding toward the outside, so it looks like it is going to squeeze against the black and white gods.

At this moment, even the Palace Master Sheng Yuan is stunned and can’t help but want to swear.

Why is this? !

He swallowed the heart of Saint, only to get the power of Saint in a short time, but this Yao Yao eyes closed, directly from the previous suppression, to be able to directly compete? !

Where did this power come from? !

There is still no reason for this. Is there any fairness?

Palace Master Sheng Yuan complexion In the next moment, he turned sharply, and the figure went directly to the virtual space. He decided to take the Blue Profound Saint Seal when he was trapped!


However, his figure just plucked out, Headmaster Qing Yang, Tian Jianzun, and the ancient whale sages, the Three Domain Domain Realm expert, spurred the holy treasure, wrapped in the power of destruction, and slammed.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan Frown at the brow, at this time he is not afraid of three people, but the holy treasure in the hands of the three people has a bit of power, so his figure has to slow down, the sleeves are waved, the flame is turned into three golden The fire dragon burned the void and confronted the three.

Hōng hōng !

They battled into a group, and the void collapsed, but anyone can see that Headmaster Qing Yang, even with the power of the Holy Treasure, is still losing ground and can’t last too long.

In the void space, Zhou Yuan looked at the outside world, complexion is also tight, his eyes, looking at Yao Yao in the Spirit Executing Chart, he can also feel the strength of Yao Yao’s is enhanced, but the more he The more uneasy.

Because he knows, that represents the Yao Yao’s seal effect is rapidly weakening.

Once the Yao Yao’s seal is completely broken, what will happen?

“Deserves death!”

Zhou Yuan bites his teeth.

Moreover, at this time, the Palace Master Sheng Yuan came straight here, apparently intending to take the Blue Profound Saint Seal first, and with his strength, how could it be possible to keep it?

Just as Zhou Yuan was in a hurry, an old voice suddenly burst into the air: “Zhou Yuan, the Holy Elder is going to take Saint Seal first, and you will activate Saint Seal quickly!”

“There is a means left by the owner!”

Zhou Yuan heard this sudden sound and screamed: “Old Xuan?”

That voice, precisely Old Xuan.

“How to activate?” he asked quickly.

“With the power of Saint Pattern…”

Zhou Yuan was slightly shocked. It turned out that Old Xuan knew that he was wearing Saint Pattern!

But at this time he also refused to ask too much, hurriedly stood up and rushed to the end of the stone stairs before the Blue Profound Saint Seal.

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, the mind was moving, only the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern in his eyes, the Earth Saint Pattern in the palm, the Heaven Punishing Saint Pattern in the Divine Palace, all at this time Come out.

As soon as the three Saint Patterns appeared, they were attracted and hovered outside the Blue Profound Saint Seal.

Buzz !

The Blue Profound Saint Seal is bursting with swaying ripples and constant vibrations, in which it seems to have some kind of power to spray out.

But the feeling of being sprayed out is always a little worse.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan feels a sense of heart, looks at the void space, immediately gaze, cold channel: “This kid body, even hidden Saint Pattern? Cang Xuan, this is your means?”

He burst out of his body and slammed the blockade of Headmaster Qing Yang and went straight into the void.

Zhou Yuan also felt the rapid arrival of Palace Master Sheng Yuan, then look at the Blue Profound Saint Seal, the brain’s spiritual light flashed, and hurriedly said: “Well, the four Saint Patterns are still worse! There is no way to completely activate Blue. Profound Saint Seal !”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan stripped four Saint Patterns from Saint Seal, but Zhou Yuan only got three, and the last Saint Pattern, there was no clue.

At this time, outside of Thunder Pool, Old Xuan looked at the anxious Zhou Yuan, but could not help but smile, said: “No hurry.”

“You kid, I really thought that in the Blue Profound Sect, the old man is because of your talent, what is your favor?”

He slowly took off his shirt at this time, only to see the skin on his back, there is an ancient light pattern, glittering mysterious luster.

Zhou Yuan opened his mouth, he was too familiar with the fluctuation of the light pattern…

Obviously, the careful Saint Yuan’s hard-fought fourth fourth Saint!

It has always been engraved on the back of Old Xuan! No wonder the root is originally without the clue of the fourth Saint Pattern!

Old Xuan’s body trembled, the old light pattern behind it was skyrocketing, and finally turned into a stream of light, screaming into the void, and plunged into the blue Profound Saint Seal. in.

(I wish you all a Happy New Year.)

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