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“Zhou Yuan” stood in the void, staring at the endless void, and there were some heavy colors on his face.

“Zhou Yuan ”立于虚空,双目凝望着无尽虚空处,脸庞上出现了一些沉重之色。

“Old Ancestor, what’s wrong?”

“Old Ancestor ,怎么了?”

At this time, Zhou Yuan’s voice sounded in his mind, apparently aware of the emotional fluctuations of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan.

而此时,Zhou Yuan's 声音在脑海中响起,显然是察觉到了Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 的情绪波动。

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan paused and replied in his heart: “There is a terrible force trying to squeeze into the boundaries of Blue Profound Heaven. If it is not bad, it is the top expert of Saint Race.”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 沉默了一下,还是在心中回答道:“有一股极为恐怖的力量在试图挤入Blue Profound Heaven 的界壁,如果所料不错的话,是Saint Race 的top expert 。”

“Saint Race ?”

“Saint Race ?”

Zhou Yuan was shocked and hurried: “Is it for Yao Yao?”

Zhou Yuan 猛的一惊,急道:“是冲着Yao Yao 而来的?”



Old Ancestor Cang Xuan said in a low voice: “Once her seal is broken, that power will be felt by Saint Race.”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 声音低沉的道:“一旦她封印破碎,那股力量,就会被Saint Race 所感应。”

“Never let her fall into the hands of Saint Race, otherwise, the Heavenly Origin Realm will be completely hopeless.”

“绝不能让她落入Saint Race 的手中,不然的话,那这Heavenly Origin Realm 诸多生灵,恐怕就将会彻底没了希望。”

“What exactly is Yao Yao?” Zhou Yuan’s heart was shocked. He couldn’t imagine that Yao Yao would have such a big deal.

“Yao Yao 究竟是什么?”Zhou Yuan 心头一震,他无法想象,Yao Yao 竟然会有如此之大的牵扯。

This time, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan did not answer. He appeared and appeared next to Yao Yao.

这次Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 没有回答,他身影一动,出现在Yao Yao 身旁。

At this time, Yao Yao, golden’s long hair danced, a pair of alums exudes indifferent colors, and when her eyes stayed on Zhou Yuan, the indifferent indifference only weakened.

此时的Yao Yao ,golden 的长发飘舞,一对明眸散发着漠然之色,而当她的目光停留在Zhou Yuan 身上时,那种淡泊冷漠方才减弱一些。

“You are too strong, so occupy his fleshly body, his fleshly body can be uncomfortable.” Yao Yao’s eyebrows are slightly stunned.

“你力量太强,这样占据他的fleshly body ,他fleshly body 可不好受。”Yao Yao 眉尖微蹙,道。

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan hearing this, no good words: “This time, how can you suffer?”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan hearing this ,没好气的道:“这个时候了,吃点苦头又能怎样?”

“It’s you…”


Old Ancestor Cang Xuan stares at Yao Yao, who can see that there are subtle golden cracks on her white, jade-like skin.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 凝视着Yao Yao ,他能够见到,在她那白皙如玉般的肌肤上,有着细微的golden 裂痕在不断的出现。

“You are too hard, and now you, I am afraid I cannot afford this power.”


“You haven’t really awakened yet.”


“What are the consequences now, no one knows…”


Golden’s hair floated in front of Yao Yao’s eyes. She lifted her small hand and slammed it behind her ear, but she didn’t answer any more. She just lifted her face and stared at the endless void.

golden 的发丝在Yao Yao's 眼前飘荡,她抬起小手,将其锊于耳后,却并没有再答话,只是俏脸微抬,凝视着无尽虚空。

Sheng Yuan stood in the void, and he did not move the old An Ancestor Cang Xuan and Yao Yao. In the eyes, he also passed a trace of doubt, but soon, his heart was also a fierce shock, and his eyes looked beyond the void. .

圣元立于虚空,他瞧得没有动静的Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 与Yao Yao ,眼中也是掠过一抹疑惑,不过很快的,他心头也是猛的一震,目光惊疑不定的看向了虚空之外。

He also felt it.


“How could they try to break the wall?” Palace Master Sheng Yuan’s eyes were in doubt.

“他们怎么会在试图破开界壁?”Palace Master Sheng Yuan 眼神惊疑不定。

Outside of Blue Profound Heaven, with the presence of “Primordial Punishing Saint Formation”, even the Saint Race top expert can’t break it. When Saint Race top expert came to Blue Profound Heaven to hunt Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, it was because He secretly helped, but this time, he has not yet notified Saint Race.

在Blue Profound Heaven 外,有着“Primordial Punishing Saint Formation ”的存在,即便是Saint Race top expert ,也难以将其破开,当年Saint Race top expert 能够来到Blue Profound Heaven 围猎Old Ancestor Cang Xuan ,那是因为他暗中帮忙,可这一次,他却还未曾通知过Saint Race 。

And if you want to penetrate the “Primordial Punishing Saint Formation”, even Saint Race, it will cost a lot.

而想要穿透“Primordial Punishing Saint Formation ”,就算是Saint Race ,也要付出极大的代价。

“Is it the old soul of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan? Impossible, and the old soul of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan is not so attractive.”

“难道是感应到了Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 残魂?不可能,而且Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 这残魂,还没这么大的吸引力。”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan eyes glinting, after counting his eyes, his eyes turned to Yao Yao.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 目光glittering ,数息后,他的目光忽的投向了Yao Yao 。

In the midst of it, he felt that the goal of Saint Race was directed at her…

冥冥中他觉得,恐怕Saint Race 的目标,是冲着她而来的…

Thinking of this, Palace Master Sheng Yuan suddenly couldn’t help but sneer, slowly said: “Cang Xuan, it seems that God is going to die, this Destiny, are on my side.”

想到此处,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 顿时忍不住的轻笑出声,slowly said :“Cang Xuan ,看来真的是天要亡你,这Destiny ,皆是站在我这一边。”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan’s gaze turned and then turned to Yao Yao. “This person is a hidden danger. I have to knock it down to Saint. You must stop shooting.”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 的目光转过来,然后对着Yao Yao 道:“此人是个隐患,我得先将其knock down Saint 境,你千万莫要再出手了。”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan hearing this, the figure suddenly appeared in the distance, look like this, obviously intends to avoid its edge, waiting for the power of Saint Race to come.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan hearing this ,身形顿时出现在了远处,看这般模样,显然是打算避其锋芒,等待着Saint Race 的力量赶来。

“Cang Xuan, although I don’t match you, the two of them can join together, but if you want to go, you can’t stop it.” Palace Master Sheng Yuan sneered.

“Cang Xuan ,我虽然不敌你二人联手,可若是要走,你们也拦不住。”Palace Master Sheng Yuan 冷笑道。

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan looked at the retreating Palace Master Sheng Yuan, saying: “St. Yuan, my heart of Saint, can you absorb it well?”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 眼神平淡的望着退避的Palace Master Sheng Yuan ,道:“圣元,我那Saint 之心,吸收得可还顺利?”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan looks at each other and says, “What do you mean?”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 双目一眯,道:“你什么意思?”

“Just want to tell you that it’s not safe to rely on someone else’s things.”

“只是想要告诉你,依靠他人之物而成的Saint 境,可并不保险。”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan said with both hands, indifferent: “The heart of Saint, loose!”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 双手结印,漠然道:“Saint 之心,散!”

When the sound of the sound fell, the Palace Master Sheng Yuan suddenly saw the slight change of the golden light spot of the countless road, which turned out to be from his body without his control.

当其声音落下的那一瞬,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 顿时complexion 微变的见到,countless 道的golden 光点,竟然是不受他控制的从其体内飘散而出。

The golden light points contain extremely powerful power, and it is the heart of Saint that was absorbed by him before!

那些golden 光点内,蕴含着极为磅礴强大的力量,赫然便是之前被他所吸收的Saint 之心!

Palace Master Sheng Yuan tried to block those golden spots that were leaked, but in the end it was in vain, because he found that there was a slight remnant of the inner inside of the golden spots.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 试图阻拦住那些外泄的golden 光点,但最终却是徒劳,因为他发现,此时的那些golden 光点内部,竟是有着一丝细微的意志残存。

That will, from Old Ancestor Cang Xuan.

那意志,来源于Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 。

Countless’s golden light spot rises from the Palace Master Sheng Yuan and finally dissipates between Heaven and Earth. The majestic power of the count directly makes the Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth extremely strong.

countless 的golden 光点从Palace Master Sheng Yuan 体内升起,最后消散于Heaven and Earth 间,那所蕴含的磅礴力量,直接是令得这方Heaven and Earth 间的Origin Qi 变得极度的雄厚起来。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan complexion gloomy.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan complexion gloomy 。

On top of his head, Golden’s St. Fire Lotus flower is also gradually faltering, and finally broken up, turned into a very faint glimpse of golden flame.

在其头顶上,golden 的圣Fire Lotus 花也是渐渐的摇摇欲坠,最后破碎开来,化为了极为虚淡的一缕golden 火苗。

Palace Real Sheng Yuan’s realm, directly at this time, instantly fell back to the pseudo-holy.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 的realm ,直接是在此时,瞬间跌落回伪圣境。

The top experts of all parties are screaming at this time, their eyes shaking, everyone didn’t expect, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan took the shot, which was to return the previously invincible Palace Master Sheng Yuan back to its original shape.

各方顶尖expert 皆是在此时哗然出声,眼神震动,谁都didn't expect ,Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 一出手,便是将先前所向披靡的Palace Master Sheng Yuan 打回了原形。

However, what makes everyone wonder is that after the Palace Master Sheng Yuan knock down Saint, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan did not continue to shoot.

不过,令得所有人疑惑的是,在将Palace Master Sheng Yuan knock down Saint 境后,Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 却并没有继续出手。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan Eyes gloomy staring at Old Ancestor Cang Xuan. After falling back to the pseudo-holy, he did not flee, because he felt it, and Old Ancestor Cang Xuan was as convergent as possible.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 眼神gloomy 的盯着Old Ancestor Cang Xuan ,在跌回伪圣境后,他反而并没有吓得逃离,因为他感觉了出来,Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 在尽可能的收敛力量。

“What are you worried about?” Palace Master Sheng Yuan sneered.

“你在担心什么?”Palace Master Sheng Yuan 冷笑道。

His gaze, a look at Yao Yao, a touch of incomprehensible smile: “You are not worried about the explosive power at this time, so that Saint Race is positioned here?”

他的目光,看了一眼Yao Yao ,嘴角泛起一抹莫名笑意:“你不会是担心此时爆发力量,使得那Saint Race 定位到此吧?”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion is indifferent, but his eyes are cold and knifey.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion 漠然,眼神却是冷冽如刀。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan is right, although Saint Race is sensitive to Yao Yao, but it is not so easy to pass the “Primordial Punishing Saint Formation”, so Old Ancestor Cang Xuan does not want to break out of power at this time, so as not to be Saint. Race really discovers the battlefield here.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 说的没错,虽说那Saint Race 对Yao Yao 有所感应,但想要穿过“Primordial Punishing Saint Formation ”没那么容易,所以Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 不愿此时爆发力量,免得被Saint Race 真正的发现此处的战场。

After all, Blue Profound Heaven is also extremely large, even if it is the top expert of Saint Race, under the cover of “Primordial Punishing Saint Formation”, it is difficult to detect it all at once.

毕竟, Blue Profound Heaven 也是极为辽阔的,就算是Saint Race 的top expert ,在“Primordial Punishing Saint Formation ”的遮蔽下,一时间也难以尽数探测。

Even at this time, he can’t do everything he can to deal with Palace Master Sheng Yuan, because now he is just a remnant, he needs to retain as much power as possible to cope with the next situation.

甚至,他此时还不能倾尽全力的去对付Palace Master Sheng Yuan ,因为现在的他,只是一缕残魂,他需要尽可能的留存力量,以应对接下来的情况。

After all, he can no longer let Yao Yao break the seal completely.

毕竟,他不能再任由Yao Yao 将封印彻底破开。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan smiled and said: “Cang Xuan, I am still taking advantage of the attitude of Saint Race. I don’t really trust them. If you can give me Blue Profound Saint Seal, here, I Can no longer intervene.”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 晒然一笑,道:“Cang Xuan ,我对那Saint Race ,其实也是抱着利用的心态,并非真是投靠他们,如果你能将Blue Profound Saint Seal 交给我,此间之事,我可不再插手。”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan has a sneer in the corner of his mouth: “Sacred Yuan, your knee has been bent once, so you don’t have any iron bones in front of me, Blue Profound Saint Seal, you don’t have it.”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 嘴角泛起一抹讥讽:“圣元,你的膝盖已经弯过一次了,所以就莫在我面前装什么铮铮铁骨了,Blue Profound Saint Seal ,你不配拥之。”

The saint eyelids are slightly drooping and said: “So, do you disagree?”


He shook his head.


“Cang Xuan, this is what you forced me…”

“Cang Xuan ,这可是你逼我的…”

He stretched out his palm, and his palm was actually a vertical eye cast like gold. The next moment, his palm grip, directly smashed the golden eye.


At the moment when the golden vertical eye burst, there is a wave that ordinary people can’t sense, and it rises to the sky.


Old Ancestor Cang Xuan looked at this scene, his eyes were furious, he didn’t expect that the Palace Master Sheng Yuan had the golden sacred connection with Saint Race!

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 望着这一幕,眼神惊怒,他didn't expect ,这Palace Master Sheng Yuan 的手中,竟然还拥有着与Saint Race 联通的金圣目!

“Sacred, you deserves death!”

“圣元,你deserves death !”

At this moment, the angered Old Ancestor Cang Xuan could not save the power, and a vast aura broke out.

此刻,震怒的Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 再顾不得保存力量,一股浩瀚的aura 爆发开来。

However, he just wanted to shoot Cang Xuan, his heart is a fierce shock, complexion gloomy raised the head.

不过,他刚欲对Cang Xuan 出手,其心头便是猛的一震,complexion gloomy 的raised the head 。

I saw that at this time, in the endless void, the whole scorpio seemed to be torn apart gradually. In the crack, there was a huge golden vertical, with endless cold and aloof and remote, piercing the void, This area is in the eye.

只见得此时,在那无尽虚空上,整个天穹仿佛是在渐渐的被撕裂开来,那裂缝之中,有着巨大的golden 竖目,带着无尽的冰冷与aloof and remote ,洞穿虚空,将这片地域,尽收眼中。

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