When the end of the void was torn open with a crack and the icy golden girders looked down from the crack, the top experts around Black Abyss were also aware that they raised the head and then everyone’s faces were At this point a little solidification.

Even Headmaster Qing Yang, who have such strengths, have a fearful color in their eyes.

“That is…Saint Race?!”

Many expert voices are a little trembling, and the fear on the face is hard to hide.

These experts, who are present in Top Pro in Blue Profound Heaven, naturally know the existence of Saint Race, so they are more aware of how terrible the so-called Saint Race is.

In the past, even in the heyday of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, it was eventually hunted by Saint Race.

The entire Heavenly Origin Realm Nine Heavens, countless creature race combined with together, can compete with Saint Race…

Everyone didn’t expect that the battle within today’s Blue Profound Heaven would eventually lead to Saint Race.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion is dignified, no longer able to attend the Palace Master Sheng Yuan, he stands beside Yao Yao, his eyes are fixed on the golden vertical appearing at the end of the void.

Even with a very long distance, he is still able to feel the horror fluctuations in the golden column.

This golden vertical is the symbol of Saint Race. According to his estimation, at least the power of three Saint Race top experts is gathered. Otherwise, it is impossible to tear the “Primordial Punishing Saint Formation” apart.

“But it seems that they can only pass on the power, but the real body can’t come down.” Old Ancestor Cang Xuan The voice is low.

When Saint Race came to Blue Profound Heaven to hunt him, it was because Palace Master Sheng Yuan had a lot of thoughts, but nowadays, even if it is Saint Race top expert, it is difficult to bring the real body.

However, the combination of the three Saint Race top experts, even if only the power is passed, is extremely amazing.

Hōng hōng !

Above the endless void, the huge golden looks up to the side of Heaven and Earth. The next moment, the white thunder ray penetrates the endless void, carrying the infinite power, directly above the Black Abyss.

Pointing to Yao Yao!

When the white thunder ray appeared, the entire Heaven and Earth was trembling, and the space continued to crack and became a fragment of the countless space.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion is dignified, his hands are closed, the vast Origin Qi whistling out, quickly on his sky into nine huge bronze light wheels, each ray of light wheel, is about a thousand feet, cover the sky day.

“青冥profound light!”

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan sang low, only nine huge bronze light wheels suddenly turned, the vast Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth was swallowed in, the next moment, nine azure light rainbow, suddenly from the light wheel Sprayed out.

Hey! Hey!

Azure’s foundation light whizzed past, and everything that went through was melted.


In the countless horrified eyes, the azure profound light collided with the falling white thunder ray on the void, and the 璀璨radiance that broke out in a moment directly covered the sky.

The power of this instantaneous collision, I am afraid that half of the creatures in Blue Profound Heaven can be sensed.

The white thunder was blocked by the azure profound light and failed to fall.

At this time, in the golden column outside the endless void, it seems that there is anger, as if it was offended by majesty, the next moment, the countless white thunder ray began to merge.

Hōng hōng !

The white thunder ray roars and exudes the power of destruction. After the count, a large, white, unseen white beast is condensed from the thunder ray.

The white beast is like a nine-headed beast, roaring, and thundering and breaking Heaven and Earth.


The white beast is formed, and suddenly the emptiness of the sky comes quickly. If it falls, it is said that the Black Abyss, I am afraid that the entire Boundless Continent will be destroyed.

“Nine heads of white beasts…”

Looking at the white beast, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan’s eyes passed a touch of dignified color, facing this kind of offensive, even in the heyday, he did not dare to have the slightest flaw.

He took a deep breath, his eyes turned into nothingness, and he bent slightly.

“Today, you have to rely on your strength.”

In the void, the Blue Profound Saint Seal shook slightly and disappeared. When it reappeared, it came to Old Ancestor Cang Xuan.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan reached out and held it on Saint Seal. At that moment, his momentum became completely different, and an indescribable pressure and ignorance emanated from his body.

At this time, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan is like the leader of Heaven and Earth.

The endless Heaven and Earth Origin Qi in the entire Blue Profound Heaven will fall into his hands.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan Looking at Old Ancestor Cang Xuan at this time, there is a thick sly color in his eyes. This is the Heavenly Lord, who can truly handle Heaven and Earth!

A mysterious sky azure fog, rising from the Blue Profound Saint Seal.

The fog rose rapidly, and Origin Qi in Heaven and Earth, madly coming in with the mist.

The sky azure fog is getting bigger and bigger, cover the sky to cover the sun, wait for the end, when the fog is gone, a deep azure giant dragon appears in the eyes of everyone.

The azure giant dragon is extremely huge. Each scale is about the left and right. It is engraved with the oldest pattern. It emits the peaceful shaking dragon roar, the dragon roar, and the countless expert is aware that it is a trepidation. Meaning, from the depths of Divine Soul.


Azure giant dragon screams in the sky, the next moment, the dragon’s tail is swayed, the void is broken, and in just one blink of an eye, it appears outside the endless void, directly with the nine heads that try to face Blue Profound Heaven. The white thunder beast collided together.

boom! boom!

The two giant beast collided, as if two stars were shattered outside the void, and the energy storm ravaged Heaven and Earth.

Over the Black Abyss, many expert complexions were horrified at the impact of distant voids, and even across such distances, the shockwaves still gave them some guilt.

This level of confrontation can really be destroy the Heaven and exterminate the Earth.

However, the repeated resistance of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan is obviously also angering the Saint Race top expert outside the wall, only to see the white thunder flowing through the wall, coming wildly.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion gloomy, motivated by Blue Profound Saint Seal, constantly resisting.

For a time, there was some stagnation on both sides.

But slightly let Old Ancestor Cang Xuan breathe a sigh of relief, the “Primordial Punishing Saint Formation” outside the Blue Profound Heaven is extremely powerful, which makes the Saint Race top expert never dare to be too arrogant, otherwise, rely on him In this state, it is difficult to resist the opponent’s digital top expert.

However, when Old Ancestor Cang Xuan used all his energy to fight against Saint Race top expert, no one noticed that in the distant Palace Master Sheng Yuan, his eyes seemed to be strange. The white luster is gradually surging.

The golden flames above his head are a little bit strong at this time, and finally the golden flame lotus is formed…

His strength has risen to the state of Saint!

Palace Master Sheng Yuan’s mouth, picking up a strange smile.

Just at the moment when the Holy Master Sheng Yuan headed the flame of the Holy Flame, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan was shocked and finally noticed. One Revolution, the glimpse of the change of the former, immediately collapsed.

“Saint Race holy?”

“Oops, this Saint Race is actually secretly sneaking into Blue Profound Heaven, increasing the Holy Dollar!”

This Saint Race fights with him, but apparently just trying to involve it, but it is another means.

“Oh, Cang Xuan, I said, today’s battle, Destiny is not on your side!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan laughed out loudly. The next moment, his figure disappeared. It appeared directly in front of Yao Yao’s, and his cold palm was shot against Yao Yao heavy.

“I want to see today, what are you really?!”

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