When the Palace Master Sheng Yuan took a shot against Yao Yao, the void suddenly collapsed, and the palm of the hand, Heaven and Earth was dim.

At that moment, it was like the suppression of the giant mountain, the golden flame of the burning, and everything in front of it was turned into nothingness.

The change of Palace Master Sheng Yuan was very strange. His shot was lightning-fast. Even though Old Ancestor Cang Xuan reacted, it was too late. After all, he was already taken by Saint Race top expert from the boundary wall. Involved.

Therefore, he can only look at helplessly, and the sacred Yuan is doing his best and shooting at Yao Yao.

Yao Yao volleyed, golden long hair fluttering, Palace Master Sheng Yuan, the violent palm of the hand, quickly zoomed in her eyes, which made her eyebrows slightly stunned.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan This kind of raid is also somewhat unexpected.

This person is really annoying to the extreme.

Yao Yao is in the depths of the alum, with extreme cold, she ignored the palm of the Master Master Yuan Yuan, but the slender jaw finger clenched, and the little fist directly hit the Palace Master Sheng Yuan.


In her red lips, it seems to have an ancient voice.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan The violent palm fell directly on Yao Yao’s shoulder, while at the same time, Yao Yao’s clenched jade boxing was also on the chest of Master Master Sheng Yuan.

The space where the two are located is directly collapsed.

In the next moment, both of them were hit hard and their postures retreated.

Yao Yao barefooted the void and stabilized her body. Her skin, like a jade, had a faint, crack-like texture spreading.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan is also a violent shot and retreats. He immediately stabilizes his complexion. Some of his previous efforts have fallen on Yao Yao’s, but he has a feeling of falling into a black hole.

The latter’s body is obviously unusually weak, but her body seems to be hidden and he is a terrible force that is unimaginable.

When Palace Master Sheng Yuan turned his mind, his pupils suddenly shrank and looked down at the chest. He saw that there was a small punch, and there was a very mysterious force between the fists. Invaded his body.

Where the power passed, Palace Master Sheng Yuan found that his flesh and blood were actually disintegrating.

In just a few moments, there was a blood hole in his chest.

Moreover, Palace Master Sheng Yuan is a shocking discovery. Even the Origin Qi in his body, once met the kind of power, is somewhat out of control, as if it was turned into a kind of rootless and innocent Heaven and Earth Origin Qi …

If you let the power spread the corrosion, Palace Master Sheng Yuan feels that even his entire body will be turned into the most common Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan complexion gloomy, immediately pointed at his fingertips, directly flicked down the flesh and blood at the chest, forming a bloody sputum, but also see the shiny internal organs.

He throws those flesh and blood, and flesh and blood is quickly turned into nothingness, and is broken down into the most common Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.

Between Heaven and Earth, the parties expert looked at the scene of Palace Master Sheng Yuan, and they were all jaw-dropping.

Everyone didn’t expect that Palace Master Sheng Yuan took the lead and attacked Yao Yao. Instead, he would be forced to self-mutilate by the latter.

Headmaster Qing Yang They are also excited when they are shocked.

However, unlike their joy, watching the old Ancestor Cang Xuan on Yao Yao’s side, there is a worrying color, because he can see the faint cracks on Yao Yao’s skin.

That’s because Yao Yao used the power of the body repeatedly, which made her current fleshly body unbearable.

Yao Yao’s situation is extremely special, she can derive this body, it is caused by countless chance, if this fleshly body is destroyed, it will be a disastrous result for her.

Therefore, the stronger the power of Yao Yao, the more uneasy the old Ancestor Cang Xuan is.

Moreover, the most troublesome thing is that Yao Yao used power under the eyes of Saint Race top expert at this time, I am afraid that the latter will truly determine it…

Hōng hōng !

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan raised the head, only the huge golden column outside the crack of the boundary wall, but also the intense glittering at this time, although he was able to feel the Saint Race top expert at a distance. The mood at this time fluctuated drastically.

“Connect… lead…”

There is a vague voice that comes from that far away.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan heard the sound, eyes flash, and immediately his eyes passed the fruit of the sultry color, today’s events, whether he can get Blue Profound Saint Seal, win the Blue Profound Heaven.

Therefore, regardless of what kind of means, he must remove Old Ancestor Cang Xuan and Yao Yao.

At the moment, the Saint Race top expert is difficult to cross the boundary wall and will come to the real body, but Shengyuan knows that although their true body can’t come, if they are willing to pay some big price, they can bring their own strength. Come down.

Just, this requires something to pick up.

“In the end, it will still be cheaper for me…”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan passed the gloomy’s smile in his eyes, and immediately he glanced at Yao Yao, one-handedly printed, and the next half of his body was directly in the horrified eyes of the countless road, bursting open.


The sky-like blood and qi are pervasive.


Among the blood and qi, there is a ray of light, which is like a hole in the endless void and arrives at the boundary wall.

Between the cracks in the boundary wall, the huge golden vertical glanced a bit, and it seemed that the decision was made. There was a golden light spot falling down and touching the ray of light.

If you look carefully, you will find that the golden light spot is actually a bloody vertical eyeball!

The vertical eyeball touched the brilliance, directly into it, and the brilliance of the brilliance recovered, falling between the diffuse blood and qi.

All of this happened between the numbers and interest. Only Old Ancestor Cang Xuan and Yao Yao saw it, but it could not stop it.

“St. Yuan, you are really a good dog slave in Saint Race, and even blew a half fleshly body, and take the power of Saint Race!” Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion.

The rich sky and blood whirl.

There is a figure, slowly coming out of the countless gaze.


And when many experts saw the figure, they all took a breath.

That figure, covered in blood, only half of the body, like that, precisely Palace Master Sheng Yuan.

However, although the body of the saint is broken at this time, his momentum is at this moment, becoming extremely tyrannical, and even more than the beginning of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan.

Because, above his head and his left shoulder, there is a holy fire lotus flower suspended in it.

Looking at the two holy fires, the Golden Lotus, Headmaster Qing Yang and many other experts, they are all seeing the twilight.

Because they all know that Saint has three realms, one lotus and one lotus.

Three flowers are formed, which is the name of Saint.

When the Old Ancestor Cang Xuan was in its heyday, it was also the Saint Lotus…

Now, when Palace Master Sheng Yuan took over the power of Saint Race top expert, he actually reached this step…

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