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When the Palace Master Sheng Yuan took a shot against Yao Yao, the void suddenly collapsed, and the palm of the hand, Heaven and Earth was dim.

当Palace Master Sheng Yuan 那一掌对着Yao Yao 拍去时,虚空顿时崩塌,那一掌,Heaven and Earth 昏暗。

At that moment, it was like the suppression of the giant mountain, the golden flame of the burning, and everything in front of it was turned into nothingness.

那一刻,宛如是擎天giant mountain 镇压而下,golden 的圣火熊熊燃烧,将那前方一切皆是化为虚无。

The change of Palace Master Sheng Yuan was very strange. His shot was lightning-fast. Even though Old Ancestor Cang Xuan reacted, it was too late. After all, he was already taken by Saint Race top expert from the boundary wall. Involved.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 的变故来得极为诡异,他的出手也是快若惊雷,即便Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 有所反应,但此时也已来不及了,毕竟他已经被那来自界壁之外的Saint Race top expert 牵扯住。

Therefore, he can only look at helplessly, and the sacred Yuan is doing his best and shooting at Yao Yao.

因此,他只能helplessly 的望着,那圣元倾尽全力的一掌,对着Yao Yao 拍去。

Yao Yao volleyed, golden long hair fluttering, Palace Master Sheng Yuan, the violent palm of the hand, quickly zoomed in her eyes, which made her eyebrows slightly stunned.

Yao Yao 凌空而立,golden 长发轻轻飘舞,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 那磅礴狂暴的一掌,在她的眼瞳中迅速的放大,这令得她柳眉也是微蹙了一下。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan This kind of raid is also somewhat unexpected.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 这种突袭,同样也有些出乎她的意料。

This person is really annoying to the extreme.


Yao Yao is in the depths of the alum, with extreme cold, she ignored the palm of the Master Master Yuan Yuan, but the slender jaw finger clenched, and the little fist directly hit the Palace Master Sheng Yuan.

Yao Yao 明眸深处,有着极寒之气涌动,她竟是不理会Palace Master Sheng Yuan 那一掌,反而是纤细jade finger 猛然紧握,小小拳头直接对着Palace Master Sheng Yuan 轰去。



In her red lips, it seems to have an ancient voice.




Palace Master Sheng Yuan The violent palm fell directly on Yao Yao’s shoulder, while at the same time, Yao Yao’s clenched jade boxing was also on the chest of Master Master Sheng Yuan.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 狂暴的一掌,直接是落在了Yao Yao 肩上,而与此同时,Yao Yao 那紧握的玉拳,也是轰在了Palace Master Sheng Yuan 胸膛之上。

The space where the two are located is directly collapsed.


In the next moment, both of them were hit hard and their postures retreated.


Yao Yao barefooted the void and stabilized her body. Her skin, like a jade, had a faint, crack-like texture spreading.

Yao Yao 赤足轻点虚空,稳住了身躯,她那白皙如玉般的肌肤上,有着淡淡如裂痕般的纹路在蔓延。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan is also a violent shot and retreats. He immediately stabilizes his complexion. Some of his previous efforts have fallen on Yao Yao’s, but he has a feeling of falling into a black hole.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 身形也是暴射而退,旋即稳住,他complexion 有些惊疑不定,先前他倾尽全力的一掌落在Yao Yao's 身上,却是有着一种落入无底黑洞般的感觉。

The latter’s body is obviously unusually weak, but her body seems to be hidden and he is a terrible force that is unimaginable.


When Palace Master Sheng Yuan turned his mind, his pupils suddenly shrank and looked down at the chest. He saw that there was a small punch, and there was a very mysterious force between the fists. Invaded his body.

在Palace Master Sheng Yuan 心思急转时,他瞳孔忽的一缩,低头看向胸膛处,只见得那里,竟是出现了一个小小的拳印,而拳印间,有着一种极为神秘的力量侵入了他的体内。

Where the power passed, Palace Master Sheng Yuan found that his flesh and blood were actually disintegrating.

那种力量所过之处,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 发现他体内的flesh and blood ,竟然都是在崩解。

In just a few moments, there was a blood hole in his chest.


Moreover, Palace Master Sheng Yuan is a shocking discovery. Even the Origin Qi in his body, once met the kind of power, is somewhat out of control, as if it was turned into a kind of rootless and innocent Heaven and Earth Origin Qi …

而且,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 更是震动的发现,即便是他体内的Origin Qi ,一旦遇见了那种力量,都是有些脱离掌控, 仿佛是被化为了那种无根无本的Heaven and Earth Origin Qi …

If you let the power spread the corrosion, Palace Master Sheng Yuan feels that even his entire body will be turned into the most common Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.

如果任由那种力量扩散corrosion 下去,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 觉得,恐怕连他整个身躯,都将会化为最为普通的Heaven and Earth Origin Qi 。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan complexion gloomy, immediately pointed at his fingertips, directly flicked down the flesh and blood at the chest, forming a bloody sputum, but also see the shiny internal organs.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan complexion gloomy ,旋即他指尖对着胸膛一划,直接是将胸膛处的flesh and blood 尽数的剐了下来,形成了一个血窟窿,还能见到泛着光泽的内脏。

He throws those flesh and blood, and flesh and blood is quickly turned into nothingness, and is broken down into the most common Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.

他将那些flesh and blood 抛出,flesh and blood 则是迅速的化为虚无,被分解为最普通的Heaven and Earth Origin Qi 。

Between Heaven and Earth, the parties expert looked at the scene of Palace Master Sheng Yuan, and they were all jaw-dropping.

Heaven and Earth 间,各方expert 望着Palace Master Sheng Yuan 剐肉这一幕,皆是膛目结舌。

Everyone didn’t expect that Palace Master Sheng Yuan took the lead and attacked Yao Yao. Instead, he would be forced to self-mutilate by the latter.

谁都didn't expect ,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 占据先机偷袭Yao Yao ,反而会被后者反手逼得自残身躯…

Headmaster Qing Yang They are also excited when they are shocked.

Headmaster Qing Yang 他们在震惊的同时,也是为之欣喜。

However, unlike their joy, watching the old Ancestor Cang Xuan on Yao Yao’s side, there is a worrying color, because he can see the faint cracks on Yao Yao’s skin.

不过,与他们的欣喜不同,关注着Yao Yao 这边的Old Ancestor Cang Xuan ,眼中却是有着担忧之色,因为他能够看见,Yao Yao 肌肤上那些淡淡的裂痕。

That’s because Yao Yao used the power of the body repeatedly, which made her current fleshly body unbearable.

那是因为Yao Yao 屡屡动用体内那种力量,导致她现在的fleshly body 有些无法承受。

Yao Yao’s situation is extremely special, she can derive this body, it is caused by countless chance, if this fleshly body is destroyed, it will be a disastrous result for her.

Yao Yao's 情况极为的特殊,她能够衍生出这具身躯,已是countless 机缘所导致,如果这具fleshly body 毁了,那么对于她而言,将会是灾难性的结果。

Therefore, the stronger the power of Yao Yao, the more uneasy the old Ancestor Cang Xuan is.

所以,Yao Yao 动用的力量越强,Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 心头就越不安。

Moreover, the most troublesome thing is that Yao Yao used power under the eyes of Saint Race top expert at this time, I am afraid that the latter will truly determine it…

而且,最麻烦的是,此时的Yao Yao 在那Saint Race top expert 眼皮底下动用了力量,恐怕后者就将会真正的将其确定…

Hōng hōng !

hōng hōng !

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan raised the head, only the huge golden column outside the crack of the boundary wall, but also the intense glittering at this time, although he was able to feel the Saint Race top expert at a distance. The mood at this time fluctuated drastically.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan raised the head ,只见得那界壁裂痕之外的巨大golden 竖目,也是在此时激烈的glittering 起来,虽然隔着遥远的距离,但他却是能够感觉到那Saint Race top expert 此时的心绪剧烈波动。

“Connect… lead…”


There is a vague voice that comes from that far away.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan heard the sound, eyes flash, and immediately his eyes passed the fruit of the sultry color, today’s events, whether he can get Blue Profound Saint Seal, win the Blue Profound Heaven.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 听见了这声音,eyes flash ,旋即他的眼中也是掠过了果决狠辣之色,今日之事,决定着他能否得到Blue Profound Saint Seal ,问鼎Blue Profound Heaven 。

Therefore, regardless of what kind of means, he must remove Old Ancestor Cang Xuan and Yao Yao.

所以,不管what kind 手段,他都必须除掉Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 与Yao Yao 。

At the moment, the Saint Race top expert is difficult to cross the boundary wall and will come to the real body, but Shengyuan knows that although their true body can’t come, if they are willing to pay some big price, they can bring their own strength. Come down.

而眼下,那Saint Race top expert 难以穿过界壁,将真身降临,但圣元却知晓,他们真身虽然无法降临,但若是他们舍得一些大代价的话,却是能够将自身的力量,降临下来。

Just, this requires something to pick up.


“In the end, it will still be cheaper for me…”


Palace Master Sheng Yuan passed the gloomy’s smile in his eyes, and immediately he glanced at Yao Yao, one-handedly printed, and the next half of his body was directly in the horrified eyes of the countless road, bursting open.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 眼中掠过gloomy 的笑,旋即他看了一眼Yao Yao ,单手结印,下一瞬间,他的大半幅身躯,竟直接是在那countless 道惊骇的目光中,爆裂开来。



The sky-like blood and qi are pervasive.

滔天般的blood and qi 弥漫。



Among the blood and qi, there is a ray of light, which is like a hole in the endless void and arrives at the boundary wall.

blood and qi 之中,忽有一ray of light 华冲天而起,宛如洞穿了无尽虚空,抵达了界壁之处。

Between the cracks in the boundary wall, the huge golden vertical glanced a bit, and it seemed that the decision was made. There was a golden light spot falling down and touching the ray of light.

界壁裂缝间,那巨大的golden 竖目glittering 了一下,最终似是下了决定,顿时有着一枚golden 光点落下,与那一ray of light 华接触。

If you look carefully, you will find that the golden light spot is actually a bloody vertical eyeball!

若是看得仔细就会发现,那golden 光点内,竟是一颗鲜血淋漓的竖目眼球!

The vertical eyeball touched the brilliance, directly into it, and the brilliance of the brilliance recovered, falling between the diffuse blood and qi.

那竖目眼球与光华相触,直接是融入其中, 光华闪电般的收回,落入了那弥漫的blood and qi 之间。

All of this happened between the numbers and interest. Only Old Ancestor Cang Xuan and Yao Yao saw it, but it could not stop it.

这一切,都是发生在数息之间,唯有Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 与Yao Yao 看得真切,但却是无法阻拦。

“St. Yuan, you are really a good dog slave in Saint Race, and even blew a half fleshly body, and take the power of Saint Race!” Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion.

“圣元,你还真是Saint Race 调教好的狗奴,竟然自爆半幅fleshly body ,接引Saint Race 之力!”Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion 铁青,寒声道。

The rich sky and blood whirl.

浓郁的漫天blood and qi 微微波荡。

There is a figure, slowly coming out of the countless gaze.

有着一道身影,在那countless 道目光中缓缓的走出。



And when many experts saw the figure, they all took a breath.

而当众多expert 看见那道身影时,皆是倒吸一口冷气。

That figure, covered in blood, only half of the body, like that, precisely Palace Master Sheng Yuan.

那道身影,浑身鲜血,唯有半幅狰狞身躯,那般模样,precisely Palace Master Sheng Yuan 。

However, although the body of the saint is broken at this time, his momentum is at this moment, becoming extremely tyrannical, and even more than the beginning of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan.

不过,虽然此时的圣元身躯破碎,但他的气势,却是在这一刻,变得无比的强横,甚至,都是开始超过了Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 。

Because, above his head and his left shoulder, there is a holy fire lotus flower suspended in it.


Looking at the two holy fires, the Golden Lotus, Headmaster Qing Yang and many other experts, they are all seeing the twilight.

望着那两朵圣火金莲花,Headmaster Qing Yang 等诸多expert ,纷纷眼露骇色。

Because they all know that Saint has three realms, one lotus and one lotus.

因为他们都知晓,Saint 有三境,一境一莲花。

When the Old Ancestor Cang Xuan was in its heyday, it was also the Saint Lotus…

当年Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 全盛时期,也是Saint 两莲境…

Now, when Palace Master Sheng Yuan took over the power of Saint Race top expert, he actually reached this step…

而现在,当Palace Master Sheng Yuan 接引下了Saint Race top expert 的力量时,他竟然也是达到了这一步…

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