When the broken body of Palace Master Sheng Yuan appeared in the field of expert’s vision, everyone’s eyes passed through the thick fear. Of course, they were not afraid of the body of Palace Master Sheng Yuan. It is the two golden lotuses that burned the flames on his head and shoulders…

That is the double lotus!

When Old Ancestor Cang Xuan pressed the entire Blue Profound Heaven, it was in this realm!

No one thought that Palace Master Sheng Yuan could reach this realm at this moment. Although there are many external factors, no one can deny the horror of Palace Master Sheng Yuan at this time.

And as Palace Master Sheng Yuan stepped into Saint Double Lotus, the countless white thunder from outside the boundary wall gradually dissipated at this time. The golden giant in the gap between the walls also became dim. a lot of.

Obviously, the Saint Race top expert has passed the power, and it has also paid a great price. It has been unable to continue to penetrate the wall and launch attacks.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan is finally able to free his hand, but his eyes have become extremely dignified. Although the Palace Master Sheng Yuan is a very empty lotus, even if it is a double lotus, it will eventually return. It is double lotus…

“Oh, is this the legendary Saint Double Lotus?”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan flesh and blood On the blurred face, he has the intoxicating color. He feels the enormous power of the body, and his eyes are slightly closed.

For this level of power, he can be described as a dream.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan sneered: “You rely on the power of Saint Race, barely lifted to the double lotus, you are not afraid of no blessings?”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan smiled, how he did not know, after suffering this kind of power, will bring great repercussions, after this war, he will inevitably be hit hard, want to restore strength, it costs a lot of money Time and energy.

But what about it?

As long as he can solve Old Ancestor Cang Xuan and Yao Yao and win the Blue Profound Saint Seal, he can become the head of Heaven and Earth. At that time, he can not only repair the repercussions, but also truly enter the Saint.

“Cang Xuan, are you afraid?”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan Above the top of the head, there is a vast Origin Qi rising from the sky, silver origin Qi, cover the sky, while those of Origin Qi, with a strong golden light, golden light braving the gold.

The kind of Origin Qi gives a suffocating pressure.

That is St. Origin Qi.

Law Domain expert, which combines the strength of Origin Qi and Law Domain, has evolved Law Domain Origin Qi.

And entering the Saint, the derivative of the flame, Origin Qi and the holy fire, is the transformation of the Holy Origin Qi.

That is a more powerful and powerful force than Law Domain Origin Qi.

In the face of this power, anyone under Saint is armed with an arm.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan shouted, only to see the vast St. August Qi rolling, and in a flash, it was turned into hundreds of huge light balls.

Each one is a force that condenses destruction.

At this moment, there are hundreds of scorching suns in the sky.

“Cang Xuan, when you pressed me with realm, today, should you change me?”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan is full of enthusiasm and a wave of sleeves. The hundreds of sun-like light balls suddenly screamed down and directly pressed against Old Ancestor Cang Xuan and Yao Yao.

Looking at the kind of Holy Origin Qi light ball, Headmaster Qing Yang, these Law Domain experts are all complexion ugly, because they can feel that if these light balls are coming to them, I am afraid they will not be able to pick them up. .

This shows that the strength of the Palace Master Sheng Yuan is strong to what extent.

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan looked at this kind of offensive, his brows were wrinkled. If it was his year, Palace Master Sheng Yuan, this kind of imaginary double lotus, he would not care too much, but unfortunately, now he , just a smashing soul…

Old Ancestor Cang Xuan sighed, hands folded, and lightning-fasted.

“Dashan River Valley!”

Dark azure The color of St. Origin Qi is surging, directly between the voids, forming an ancient mountain river, in which each mountain and every river is transformed by the vast St. August Qi. Enough to suppress many of the world’s Law Domain.

Hōng hōng !

In the eyes of the countless road, the raging sun fell from the sky and collided with the endless mountains and rivers. At that moment, Heaven and Earth seemed to be silent, but the one that followed was the indescribable Origin Qi. storm…

The space above Black Abyss collapsed.

Some of the aftermath of the waves spread to the ground, and the land began to collapse.

All the experts are retreating, and they dare not be affected by the aftermath.

However, their eyes are staring at the two sides, they know that the situation has almost come to an end, and all the means have been exhausted.

Who can laugh at the end, it will be the winner.


The two sides continued to confront each other, but as time went by, the perceptually sharp expert began to perceive that the momentum of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan’s body was gradually weakening.

“Master is only a remnant soul, power can not be endless, so go on, I am afraid to lose to the Shengyuan!” Hongya Old Ancestor voice is low, but the face is full of powerless, that level of battle, they just plug in, an instant It will disappear.

Headmaster Qing Yang hearing this, but also can only sigh, the situation has reached this step, and even he is no longer able to intervene.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan constantly launched the majestic attack with St. Origin Qi. He naturally noticed the change of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, and the mouth was also sneer.

“Shuā! ”

However, when he tried to quickly defeat Cang Xuan, the void in front of him suddenly shattered, and a shadow rushed out, the nib of the pen was waving, and the old Origin Pattern of the countless road was condensed into a tens of claws. Photographed by Shengyuan.

That is Yao Yao’s shot.


When the sacred Yuan saw it, it was a cold sigh. He only saw his broken body. The blood spurt was actually swept out by St. Origin Qi and turned into a blood-stained giant palm. .


Void oscillates.

Sheng Yuan’s body retreats a few steps, and Yao Yao’s delicate body is reflected backwards, and a trace of blood on his lips emerges.

“Today, I am already Saint Double Lotus. You still want to fight with me?” Palace Master Sheng Yuan sneered out, and in the previous confrontation, he finally took the absolute advantage.

“Which, that Cang Xuan old ghost is already a candle in the wind, it is difficult to protect itself, then you will hold you first!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan Five fingers are caught in front of the void.

The vast Saint August Qi swept out, and a ray of light was intertwined, forming a network of celestial nets, directly facing Yao Yao.

That St. Origin Qi closed the space, and even if it wanted to go empty, it was difficult to do.

In the distance, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan saw this scene, his eyes changed slightly, he wanted to help, but he was suppressed by the mighty attack of Shengyuan, and he felt a weak force at this time. Start to appear.

He sighed a little, and he was a bit stunned. Today, he is no longer the Old Ancestor Cang Xuan who pressed Heaven and Earth.

A double lotus environment that relies on external forces for a while can force him to be so embarrassed.

“Old Ancestor?”

Zhou Yuan’s voice sounded in his mind, and he felt it. Old Ancestor’s consciousness seemed to be beginning to fade.

Upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s voice, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan smiled and said: “Zhou Yuan, Old Ancestor, I am afraid I can only help you here…”

Zhou Yuan is also silent, today’s situation, it is too ups and downs, who also didn’t expect, Shengyuan can finally gain momentum, is it really as he said, does he have Destiny?

Moreover, the current Yao Yao is very dangerous, and he is also anxious.

“Zhou Yuan, my remnant soul is about to dissipate, your body will soon be in control again… When I am distracted, there will be some power left, I should give you some protection, you take the opportunity to find opportunities, bring Yao Yao, escape.”

The sound of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan is getting weaker at this time.

“Oh, this time, it’s a farewell, because Old Ancestor’s means can be used up…”

Zhou Yuan heard the uncomfortable feeling. In fact, he knew that if there was no change of Yao Yao this time, even if the Palace Master Sheng Yuan finally got the Blue Profound Saint Seal, it would be attacked by the secret hand of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan.

At the moment, in order to protect Yao Yao, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan had to expose this hidden remnant in advance.

Now, after fighting with the Saint Race top expert, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan’s remnant power is also exhausted.

“Zhou Yuan, hope, you can go well…”

The sound of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan eventually dissipated.

Zhou Yuan’s body is a stiff, the eyes gradually change, the ancient and vicissitudes of life retreat, replaced by the young spirit.

“Old Ancestor, thank you,” he muttered in a low voice.

“Ha ha ha ha…”

When Master Ancestor Cang Xuan’s remnant was gone, Palace Master Sheng Yuan laughed and he obviously felt it.

“Cang Xuan, Cang Xuan, you will never fight me, this Blue Profound Saint Seal will eventually fall into my hands!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan This time, I have never looked at Zhou Yuan again. After losing the remnant of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, a Zhou Yuan is not as good as an ant.

All his attention is turned to Yao Yao, as long as she is left behind, then today, it is perfect.

“Today’s fight, this One is the final winner!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan In the laughter, in addition to the Yao Yao’s network, there is another murderous murder. Once Yao Yao is trapped, Palace Master Sheng Yuan will show his teeth.

Zhou Yuan, the complexion gloomy on the void, looked at this scene, his eyes glinting, and immediately came out with a crazy color.

He grabbed the palm of his hand and ran the remnant power of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, holding the Blue Profound Saint Seal in his hand.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan Eyes are condensed, his eyes are finally lifted up, looking at Zhou Yuan, who he regards as an ants, indifferent: “Boy, if you take the initiative to surrender Saint Seal at this time, this One will make you die.” some.”

“You want Saint Seal, right?”

Zhou Yuan is crimson, but it is a smile.

“That’s for you!”

He snapped it and took the power of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan into the Blue Profound Saint Seal.


In the next moment, the Blue Profound Saint Seal directly appeared in the horror of the countless road, and finally burst into tears.

Countless Road Saint Seal pieces, broke out.

Zhou Yuan, actually destroyed the Blue Profound Saint Seal!

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