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When the Blue Profound Saint Seal shattered, everyone was shocked.

当Blue Profound Saint Seal 碎裂的那一刻,所有人都震惊了。

Headmaster Qing Yang, Tian Jianzun, the giants of these parties, are all dull, obviously they never thought that someone would take the initiative to ruin the Blue Profound Saint Seal.

Headmaster Qing Yang ,天剑尊这些各方巨头,皆是一脸的呆滞,显然他们从没想过,竟然会有人主动的将Blue Profound Saint Seal 给毁了。

That is the supreme sacred object of Blue Profound Heaven!

那可是代表着Blue Profound Heaven 的至高圣物啊!

Anyone who gets it will want to do everything for himself?


Palace Master Sheng Yuan is also looking at this scene with a snarl, facing this situation, even if he has seen people with great winds, he has not recovered.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 同样是神情滞涩的望着这一幕,面对着这种情况,即便他这种见过大风大浪的人,一时间都没回过神来。

Fortunately, this kind of sluggishness did not last long, and his face was quickly distorted a little bit.


“Kid, this One is going to break you down today!”

“小子,this One 今日要将你碎尸万段!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan The roar of the fury, which caused Heaven and Earth to vibrate.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 那暴怒的咆哮声,引得Heaven and Earth 都是震动起来。

Zhou Yuan’s face was not fluctuating, his palm trembled, and the next moment, the Blue Profound Saint Seal turned into a countless road fragment.

Zhou Yuan 面庞却是没有波动,他手掌一颤,下一刻,Blue Profound Saint Seal 化为countless 道碎片暴射而出。

These fragments are directly through the void, and under the flash, they are gone.


Saint Seal’s shards went all the way. Wherever they went, those experts were looking at the crimson. In the end, they couldn’t stand it and they stopped.

Saint Seal 碎片对着四面八方而去,所过之处,那些各方expert 则是眼神crimson ,最后竟是忍耐不住,纷纷出手阻截。

However, the Saint Seal fragments are full of spirituality, able to blend with the void, it is not easy to block, so the experts expert shot, only a few experts, good luck intercepted some.

不过Saint Seal 碎片充满着灵性,能够与虚空相融,想要阻拦并不容易,所以各方expert 一通出手,唯有少数的expert ,好运的截留了一些。

These Saint Seal pieces are a scream when they arrive.

这些Saint Seal 碎片一到手,便是引来一些惊呼声。

Because some of the experts who got the Saint Seal shard found that when they held the Saint Seal shard, it seemed to have a subtle resonance with this Heaven and Earth, and the sensitivity of Origin Qi was even more acute.

因为一些得到Saint Seal 碎片的expert 发现,当他们手持Saint Seal 碎片时,似乎与这Heaven and Earth 间有了一种细微的共鸣,对于Origin Qi 的感应,也是更为的敏锐。

Some experts who have stayed in a realm for many years are even more shocking discoveries. Realm, which has not progressed for many years, is faintly loose at this time.

一些在某个realm 停留了许多年的expert ,更是震撼的发现,多年没有进展的realm ,都是在此时隐隐有些松动。

Discovering the benefits of Saint Seal’s shards, these parties exported their breath and suddenly increased their breathing.

发现到Saint Seal 碎片的这种好处,这些各方expert 顿时呼吸加重起来。

Especially when the news came out, all the experts were all in the blood, and they couldn’t take care of anything. They slammed away and frantically blocked the pieces of Saint Seal.

特别是当这个消息传出时,所有expert 都是浑身血液加快,再也顾不得什么,轰然散开,疯狂的阻截着那些Saint Seal 碎片。

It was a mess between Heaven and Earth.

这个Heaven and Earth 间,顿时乱了。

“All for this One!”

“都给this One 滚!”

However, just as those parties expert intercepted the Saint Seal shards, the Palace Master Sheng Yuan screamed fiercely, only to see him shoot out, St. Origin Qi swept through, directly to the dozens of parties Expert made a piece of debris.

不过,就在那些各方expert 阻截Saint Seal 碎片时,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 猛的暴吼出声,只见得他一掌拍出,圣Origin Qi 席卷而过,直接是生生的将数十名各方expert 拍成漫天碎片。

“Who dares to contaminate Saint Seal?!”

“谁敢沾染Saint Seal 碎片?!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan The eyes are cold and sweeping, and the eyes are everywhere. The experts are as frozen as they are, and they dare not move.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 眼神冰冷的扫过,目光过处,各方expert 皆是犹如被冰冻一般,不敢有丝毫的动弹。

Temporarily shocking some of the misbehaving experts, Palace Master Sheng Yuan can no longer deal with Yao Yao, when Saint Seal fragments disappeared in the air, if he does not stop, then want to find, do not know how to spend How much effort.

暂时的震慑住一些心怀不轨的各方expert ,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 再也顾不得对付Yao Yao ,此时Saint Seal 碎片在不断的破空消失,如果他再不阻拦,之后想要找寻,不知道得花费多大的功夫。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan With a slap in the foot, the singularly greek Austrian Qi surging, turned into a huge vortex, bursting out of horrible suction, and suddenly some Saint Seal fragments were sucked.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 脚掌一跺,滔天圣Origin Qi 涌动,化为了巨大的vortex ,爆发出恐怖的吸力,顿时一些Saint Seal 碎片便是被吸扯而来。

“The people of Saint Palace listened to the order to block the Saint Seal pieces!”

“Saint Palace 之人听令,全力阻截Saint Seal 碎片!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan also issued an order when he shot.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 在出手时,还发出了命令。

As a result, Saint Palace’s expert has also been shot.

于是,Saint Palace's expert 也是纷纷出手。

However, at this time, the other five giants, even the Heavenly Ghost Palace that had previously teamed up with Saint Palace, no longer played against each other. Instead, they began to turn their targets to those of Saint Seal.

不过此时,其他五大巨宗,就连之前与Saint Palace 联手的Heavenly Ghost Palace ,都是不再交手,反而是开始将目标转向那些Saint Seal 碎片。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan saw it, his eyes slightly stunned, and his eyes passed a touch of Sen Han, but he did not stop it this time, because relying on them, they could not stop the scattered pieces of Saint Seal.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 见状,双目微眯了一下,眼中掠过一抹森寒之色,不过他此次却并没有再阻拦,因为光靠他们,也的确拦不住那些四散的Saint Seal 碎片。

Now let the other five giants block it. It will be more convenient to wait for him to grab it again.


Over time, the shards of Saint Seal disappeared quickly, some of which fell into the hands of the parties in the field, but more, but they disappeared directly, even the Palace Master Sheng Yuan could not stop. .

随着时间推移,那漫天的Saint Seal 碎片很快的消失,其中一些落入了在场各方势力手中,但更多的,却是直接破空消失而去,连Palace Master Sheng Yuan 都是无法阻拦。

After all, even if it is fragmentation, it is a fragment of Saint Seal that blends perfectly with Heaven and Earth.

毕竟即便是碎片,那也是Saint Seal 的碎片,能够与这方Heaven and Earth 完美融合。

Palace Master Sheng Yuan looks at the hundreds of pieces of Saint Seal that float on the palm of your hand. When Saint Seal burst, it broke down into tens of thousands of pieces, but now he is here, but one percent.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 面无表情的望着手掌上漂浮的上百枚Saint Seal 碎片,先前Saint Seal 爆裂时,起码分解成了上万的碎片,而如今他这里的,不过百分之一罢了。

With a wave of his sleeves, the pieces of Saint Seal were put away, and then the eyes were filled with a heartbreaking killing intent, which locked Zhou Yuan, and said indifferently: “You are such an ant-like waste, it will really give me trouble.”

他袖袍一挥,将这些Saint Seal 碎片收起,然后眼神带着令人心悸的killing intent ,锁定了Zhou Yuan ,漠然道:“你这蝼蚁般的废物,倒真是会给我找麻烦。”

“However, do you think Blue Profound Saint Seal can be destroyed so easily?”

“不过,你以为Blue Profound Saint Seal 这么容易就能被毁吗?”

“Don’t say it is you, even if Old Ancestor Cang Xuan does his best, it can’t destroy it. What you are doing now is just to disperse it, Saint Seal fragments, even if it is integrated into Heaven and Earth. It will look different and will eventually be discovered.”

“别说是你,就算是Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 倾尽全力,都是无法将其毁去,你现在所做的,只不过是将其分散而已,Saint Seal 碎片,即便是融入Heaven and Earth ,也会显得与众不同,最终被发觉。”

“As long as this One collects these Saint Seal pieces, they will naturally merge into Saint Seal again!”

“只要this One 将这些Saint Seal 碎片收齐,它们自然会再度融合成为Saint Seal !”

Zhou Yuan hearing this, but it was a smile, said: “At the very least, you can’t get Blue Profound Saint Seal now.”

Zhou Yuan hearing this ,却是一笑,道:“最起码,你现在是得不到Blue Profound Saint Seal 了。”

That’s right, if the Palace Master Sheng Yuan really puts the pieces together, it will naturally blend out the Blue Profound Saint Seal, but presumably he is fast, want to find the pieces scattered in the corners of Blue Profound Heaven, you have to How many years?

没错,如果Palace Master Sheng Yuan 真的将那些碎片凑齐,自然能融合出Blue Profound Saint Seal ,但想必他速度再快,想要找到那些散落在Blue Profound Heaven 各个角落的碎片,也得要个几年时间吧?

And now some fragments are still in the hands of other giants and many forces. They all know the benefits of Saint Seal’s debris. Who would be willing to hand it over?

而且如今一些碎片,还落在了其他巨宗以及很多势力的手中,他们都知道Saint Seal 碎片的好处,谁会愿意交出来?

So if Saint Palace wants to get together, it can only be robbed by force.

所以Saint Palace 想要凑齐,那就只能以武力抢夺。

That would make Saint Palace finally stand on the opposite side of all forces, and even if Palace Master Sheng Yuan slammed it, it would lengthen the time to gather the Saint Seal pieces.

那就会令得Saint Palace 最终站到所有势力的对立面,而就算Palace Master Sheng Yuan 以力横压,那也会令得聚齐Saint Seal 碎片的时间延长。

These things, even if it is a Palace Master Sheng Yuan, will be a headache.

这些事,想必就算是Palace Master Sheng Yuan ,也会很头疼的。

Sure enough, Palace Master Sheng Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan’s eyes, the more and more cold, the kind of killing intent, even more than before facing Old Ancestor Cang Xuan.

果然,Palace Master Sheng Yuan 那看向Zhou Yuan 眼神,愈发的阴冷,那种killing intent 之浓烈,甚至是超过了之前面对着Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 时。

Today’s fight, he won Old Ancestor Cang Xuan and won all other giants.

今日这场斗法,他斗赢了Old Ancestor Cang Xuan ,斗赢了其他所有巨宗。

Seeing that it will finally succeed, he did not expect, but Divine Palace Realm’s ant ant boy, even directly decomposed Blue Profound Saint Seal, breaking his plans!

可眼看就要最终得手了,他却didn't expect ,一个不过Divine Palace Realm 的蝼蚁小子,竟然直接分解了Blue Profound Saint Seal ,将他的计划尽数的打破!

Even if this can only delay some time, the Palace Master Sheng Yuan is still unusually angry.

即便这只能拖延一些时间,可Palace Master Sheng Yuan 想来还是异常的暴怒。

“Today, this One wants you to survive, you can’t die!”

“今日,this One 要你求生不得求死不能!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan Eyes are like a ghost, and the sleeves are waved. A sacred Origin Qi screams out and turns into a giant palm. He is squatting at Zhou Yuan.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 眼神阴寒如厉鬼,袖袍一挥,一道圣Origin Qi 直接呼啸而出,化为巨掌,狠狠的对着Zhou Yuan 抓去。

He has made up his mind to take Zhou Yuan’s Divine Soul out and swear by the holy fire day and night, mourning for a hundred years!

他已是打定主意,要将Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul 抽出,以圣火日夜炙烧,哀嚎百年!

Zhou Yuan won the original Qi of the Qi Qi, who was surrounded by the smashing of the sky. He could feel that the space around him had been closed and he could not escape.

Zhou Yuan 瞧得那裹挟着滔天威压而来的Origin Qi 巨掌,他能够感觉到,此时四周的空间都已被封闭,他根本无法躲避。



However, when the giant palm is about to fall, a shadow appears in front of it, like a long hair in the golden dance, and the giant palm touches.




The void collapsed and the giant palm collapsed.


And that shadow is also a rush and retreat, the blood between the red lips is more and more obvious.


“Yao Yao!”

“Yao Yao !”

Zhou Yuan hurried forward and supported Yao Yao. At the time, the latter, the skin of the white jade, was full of faint cracks.

Zhou Yuan 急忙上前,扶住了Yao Yao ,此时的后者,白皙如玉的肌肤上,满是淡淡的裂痕,令人心悸。

“Oh, it’s really touching, today this One will make you a pair of people to die!”

“呵呵,真是感人,今日this One 就让你二人成一对亡命鸳鸯吧!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan sneer, his double palms are like a palm and sun, and the vast Saint August Qi gathers and condenses in his palm.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 冷笑出声,他双掌虚叠,犹如掌怀sun and moon ,浩瀚的圣Origin Qi 汇聚而来,在其掌心间凝聚。

A golden bead is condensed from his palm.

一颗golden 的珠子,自他的掌心间凝聚而成。

Within the golden pearl, there is a gathering of the extremely majestic St. August Qi. When it is formed, the nearby space is directly collapsed and shattered…

那金珠之内,汇聚着极端磅礴浩瀚的圣Origin Qi ,当其成形时,附近的空间直接是崩塌碎裂…

Palace Master Sheng Yuan The palms are released, the golden beads rise slowly, and then drift toward Zhou Yuan and Yao Yao.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 掌心松开,金珠缓缓的升起,然后对着Zhou Yuan 与Yao Yao 飘荡而去。

It seems to catch fast, but it has already locked in two people, Divine Soul, and can’t escape.

它飘荡速度看似捕快,但它早已锁定了两人Divine Soul ,根本无法躲避。

Jinzhu is everywhere, and the space is constantly falling.


Headmaster Qing Yang saw Zhou Yuan in a crisis, a bite, and spurred the small Blue Profound Saint Seal, screaming at the Palace Master Sheng Yuan.

Headmaster Qing Yang 见到Zhou Yuan 二人陷入危机,牙一咬,催动了小Blue Profound Saint Seal ,对着Palace Master Sheng Yuan 呼啸而去。

However, Palace Master Sheng Yuan didn’t even pay attention to it. It was just a wave of hand, which was to knock over the little Blue Profound Saint Seal, and the eyelids were lifted. Indifferently said: “When there will be a time to pack you up.”

然而Palace Master Sheng Yuan 根本未曾理会,只是一挥手,便是将那小Blue Profound Saint Seal 打翻而去,眼皮一抬,indifferently said :“待会自会有收拾你的时候。”

Yao Yao looked at the golden beads that roared, and the power of destruction contained in it made her pretty face become dignified, and then her silver teeth bite, and she will come forward.

Yao Yao 望着那呼啸而来的金珠,那其中所蕴含的毁灭之力,令得她俏脸也是变得凝重起来,然后其银牙微咬,就要上前。

However, Zhou Yuan is reaching out to grab her wrist.

不过,Zhou Yuan 却是伸出手掌抓住她的皓腕。

Yao Yao turned her head and saw Zhou Yuan in the calm with a hint of crazy face.

Yao Yao 转头,看见的是Zhou Yuan 那平静中带着一丝疯狂的脸庞。

“Yao Yao, I stopped him, you go!”

“Yao Yao ,我拦住他,你走!”

In his eyes, there is a certain decisiveness. With his power, of course, it is not enough to compete with the Shengyuan. Therefore, he only detonates the strength of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan in his body to block.

他的眼中,有着一丝决然,以他的力量,当然不足以和圣元抗衡,所以他唯有引爆Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 残留在他体内的力量,以做阻拦。

He believes that without him as a burden, Yao Yao’s strength is enough to escape.

他相信,如果没有他作为累赘,以Yao Yao's 实力,足以逃脱。

Yao Yao bit his silver teeth and shook his head.

Yao Yao 咬着银牙摇头。



Zhou Yuan whispered, whispered: “If possible, take my Royal Father Royal Mother away.”

Zhou Yuan 低吼出声,低声道:“如果有可能,就将我Royal Father Royal Mother 带走。”

The sound fell and his figure was shot out.


Yao Yao looked at the figure he rushed out and was thin, but in her heart, the figure was like a mountain…

Yao Yao 望着他冲出的身影,削瘦,但在她的心中,那道身影,却是如山一般…

He knew in his heart that his strength could not change, but he never retreated.


Perhaps, as he said to Grandpa Black, if someone wants to hurt her, at the very least, he has to step on his body…

或许,正如当年他对Grandpa Black 所说的那句话,如果有人要伤害她的话,最起码,得踩着他的尸体过去…

Yao Yao slowly lowered her eyes and smiled lightly. The light-browed eyebrows, the radiance of the rushing glittering, the interception of the seal began to crack, and on her delicate body, the cracks became more and more obvious.

Yao Yao 缓缓的垂下眼帘,轻轻一笑,那光洁眉心处,radiance 急促的glittering 着,一截截封印开始不断的崩裂,而她娇躯之上,那些裂痕,也是变得越来越明显。

In the complicated eyes of countless roads, Zhou Yuan’s figure swept through the void and slammed directly into the golden beads that roared.

在那countless 道复杂的目光中,Zhou Yuan's 身影掠过虚空,直接撞向那呼啸而来的金珠。

Looking at the Jinzhu, which is close at hand, Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, and without any hesitation, the power that Old Ancestor Cang Xuan stayed in the body was directly at this time, and he did not hesitate to detonate!

望着那近在咫尺的金珠,Zhou Yuan took a deep breath ,再没有丝毫的犹豫,Old Ancestor Cang Xuan 留在体内的那股力量,直接是在此时,被他毫不犹豫的引爆!

Palace Master Sheng Yuan stared at the scene with a sneer, shook his head and blocked his arm.

Palace Master Sheng Yuan 眼神讥讽的望着这一幕,摇了摇头,螳臂挡车。

The incomparable radiance broke out from Zhou Yuan’s body, and his fleshly body began to crack at this time.

璀璨无比的radiance ,自Zhou Yuan's 体内爆发出来,他的fleshly body 都是在此时开始崩裂。

Headmaster Qing Yang They are looking at this scene, all of them are sad.

Headmaster Qing Yang 他们望着这一幕,皆是眼露悲色。

However, when the strength of Zhou Yuan’s body was about to explode completely, the void in front of him was suddenly torn apart, and a figure strode out. A finger penetrated the void straight and landed in Zhou. Yuan is between the eyebrows.

不过,就当Zhou Yuan 体内的那股力量将要彻底爆炸的那一霎那,他面前的虚空,忽然被撕裂开来,一道身影迈步而出,一根手指径直的穿透虚空,落在了Zhou Yuan 眉心间。

Then the explosive power in his body was instantly calmed down.


At the same time, the figure was extended out of the palm of his hand. As soon as he grasped the ruined gold beads that came from the whistling, the pinch of the singularity was to crush the raw smashed into a skylight.


The sudden dissipated power in the body made Zhou Yuan sluggish for a moment, and his eyes looked a little stunned.

体内突然散去的力量,让得Zhou Yuan 呆滞了一瞬,眼神有些木然的看向眼前。

There, there is a black robe figure, standing in the air.


He looked up and saw an old face with some helplessness.


That face seems to be somewhat familiar.


Zhou Yuan thought about it, and then the next moment, his pupil was magnified.

Zhou Yuan 想了想,然后下一瞬,他的瞳孔猛的放大。

The black robe old man was at the moment Yao Yao, who turned his gaze to the rear, sighed with a smile and his voice leisurely sounded.

黑袍old man 则是在此时将目光投向了后方的Yao Yao ,苦笑着叹了一声,声音leisurely 响起。

“Taro, nothing, don’t mess around…”


At the rear, Yao Yao’s radiance suddenly disappeared, and then gradually disappeared. She looked at the sudden appearance of the old figure, but also stayed, and then the eyes were slightly red, with a low voice.

后方,Yao Yao 眉心间的radiance 陡然一顿,然后渐渐的消失,她望着那道突然出现的苍老身影,也是呆了呆,然后眼眶slightly red ,有着低低的声音响起。

“Black…Grandpa Black?”

“黑…Grandpa Black ?”

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