Zhou Yuan is cold and resounding, falling in the ears of many Fengge people. This sentence is somewhat familiar. Think carefully. When Zhou Yuan first came to Fengge two months ago, he faced Jin Teng’s provocation. Isn’t this also a sentence plus a sword?

At that time, a sword directly defeated Jinteng and laid the position of Zhou Yuan’s deputy cabinet owner. Can this sword be as fierce as it is today? ! Take this place to take the place of the wind and the cabinet? !


s天sword light is wrapped in the horror of the horror. Under the sword, it is like the sky is opened by a sword, attracting countless horror.

Everyone didn’t expect, Zhou Yuan, this sword that was brewed into pinnacle, would be so powerful!

In the eyes of Chen Beifeng Crimson, there is also a sense of fear emerging at this time, but he also knows that this is his last chance. If he can’t resist the sword of Zhou Yuan, he should not want to get the wind. The position of the owner!

Once he fails here, he will be abandoned by Tian Lingzong. At that time, he hated the vulgar vulgar, how could he mix in Heavenly Cave?

That can be said to completely break the future!

Therefore, he must not fail!


Chen Beifeng roared and suppressed the fear in his heart. The Origin Qi in the body broke out at this time without reservation. Origin Qi merged with the worm sand, his flesh and blood began to succumb, because the blood essence was worm sand. Caused by swallowing.

However, Chen Beifeng did not care about this. The worm sands Origin Qi madly compressed, and finally it was outside his body, forming a thick layer of blood-red heavy armor.

Flesh and blood are defeated, but at this time his body is already a few tall, violent bloody, so that he looks like the Shura giants who climbed out of the abyss.

“Do you think I am Jinteng?!”

“The Red Devil does not destroy A!”

He shouted in the sky, and the whistle shattered the void.


And that is in this embarrassment, that wiped the sky sword light, slammed down.

Blood-red Giants arms crossed and blood blooms.


Under the horror of the countless road, the sword light slammed into the arms of the blood-red giant, and suddenly had a crisp metal against metal sound.

Hōng hōng !

The violent Origin Qi impact sweeps directly.

The hard slate on the huge square collapsed and collapsed at this time, and the deep cracks spread and split the square.

The surrounding lakes are being smashed by the waves, and the waves are swept away like a continuous stream. The sounds are amazing, but those huge waves will automatically dissipate when they approach the surrounding onlookers. It is like being solved by a powerful and invisible force directly.

Some people glanced at the two figures at the top, knowing that this should be the two Law Domain experts to solve the impact.

However, more people did not care about this situation, and their eyes only stared at the Lake Square, which was covered by the sky.

They really want to know, this last collision, is it that Zhou Yuan’s sword is more profitable, or is Chen Beifeng’s dedication to the magic armor thicker? !

At the Fire Court, Lu Wei and Han Yuan also stopped talking and stared at the field.

Faced with this situation, Lu Wei, who has always been indifferent, has a gentle grip on his palm.

This time, the match will be decided by the owner of the Fengge Pavilion!

On the other side of the Lin Ge, Mu Qingyan whispered a little nervously: “Who can they win?”

Mu Liu rubbed his chin and couldn’t answer, because the last moment Chen Beifeng’s desperate death broke out, it was quite amazing, so the current victory and defeat is really hard to say.

The most nervous thing in the field is the people in the Fengge. After all, the results that have emerged will have a real impact on them.

But whether it is Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui, or those who support Chen Beifeng, at this time, the atmosphere is not dare to make a sound, staring at the sky in the sky, the eyes are afraid to lick.

Oh la la!

And between the almost silent Heaven and Earth, the heavily water curtain is finally falling, splashing the mist of the sky.

The scene in the field is slowly revealed and becomes clear.

First printed in everyone’s eyes is the messy square. A huge sword mark on the entire square is almost divided into two.

Zhou Yuan’s figure stood in the air, a faint Sword Pellet dripping around his body and then drilling into his body, and his shocking momentum was gradually fading.

At the end of the huge sword mark, a giant of blood-red stands like a tower, and at this time he keeps his arms crossed and his body does not move.

His whole body still has aura circulation.

“Chen Beifeng has resisted it?!”

When I saw this scene, there was a sudden horror around me.

Lv Wei secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui, they are a white face that can’t help but because they know that the previous sword is almost the peak of Zhou Yuan’s now, and it is impossible to come again in a short time. sword…

The countless pity sounds quietly.

This Zhou Yuan’s dark horse posture today seems to be ending here?

However, Zhou Yuan’s own voice of regret for the off-court is unheard of. His eyes glanced down at Chen Beifeng, who was under the shape of Shura, and then ignored it. Instead, he turned directly and stepped on the air. Going outside the volley.

Looking at him like this, someone is jealous, is this a direct abandonment?

But as Zhou Yuan’s stepped out of the square, the whole square suddenly trembled fiercely, and then it collapsed into a crash, turning into a gravel and falling into the lake.

On the blood-red magic armor of Chen Beifeng, there are subtle cracks that appear, and then the powder of the blood-red color falls.

In just a few moments, the magic is turned into a fly ash.

Chen Beifeng’s body like a corpse is revealed.

The crimson in his eyes has been withdrawn, replaced by a deep fear.

There was a blood line on his body, but there was no blood infiltrated. It was because the blood in his body had been swallowed by eggs…

Chen Beifeng looked down at the blood line on his body. He knew that the previous sword not only annihilated the worm, but also almost directly smashed him into two. Obviously, at the last moment, Zhou Yuan stayed a little. It is.

“I am not willing…”

“I have worked hard for many years, why, will it be defeated in this last step?!”

He remembered that two months ago, when Zhou Yuan first arrived at the Fengge, he was in front of his face. A sword defeated the provocative Jinteng. At that time, he felt disdainful about Zhou Yuan’s poor Li Wei. However, who can think of it, two months later, he also lost to this sword.

Endless fatigue and unwillingness to come, Chen Beifeng’s dry body, slowly falling backwards, and finally slammed into the lake.

At this moment, the lake was quiet again.

Then countless eyes turned to the young figure who was walking in the air. The next moment, the deafening cheers resounded above the wind island.

Lv Wei’s complexion became gloomy down, and Han Yuan, who is also on the sidelines, is also frowning.

On the wind side, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui, they are so happy and crying, the feeling of ups and downs, and even some of them can not stand, and around them, those who support Zhou Yuan’s people, have long been happy to forget.

The neutralists who have been on the sidelines are also cheering and cheering at this time without hesitation.

The countless eyes between Heaven and Earth converge on the young figure, with different emotions, curiosity, anger, and joy.

However, no matter what, they can’t deny that today’s battle for the cabinet has brought them a wonderful show.

At the highest point, Jingjing and Xuan Zang Sect Master are also watching the scene calmly.

Xuan Zang Sect Master’s gaze stopped for a long time in Zhou Yuan, and then gradually closed eyes, the face can not see the slightest emotion, like an abyss.

Turnip also did not pay attention to the black-and-white Xuantu Sect Master, a pair of clear and bright eyes staring at Zhou Yuan’s figure, a smile in the depths of the scorpion, this Little Junior Brother, it is indeed some skill, no wonder it can be master by his old man The home is selected.

She grew up, and the next moment, the clear sound of the sound, resounded between Heaven and Earth, bringing a deafening cheer.

“Today’s dispute with the wind and the cabinet, the result has already come out…”

“From now on, this generation of Fengge Pavilion is…Zhou Yuan!”

(The two are coming again.)

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