“Congratulations to the new owner!”

When the clear sound of the turnips was heard between Heaven and Earth, around the lake, the countless figure was also a practically clenched fist, and a deafening congratulatory voice sounded.

Many eyes converge on Zhou Yuan’s, curiously looking at the blockbuster upstart in Heavenly Cave.

In the Tianyuan domain, Fenggege is not inferior in status, and is superior to the state and the state. If it is promoted to the chief cabinet one day, the status is equivalent to the elders of the elders. It is the real high-level of Tianyuan.

This situation is quite rare in the Tianyuan domain, because most of the elders of the elders are Nascent Origin Realm’s expert. If it is placed elsewhere, it is a party influence, so the special cabinet of the four cabinets is special. The high position is only able to be born in the special department of the young supreme talent in the world.

Zhou Yuan stood in the void, but it was not shocking, and bowed to the square.

Then he figured to the location of the Fengge.

Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui, Liu Zhixuan and many other members of the Fengge Pavilion quickly greeted them.

“Congratulations to the owner!”

Everyone has a lot of salute, and there is a strong respectful color on the face. Even those members of the neutrals are the first time to show their loyalty.

Obviously, they are very clear about the future Fengge, who is the final decision, Chen Beifeng, has become a past tense.

“didn’t expect you have become my peak.” Ye Bingling’s glamorous face reveals a subtle smile, some lamented.

Two months ago, when Zhou Yuan just came to the Fengge Pavilion, Ye Bingling might not be able to think of this scene. At that time, she thought that Zhou Yuan, the airborne person who could stand firm in Fengge, was not easy, but who can I thought that Zhou Yuan not only stood firm, but now he still won the position of the owner!

Zhou Yuan is a bit embarrassed. After all, I really want to say it. He may still be the way to block Ye Bingling and grab her position.

Although this is what he got with his true ability, the relationship between the two is now good, and naturally it will be a bit embarrassing.

“Cough, you can rest assured, wait for me if if if by Heaven for the chief cabinet owner, I will give you the position of this wind cabinet.” Zhou Yuan said.

Ye Bingling is hearing this, and suddenly he is not angry with him. The ambition of this guy is too big. Now that he has just become the owner of the Fengge Pavilion, he has to look at the main position of the general cabinet. You really are Lu Wei, Han Yuan, Mu Liu, the three cabinet owners are muddy?

In front of these three, Chen Beifeng did not even have the qualifications for Zhang.

On the other side of the fire pavilion, Lu Wei looked at the collapsed square in the center of the lake and kept silent, but anyone could see that his look was gloomy and angry at this time.

It was unwilling to work after the hard work was broken.

Chen Beifeng’s defeat was not only the failure of his design for Zhou Yuan’s, but also the best chance for them to cut off the Fengling Pavilion.


However, although the heart is angry, but Lu Wei is still not violent, but took a deep breath, suppressing the anger of the heart, the low road: “Interesting, didn’t expect I have a day of eyesight.”

Han Yuan, who is on the side, is also the head of frowned. He said: “There is a cabinet owner in Fengge. I am afraid that it will have some impact on the pattern of the four pavilions.”

In the previous four pavilions, the Fire Court and the Hill Court joined forces. The Lin Pavilion was weak. As for the Fengge, it was a loose sand. It was not enough to worry about it. This led to the Fire Pavilion, which was the strongest. The right to speak and the interests.

But now there is a new owner in the Fengge. After Zhou Yuan will integrate the Fengge, the weight of the Fengge in the four pavilions may also be improved.

This may damage the interests of both of them.

Lv霄 hearing this, indifferently said: “The Fengge has been scattered for a long time in these years. The good supreme talent has been dug up by our two pavilions. I want to recover in a short time. Even if it is Zhou Yuan, I am afraid it is unable to return to heaven, so it is insufficient. For fear.”

“And, if you want to shake the current situation of the four cabinets, a new cabinet owner, I am afraid that it is not enough.”

Although Zhou Yuan defeated Chen Beifeng quite well, but for Lu Wei, who is at this level, it is just a good show.

After seeing the strength of today’s Zhou Yuan’s, Lu Wei will pay more attention to Zhou Yuan, but if you really want to say something jealous, fear, then it is really not.

Han Yuan is also gently nods, smiled and said: “then hope that the new Fenggege master will be more interesting.”

And when the lake is boiling around, at the height, Xuan Zang Sect Master’s eyes light stream, and stood up, slowly leisurely said: “Yang Jing veteran, since now Fengge has already appeared in the new cabinet owner, that four cabinets The dispute between the chief cabinet owners should also be put on the agenda.”

“In the past, you always postpone the reason why there are no cabinet owners. Now you can’t continue to veto it? If so, the other three elders may not agree.”

Xuan Zang Sect Master looked indifferent, and did not appear to be disappointed because of the loss of the Tianling Zongzhi Fengge Pavilion. Instead, he turned his target directly to a larger place.

As long as the position of the chief cabinet is controlled by their Tian Ling Zong, the future can also gradually master the four cabinets.

Yan Jing took a look at this Xuantu Sect Master, naturally it was a plan to pierce the latter’s heart, and immediately sneered, but this time, she did not refute, but gently nods, said: “It will be eight months. After that.”

Xuan Zang, they are the position of the four general cabinet owners. Why was she not here?

In the past, she objected, because she knew that once it was opened, the position would have fallen into the hands of Tian Lingzong, but now it is different. Zhou Yuan’s appeared and gave some hope to the Jingjing.

Although Zhou Yuan may have some gaps with Lu Wei and Han Yuan at this time, she believes that if she gives her the Little Junior Brother some time, she may not be able to say that she is weak and weak. After all, he is Master’s chosen disciple.

When I saw the turnips so easily, I agreed to it. It was the heart of the Xuantu Sect Master. It was a slight glimpse. Immediately, the eyes like the abyss glanced at the distant Zhou Yuan’s figure. Turnip will promise so refreshing, is it to look at the new Fengge Pavilion owner?

However, although Zhou Yuan is indeed somewhat capable, how can it compare with Lu Wei and Han Yuan?

The suspicious mind turns, Xuanzang Sect Master whispered: “Eight months is afraid that it is too long. I have heard that other domains are already doing some deliberations for the Nine Domain Conference. No one is sure when the conference will be held, so It is best to complete the dispute between the chief cabinet owners within two months, so that it is reserved for the newly appointed Chief Cabinet Secretary to integrate the four cabinets.”

Although I don’t know what the turnips are going to do, the old fox’s Xuantu Sect Master still doesn’t intend to let her go.

Turnip shook his head and said: “The two months are too hasty, after April.”

She stared at Xuan Zang Sect Master and smiled: “Xuan Xuan Sect Master is too worried?”

Xuanzang Sect Master smiled and said: “The old man can’t be anxious, just don’t want to be in time when the time comes, which leads to the end of the nine-field conference, and my Tianyuan domain is also the last one. It is really a shame to some people.”

“But since the turnips have said so, it will be after April.”

He finally took a step back. After all, the initial time of the turnips was cut in half, which is a bit of a gain.

So, after a confrontation between the two, they determined the time.

Finally, the turnips stepped forward and looked down at the audience. The clear voice resounded to everyone’s ears.

“Now the owner of the Fengge Pavilion has been born, but the position of the chief of the four cabinets has been suspended for a long time. Therefore, after four discussions with the other four elders, four months later, the dispute will be opened to the future. The nine-domain conference.”

“And this time the general cabinet dispute, the last person, can give a volume… Little Saint Technique.”

These words seem simple and light, but when they fall, the original Heaven and Earth suddenly disappeared silently. After the count, the boiling of the sky broke out instantly, as if it would be overturned.

That kind of boiling, far more than the previous Zhou Yuan to seize the position of the wind cabinet.

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