A gauntlet is directly in the Tianyuan domain and the surrounding areas.

Countless people are a little shocked by the actions of Sanshanmeng, because they know what this represents. In the past, the Sanshan League was only doing some minor provocations against the Tianyuan domain. However, this time the essay is already faint. There is a hint of war.

Although the declaration of war is only the most outstanding and outstanding young Divine Palace in the two camps, the Sanshan League’s move is obviously no longer a concern for Tianyuan’s face of the old big brother…

Even the face is torn apart, and the future dispute will inevitably be even more intense.

This allows countless sights to be wagered. After all, this top power has provoked provocation to one of the nine domains, which has been rare for many years in Primordial Heaven.

At the same time, this also allows the countless people to sigh secretly. Tianyuanyu has really fallen in the past few years. Otherwise, even if Sanshan is considered to be the top force, how dare it be a tiger?

Within the Sanshan League, there are three Law Domain experts, and today there are only five Law Domain experts in the Tianyuan domain.

The best strength of the two sides, in fact, the difference is not too big, coupled with the rapid development of Sanshan League over the years, even if the background and the Tianyuan domain are too late, but really want to talk about the overall strength, in fact, it is not necessarily better than the Tianyuan The domain is too weak.

If the two really want to go to war, even if the Tianyuan domain can win, I am afraid that it will pay a terrible price.

And most importantly, once the Tianyuan domain is weak, the other strengths in Primordial Heaven are not weaker than the top forces of the Three Hills League. It may not be the beginning of the mind. I want to challenge one of the nine fields that have fallen. At that time, how should Tianyuan domain respond?

Without a big squat, the Tianyuan domain has lost the detachment and aloof and remote.

Therefore, many people know that this time, Sanshan Meng is a temptation.

Exploring the tiger power of this day, how much is left…

In the entire Tianyuan domain, it is full of indignation.

The countless people are angry at the provocation of Sanshanmeng. After all, as a member of the Tianyuan domain, they still have the pride of the nine domains. Many years ago, when the Sanshan League had not been in the alliance, the three first-class forces were still there. Desperate to the Tianyuan domain!

Nowadays, the younger brother of the original had to be anti-customer. How can this be accepted by people in Tianyuan?

For a time, the countless voice passed to Heavenly Cave, and wanted the high-level release of power to shake the lessons of Sanshan League.

However, in the many angry voices, some of the worried voices could not be concealed, because the essays of the Sanshan League were sent by Chen Xuandong, and they pointed to the Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan, the four cabinets of today.

Faced with this essay, how should Tiandiyu’s top management respond?

Pick up? If you can pick up, Chen Xuantong is ranked ninth in the Divine Palace. It is the brightest super dark horse on the Divine Palace list. It is darker than Zhou Yuan, the new total Pavilion Lord. Now the former dares to be brazen. The arbitrage book, which is clearly self-confident.

After receiving it, if Zhou Yuan is defeated, is it true that Tianyuan Domain is going to give up the qualification of the nine domains?

At that time, where is the face of one of the nine domains put?

Can you not pick it up?

Dignified One of the nine domains, even the provocation of a top force has chosen to ignore it. What about the big face?

Therefore, some people are clearly sighed, and today’s Tianyuan domain executives are probably really overwhelmed…

Heavenly Cave, a conference hall.

Five silages sit still, they are all silent, but they have a terrifying pressure to brew in the hall.

These five silhouettes are naturally the five veterans of the Tianyuan domain.

Silence lasted for a long while, Xuanzang Sect Master took the lead to toward the turnip, pushing the one tactic book in his hand to the latter, indifferently said: “How to deal with this matter? Is the gauntbook connected or not?”

Shijing Twilight swept a gauntlet, and Bai Jing’s cheeks had a fierce color, saying: “Since they dare to go down, why not dare to pick up?”

Xuan Zang Sect Master’s eyelids hang down, said: “It is light, but Chen Xuantong’s strength is indeed very strong. Sanshan Meng has poured countless resources into him, and this person is also innate talent, you think Zhou Yuan can be His opponent?”

Turnip with a sneer: “If you don’t pick it up, I can’t afford that face!”

“If you lose, you can’t afford it.”

Xuan Zang Sect Master slowly said: “I suggest that I ignore this gauntlet and ignore any provocations of Sanshan League. As a result, any of their purposes cannot be achieved.”

郗化said coldy: “When coward? If the Master returns afterwards, I am afraid that even the wrath will be dismissed directly.”

Bai’s white night patriarch said with a slight smile: “If the turnip veteran knows the news of Cang Yuan’s great deity, it’s the best, just let go of some, and I’m sure that there’s no courage to challenge.”

Turnip unemotionally said: “If I know, some people have the courage to repeatedly raise the bar, but I can be sure that the Master has nothing to do, and once the timing is right, he will naturally appear.”

The white night patriarch sighed and said: “But I heard some news that Cang Yuan’s great encounter was attacked by Saint Race outside the border. It may be a die.”

Turnip face a cold, twilight coldly staring at the white night patriarch.

“If the white night patriarch is so thoughtful, it can directly move the Bai people out of the Tianyuan domain, and I will not block others.” Mu Ni patriarch sounds soft.

The eyes of the white night trembled a little, and before he really confirmed the life and death of Cang Yuan, he had no idea what to do, and he did not dare to change. Otherwise, what should Cang Yuan appear when he appeared? The wrath of Saint is not something he can afford, even if he is Law Domain Realm.

The Bianchang patriarch of the Xuanjing family was finally open and his voice was low: “These useless words will not be used anymore. The Tianyuan domain is one, and no one wants it to be bad.”

All five are quiet, and they understand that the quarrel can not solve the problem.

White night patriarch eyelids lifted, said: “What is the Zhou Yuan total Pavilion Lord?”

Turnip indifferently said: “In the process of retreat.”

White night patriarch white hair fluttering gently, slowly leisurely said: “He is the total Pavilion Lord, is the leader of the younger generation of my Tianyuan domain. Since this matter is directed at him, perhaps he has to look at his attitude. ”

Turnip small head nodded, just want to speak, expression suddenly move, her slender jade finger volley a little, with a jade character broke out, falling in her hands.

“It was the news from Yilder, Zhou Yuan already knew about this, he said…” Jing Jing browsed the information inside Yufu, and the dawn flashed slightly.

“He said that the gauntlet can be picked up, but I hope that the time can be delayed by one month.”

As soon as this statement is made, the remaining four meta-expressions are all micro-condensed.

Sect Master Complexion Indifferent way: “Small age, the tone is not small, and then pick up, this is not his personal honor and disgrace, but the face of my Tianyuan domain.”

Turnips lightly said: “If Xuan Zang Sect Master has a plan, you can say that if it is feasible, we naturally support it.”

Xuanzang Sect Master smiled low and his voice was low: “The old man has no plans. Since the venezuela veteran thinks he is feasible, let him go, but if it is a failure, then the consequences will have to be solved by the Jingjing veteran himself. “”

This means that if you lose, the pot has to be backed by the turnip.

Turnip cheeks are indifferent, said: “Reassured, this is the home left by the Master, even if I lost my life, I will not let it lose face.”

She suddenly rose up and the expression was decided.

“Returning to the Three Hills League, this gauntlet, I received the Tianyuan domain, the time is set after a month, in addition, want to issue a challenge, he can not give anything, directly tell them, want to go to the war, then Prepare a hundred Divine Palace fruits!”

“And if they are defeated in this battle, the number has to be increased to three hundred!”

Divine Palace is a Worldly Treasure. If you take refining, you can take your Divine Palace through! It is a rare treasure of Divine Palace Realm! This is the only Divine Palace Realm available, and can only take one, which is considered to be a strategic resource of Sanshanmeng.

And three hundred, almost three years of production.

Obviously this time, the turnips are also going to plan, and the smashing of the three mountains and the knives!

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