Zhanxian Chapter 1004

Immortal Executioner The latest chapter, the body of the fifty-first chapter, I will not pursue (on), floating astronomy
    After more than two months, Yang Chen passed the customs and delivered their Demon Fiend Bead to everyone. After leaving the gathering point, Yang Chen went straight into the jungle of Monster Demon Continent and continued his own gain experience.

    Yang Chen let the four women step by step, and he did the same. Although Yang Chen is now confident enough to enter a deeper place, Yang Chen does not intend to do that.

    In a word, Yang Chen himself needs to do more fighting. Whether it's killing the immortal at the Immortal Executioner Stage, or killing the Underground Spirit Beast at Immortal Falling Well, it's all an opportunity to stand still and let the knife slash. The number of kills is enough, but there is no experience. The most tragic killing and melee.

    Even if previous life Yang Chen participated in some similar battles, the number of times is small, and it does not happen every day. Behave like Monster Demon Continent, be careful every day and even every moment, be careful to be surrounded by Demonization Monster Beast. After being surrounded, you should try your best to kill Demonization Monster Beast and escape safely, even if it is safe. Yang Chen did not encounter the most frequent battles at Immortal World.

    There are not many such opportunities, and Yang Chen is rare to rebirth, naturally it is necessary to grasp it. Monster Demon Continent is a hard-hardening whetstone. Before Yang Chen hasn't really become a formidable expert, he will sharpen some of his thing and also eliminate unnecessary unnecessary tangs. This is also the purpose of the to gain experience.

    Going deep into the jungle, Yang Chen casually found an in-depth direction. Monster Demon Continent is big enough, and there are enough creatures in the jungle. Numerous plant animals that Yang Chen has never seen, let Yang Chen can not help but sigh the world, no wonder. Even if Yang Chen has lived the experience of first lifetime, more than 90% of the thing does not know.

    No matter in the mortal world or the Spirit World Immortal World, there can be no omniscient people. Even the most powerful people have their weaknesses, and there are places they don't understand, even if the formidable is like the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, no exception.

    Countless Demonization Monster Beast. Yang Chen can't name it, let alone know the other's attack routines and features. In the face of this unfamiliar enemy, Yang Chen can only relying on the judgment of the machine to adapt to the situation.

    Golden Bell protection Yang Chen has never been called, it is a card that will only be used if it is threatened by death. In the case of ordinary injuries or even serious injuries, Yang Chen will not use Golden Bell to resist.

    This forced him to force himself to rely on his own reaction, relying on his own swordsmanship, relying on his own judgment to meet the enemy. Short time. This kind of high-strength killing may not be effective, and anti-rather makes Yang Chen in danger all the time. But for a long time. When all of this becomes an instinctive reaction, Yang Chen's strength will once again step up.

    Yang Chen went deep into the jungle and killed almost 5-Apr months. The Demonization Monster Beast, which was taken out in all directions, could almost be described as exhausting. On several occasions, I even had to take the initiative to meet some of the Demonization Monster Beast attacks and use my non-fatal injuries in exchange for my own life.

    Fortunately, Yang Chen's healing medicinal pill is very effective, always able to stabilize the injury at a critical moment and then quickly heal. Otherwise, it is a drag on the injury. You can drag Yang Chen to life.

    The situation seems unusual, when Yang Chen was in the jungle to gain experience. The frequency of Demonization Monster Beast is not so high. Although it is in the fringe area, Demon Qi is the thinnest area. The level of Demonization Monster Beast is not much higher, but in the current situation, it is obviously not normal.

    Almost every other moment there will be Demonization Monster Beast coming to Yang Chen. When Yangs is being attacked by a group of Demonization Monster Beast, Yang Group will have to fight for 120,000 points. The spirit of reluctantly coping with these endless Demonization Monster Beast.

    Occasionally, a few breaks, Yang Chen released Spiritual Awareness, and within a few hundred miles, no one else existed. But Yang Chen can be sure that farther away, someone must be staring at themselves. Even Yang Chen suspects that these people may be asking to clean up the Demon Fiend Bead's severe Great Ascension stage expert.

    To blame yourself for blaming yourself for purifying Demon Fiend Bead is too amazing, pure gold Demon Fiend Bead, completely enhance the cultivation base without any side effects, whether it is Dao Sect or Monster Race, are coveted, not to mention Demon Sect's think cultivator is even more hateful.

    Under such circumstances, it is inevitable to play Yang Chen's idea. Is there anything more fun than controlling a Demon Refining Master like this? Not only can you get a lot of wealth through the Demon Refining Master, but you also have the energy to provide the Demon Fiend Bead you need.

    The gathering point can't be done, so they must wait for the gathering point before making plans. As a Demon Refining Master, it is definitely not a cultivation base, which is almost a common problem with Monster Demon Continent Demon Refining Master.

    As a Demon Refining Master, Yang Chen can't get out of this range even if the purification method is so brilliant. This is also a good explanation for why Yang Chen asked her four women to go to gain experience, but she was at the gathering point for the single month.

    In general, there must be a strong backing behind the superb Demon Refining Master. The good point to say is to rely on the mountain, and the bad point to say is actually controlled by the so-called backing. But even if it's a backing, it won't be too forced to Demon Refining Master, otherwise who will clean them Demon Fiend Bead?

    These people are definitely the same mind. They will never do it easily. They will only use these Demonization Monster Beast to push Yang Chen into a desperate situation. Then, when 1000 Jin is in the process, Yang Chen will be saved in the heat, Yang Chen thanks to Dade. Under, naturally will rely on.

    Calculation is a good calculation, and Yang Chen also provides convenience to these people objectively. He received the materials from the Thor refining Nine Quiet, each with a Spiritual Awareness Imprint.

    Because the material is contaminated with Demon Qi, Yang Chen does not want Xiao Tian to swallow these materials to swallow the ° Spiritual Awareness Imprint. This makes it possible for the think expert to track the whereabouts of Yang Chen's.

    Since entering Monster Demon Continent, Xiao Tian has been very resistant to Demon Qi and has been staying in Medicine Garden. Yang Chen is also reluctant to force Xiao Tian to participate in the gain experience at this time, so ununavidably left this flaw.

    There should be people in several directions, otherwise the Demonization Monster Beast will not come from the direction of the single. However, although Yang Chen has discovered this, his behavior has not changed, and Rather has worked harder to adapt to it.

    With so much free labor to find yourself about Demonization Monster Beast, is there a better sparring? (To be continued ……

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