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    This kind of day did not last long. When the state of Yang Chen remained for eight months, finally someone couldn't help but prepare to move.

    One can't do anything about it. In the eight months, although Yang Chen has gone deeper, the Demonization Monster Beast has become more and more forformidable, and the lowest is at the level of Nascent Soul Middle Stage. The average level is even close to the perfect state of Nascent Soul Late Stage, but Yang Chen has never collapsed, and has not entered the situation of life and death 1000 Jin.

    On the contrary, Yang Chen is becoming more and more skilled. In the face of more and more Demonization Monster Beast, Yang Chen has honed in this sleek Demonic Creature, and it is not tempting to take action. As soon as you get away, the tricks are almost more concise and concise.

    A few months ago, Yang Chen was very sharp, but there was still a little bit of awkwardness, which led to inefficiency. After a short monthly, the Demonization Monster Beast of the Late Stage in the squad Nascent Soul It’s already impossible to say Yang Chen.

    At the beginning, Yang Chen suffered a lot of injuries, but Yang Chen has been rarely injured in recent months. Even if you are injured, you will take the initiative to send some parts that are not so fatal or even cause serious damage to the attack of Demonic Creature. The counterattack is even more sharp. Usually, the cost of Yang Chen's injury is that at least five or six heads are attacking. Yang Chen's Demonization Monster Beast is a life-threatening call.

    In this way, Yang Chen will become more and more powerful, and their plans will become increasingly impractical. Everyone knows that the existence of the opposite is just the same mind and tacit cooperation. Now someone finally can't help it. Jumped out.

    A hundred waves of Nascent Soul Late Stage's Demonization Monster Beast directly surrounded Yang Chen. In a crazy attack, Yang Chen's body left and right, and the Blood Phantom Vine sword in his hand was pulled out from Monster Beast again and again. Only a body of Monster Beast with blood drenched is left behind.

    However, after all, it is the Demonic Creature of Nascent Soul Late Stage. Even if Yang Chen looks relaxed, it is very expensive. When Yang Chen finally killed the last Demonic Creature. I couldn't help myself, and I sat down on the floor with my ass, breathing in a big mouth, and quickly adjusting.

    However, Yang Chen had just sat down, and the breath had not breathed in two or three breaths, and he heard a familiar voice ringing in his ear: "Grandmaster Yang. Good skill Ah!

    "Li's predecessor is very patient!"Yang Chen sat on the ground and didn't mean to stand up at all. Still breathing heavily. It seems to be the same.

    "Do you know that you are an old man?"Yang Chen's predecessor Li was the only one who gave Yang Chen two Third Grade Demon Fiend Bead's Great Ascension stage expert Li Tianxue. At this moment, he was a little surprised and couldn't believe that Yang Chen had guessed him from the beginning.

    "It's not hard to guess."Yang Chen still sat on the ground, holding his hand on the ground, leaning his body against a big tree next to him, leaning against Li Tianxue standing there, and smiling and said: "In fact, except Seniors outside of you. They have a share of their own, but the seniors have always felt that they are lucky. So it will be the first to come out. ”

    Wen Yan, Li Tianxue suddenly looked at Yang Chen. As Yang Chen said, it's also in the Monster Demon Continent to gain experience, which is also a few hundred years old. From the Nascent Soul Stage until now the Great Ascension stage, only he has the luck to get two Third Grade Demon. Fiend Bead, under a Third Grade, in a Third Grade. He also always felt that his luck was good.

    The person who cultivates, this vain blessing is very important. If there is no blessing or a blessing, even if the aptitude is good, the score will not be too high. Just like Li Tianxue thinks, why can I find two such High Ranks in the same time, and there is only one other person?

    This fully illustrates that Li Tianxue is better than others, and Fu Yuan is deeper than others. Therefore, in the face of such a situation, he decided to start with his own hands. Maybe he was lucky, he could directly take Yang Chen and let him yield.

    "Grandmaster, you still don't have to think about luck."Li Tianxue looked at Yang Chen, who was sitting there breathing, shaking her head and said: "You just feel that the battle is very tired? Under the accidentally laid out a small representation that dispels the spirit power, so the Grandmaster still doesn't have to think about absorbing the spirit power from around. Of course, Grandmaster will not take the opportunity to recover from the spirit stones until the next goal is achieved. ”

    So close, an expert of the Great Ascension stage wants to trap a younger generation of the Nascent Soul Stage, which is a breeze.

    "I don't need to be lucky."Yang Chen leaned against the big tree and smiled at Li Tianxue and said, "In any case, you will not kill me anyway, and this kind of coercion is also an opportunity for Senior Liu and their superior, isn't it? ?"

    Yang Chen's current situation is simply too close to the edge of the life and death crisis. When 1000 Jin was launched, at this time, as long as someone jumped out to save Yang Chen, I was afraid that Yang Chen would not be grateful to Dade, and immediately called the grace, and fell to the ground?

    Li Tianxue's face changed slightly and seemed to think of this possibility. However, he did not panic, and Rather laughed: "Grandmaster Yang is really brilliant, but unfortunately, you still missed a point. Do you think that they will be so close to them in the next meeting?"

    Waiting for Yang Chen to say something, Li Tianxue has already pointed around and laughed and said: "The Demon Gathering Array of the layout is surrounded by ten miles and beyond, and Demon Qi is richer than anywhere they have experienced. They All three are Demon Cultivators, but I don't dare to be contaminated."

    "The predecessors really have no idea!"Yang Chen heard the words and couldn't help but look at Li Tianxue. Other people here are generally killing to gain experience, and few will study Demon Qi. But the predecessor in front of him is able to study Formation, layout Demon Gathering Array and gather Demon Qi in the to gain experience. It is really brilliant.

    "But the younger generation still doesn't understand. Since the predecessors' research on Demon Qi is so deep, how can they help the younger refining Demon Fiend Bead?"Yang Chen's did not understand this point, so he immediately asked face to face.

    "The old man is only studying how to condense Demon Qi, but he can't get rid of Demon Qi."Li Tianxue also did not hide, directly said the reason: "And only Monster Demon Continent's escaped Demon Qi, but can not condense Demon Qi on Demon Fiend Bead. So, can you understand? ”

    "The younger generation understands."Yang Chen smiled and nodded, watching Li Tianxue say: "Predecessors, how do we talk about it?"

    "What is the discussion?"Li Tianxue asked, and then asked.

    "The predecessors taught you the formation of Demon Qi to the younger generation. The younger generation will not pursue your calculations for the younger generation. How do you see the seniors?"To be continued ……

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