The latest chapter of Immortal Executioner, the body of the fifty-one eleventh chapter of the alternative means of attack (below), floating astronomy
    Ten miles away, the other three experts, Spiritual Awareness, blocked by the De Tian Qi Condensation of Li Tianxue layout, also monitor this side. Suddenly I found Li Tianxue's abnormality and suddenly I was shocked.

    In the three directions, they didn't even talk to each other. They turned around and ran like a rabbit with an arrow.

    A Great Ascension stage expert, suddenly became that way, asking them to believe that it was an accident, that is impossible. The most likely explanation is that you can't see the expert that Spiritual Awareness can't detect.

    Of course, this does not explain why he would madly absorb Demon Qi and swallow the uncleaned Demon Fiend Bead. However, even Li Tianxue has become that virtue. If they run slowly, maybe the next one is them.

    No one saw Yang Chen's action, and no one could know Yang Chen's action. In this series of changes, Yang Chen just “touched” Li Tianxue with the phantom of the Demonized Monster Vine in Sea of ​​Consciousness at the right time.

    Although it was also born by Dao Sect, Li Tianxue obviously could not resist the attack of Demonized Monster Vine. This kind of attack is on the spiritual level, thoroughly inspiring the most desired part of each favor, creating a false satisfaction. In a common saying, it is the most straightforward trigger of the heart's devil, letting the attacked fellow Cultivation deviation.

    Such as Yang Chen is so determined, and has been accustomed to the repeated attacks of Demonized Monster Vine, naturally no problem, but only the guy on the Monster Demon Continent ordinary to gain experience, but not so lucky.

    Heart's devil is directed at his favorite Demon Qi research section. Let Li Tianxue's self-confidence expand extremely. Silently, he took the initiative to absorb Demon Qi and swallowed the unpurified Demon Fiend Bead, which led to further invasion of Demon Qi. Intuition deviation was inevitable.

    The illusion of heavy Li Tianxue, naturally a crazy attack, does not exist, his enemies continue until the spirit power is exhausted, and then can no longer be recovered.

    Even if it fell to the ground, Li Tianxue's eyes are still a gaze. The whole person has been immersed in the illusion and can't extricate himself.

    Shaking his head slightly, Yang Chen walked to Li Tianxue and took his Universe Bracelet with ease. This Li Tianxue's hobby is also special, the cosmos bag is made into the form of a bracelet, a very strange habit.

    Open the Universe Bracelet, there are many things inside, one by one to view the past. Soon dozens of jade slips were discovered. Spiritual Awareness swept away and immediately saw the contents of the jade slip.

    Jade slip is in the middle. Some are cultivation methods. Some are pill recipes, but there is a batch of more than ten on the film, but the record is Li Tianxue's research on Demon Qi, the formation that condenses Demon Qi, is impressive.

    "Why bother?" Why bother? ”Yang Chen shook his head again at Li Tianxue, who was soft on the ground. He looked like a man higher than his cultivation base. It can't be cured between a moment and a half. Not to mention, Yang Chen did not think about treatment from the beginning.

    Condensing the formation of Demon Qi. It's not just this simple feature, it's also a combination of protection. Illusion Array and so on, a series of means, is also a comprehensive Formation. For a long time, the Demonization Monster Beast didn't come over, and it was estimated that it was blocked by the Stress Formation.

    This Li Tianxue does have two brushes in the study of Demon Qi. The research on Demon Qi is also deep enough. You may also have Simultaneous Cultivation Formation, which is a combination of Monster Demon Continent. This combination is definitely a lot of advantages. Can't blame has made the Great Ascension stage and it has gained a lot, not just luck.

    Yang Chen has taken a Cultivating Yuan Pill and quickly restored the spirit power. He is now in the gain experience, not only does not use the Golden Bell, even the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique is also firmly controlled by himself, otherwise the attack of the What Demonization Monster Beast can not cause any damage to Yang Chen.

    Even so, Yang Chen is at best a bit of a flesh and blood, and even the bones will not hurt. But it is undeniable that the purpose of Yang Chen to gain experience is achieved, and the effect is very good.

    Just a joint attack by Nine Quiet and Demonized Monster Vine phantom made Yang Chen suddenly find a good idea. When refining Sixth Earth flying sword, if you can use Demonized Monster Vine's phantom as Tool Spirit refining, Demon Qi and heart's devil attack, I believe that the combination of the two is definitely a good weapon that can make many opponent headaches.

    If you do it, Yang Chen will not delay. The Nine Quiet flying dust was not directly refining because there was no idea of ​​refining the flying sword. Now that I have this idea, Yang Chen is of course planning to start work right away.

    Li Tianxue's Formation, just ready to be sold now, gives Yang Chen a safe place in the jungle. After finding a suitable place and then using the material layout in Li Tianxue Universe Bracelet to make a good representation, Yang Chen stepped into the process of refining the Sixth Earth flying sword.

    Sixth Earth is white, fertile and moist soil, and dust in the air belongs to this type. Nine Quiet flying dust is an obvious dust series, and it can absorb Demon Qi and also meet the Sixth Earth characteristics of moisture absorption.

    The body of Demonized Monster Vine is definitely the plant series, and it is also Second Wood, which is also cloudy, and Demonized Monster Vine is more efficient than Nine Quiet. Using the phantom of Demonized Monster Vine as the ontology is no longer a property conflict, and there is no problem with Second Wood disturbing Sixth Earth. After all, it is just a phantom idea, and it has no attributes.

    But the combination of the two is a long drought and a rainy day. In addition to the slow absorption of Demon Qi, the Nine Quiet fly ash can accommodate Demon Qi. The addition of Demonized Monster Vine's phantom allows Nine Quiet to absorb Demon Qi many times more.

    This is not complete, Demonized Monster Vine features, but can concise Demon Qi. The huge Demon Fiend Bead inside Yang Chen cosmos bag is evidence.

    A flying sword that can quickly absorb Demon Qi and also condenses Demon Qi. After attacking the opponent, in addition to the killing caused by the flying sword, it can also trigger the horror effect of the other heart's devil. This flying sword has not yet Forming has already made Yang Chen covet.

    A few hundred pounds of Nine Quiet flying dust, enough for Yang Chen to successfully refine a Sixth Earth flying sword. However, Yang Chen is now annoyed that he should refine a standard sword in the traditional way, or refine it into other things.

    Be aware that Nine Quiet fly dust can be freely shaped. If you don't follow the sword shape, strictly speaking, you can't call it flying sword. Rather is called Magic Vanapon. It feels a bit different from your own big Yin Five Five Phases flying sword.

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