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    Thinking of this problem, Yang Chen was a little uncertain, but soon Yang Chen would no longer worry about this. "Why bother?" Whether it's a flying sword or something else, it's just a form of Magic Weapon. Immortal Beheading Blade doesn't really only accommodate flying swords, not others.

    There is no need to cause a flaw in the mind, and all around it is full of Demon Qi. It is not too stupid for this small problem.

    However, after all, hesitated for a while before the start, the mood has not completely calmed down, and a channel for venting is needed. So, Greatest Heaven Sect Young Sect Master Li Liheng, Yang Chen's punching bag for the glorious and uncompromising city.

    Li Liheng had to go outside to gain experience because of the last difference in Cultural deviation. One can't do anything about it, any cultivator can't escape this process, even if it is the Sect Master of the Greatest Heaven Sect of Dao Sect, and the moment when the cultivation base is stuck on the bottleneck, it is not honorable. Can have no heart's devil.

    Fortunately, with the identity of a Greatest Heaven Sect Young Sect Master, almost all of Dao Sect can be said to be unimpeded, wherever people go to flatter, even more than within the sect. This makes Li Liheng's mood a lot better, and it seems that it is not an unacceptable thing to go out to gain experience.

    Especially Yang Xi, this guy, clever will do things, do not talk on the road, and talk is very happy. What makes him most comfortable is that Yang Xi often finds some beautiful Female Cultivator to serve him, so Li Liheng is simply not happy.

    However, Yang Xi is not without a small calculation. Every time I find the Female Cultivator, I will accompany the Young Sect Master for ten days, and then I will be taken away by Yang Xi. Li Liheng naturally understands that this is the fear that these Female Cultivator and Yang Xi's sister Yang Lan are competing.

    And from the inside, Li Liheng is still very satisfied with Yang Xi's approach. He is originally a guy who likes fresh, but a woman is just a plaything, not to the point of making him tempted. There is Yang Xi to help him. Let him enjoy the taste of red and jade.

    Now Li Liheng is eager to get in touch with Liu Fengzi's predecessors and prove their identity. Otherwise, if you have been suspected, your own future can be imagined. In this state of mind, indulgence and some Female Cultivator Hu Tianhu is also a way of venting.

    Fortunately, Li Liheng has not forgotten the cultivation of fixed time every day, even though he is not thinking about it. He knows where his own things come from, so he has never dared to slack off.

    This attitude actually won the affirmation of the secret Elders in the dark. It’s absurd to act ridiculously, but know what your main goal is. that's enough. The person of cultivation. Don't care about that, only if not forced, both sides willing to do, how to be good.

    Just enjoying the taste of a female rogue cultivator, Li Liheng suddenly felt the familiar atmosphere of Liu Fengzi's predecessors.

    "Predecessors are good!"This time, Li Liheng does not wait for Yang Chen to ask. Say hello to the proactive seniors, and then immediately can't wait to tell the secret contact statement that Sect Master told him…Yang Chen listened quietly to Li Liheng and said a paragraph that seemed to meet and say hello, which was very reasonable but very unreasonable on this occasion. Did not speak from beginning to end.

    Li Liheng After a long period of talk, Liu Fengzi's predecessors did not respond. Li Liheng is also in the local area. What was happening? He said that the secret slogan of the senior staff outside the Greatest Heaven Sect, how can Liu Fengzi's predecessors say nothing, still looking at him coldly?

    Could it be that the whisper is wrong? Otherwise, the face of Liu Fengzi's predecessors will be so serious, and the pressure they feel is getting bigger and bigger, almost unable to hold it.

    Fortunately, this is in the Spiritual Awareness contact. If it is face-to-face, Li Liheng will be crushed by the pressure released by Yang Chen.

    "Predecessors, this is the highest level of contact whispers of my Greatest Heaven Sect, and the younger generation is not impersonating."Li Liheng was shocked and explained to Yang Chen hurriedly. At this time, he would not care about the other, or verify his identity first.

    Sure enough, after the words were finished, the pressure on Liu Fengzi's predecessors was much smaller. At least Li Liheng was able to face it with ease, no longer the kind of sweat that did not dare to appear.

    "Your mind is not showing signs of lying."Liu Fengzi's predecessors finally spoke, and the pressure just after the disappearance disappeared without a trace.

    Li Liheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that the seniors were testing whether they were lying or not. The seniors were cautious. But when I think about it, if I change to be myself, a person who has never touched it will say this in the front of the same, and I will investigate it as well, and I will not easily believe it. It is normal for the seniors to do so.

    Yang Chen was also dumbfounded at the time. He just wanted to scare this kid and vent some of it, but he didn't expect to know such a big secret. Li Liheng's secret language, Yang Chen is remembered firmly, this kind of secret thing, maybe there will be usefulness someday.

    "Well, look at what you have been doing recently, like some progress, what happened?"Liu Fengzi's attitude toward the seniors eased, and immediately Li Liheng was like a spring breeze, and couldn't tell the ease. Listening to the words of Liu Fengzi's predecessors, Li Liheng almost moved to tears.

    Fortunately, this set of slang left by sect is also useful to Spirit World. Otherwise, his identity is suspected by Liu Fengzi's predecessors, and that is the disaster. Even if the predecessors didn't say it, as long as the thunder that was passed to him had more than one or two words, it would be enough to ruin his life.

    Now it is finally rainy and sunny, and the clouds are open to the moon. You don't have to worry about the troubles of your predecessors. You can live a life of the high-powered Young Sect Master in the future. It is just a smooth road.

    "Sometimes before the younger generation, there was a sudden heart's devil, so come out to gain experience, and now I have some feelings."Happy to be happy, but Li Liheng, a question from his predecessors, answered meticulously. This is an attitude that Li Liheng has to do. He respects his predecessors and wants to make Liu Fengzi's seniors happy with themselves.

    "Oh ?" So it isLiu Fengzi's predecessors sighed a little, and they were slightly decapitated. They were also able to unravel the heart's devil, can't blame cultivation base, and be grateful, the scorpion can teach!"

    "Predecessors, younger generations have a ruthless request, but also ask the seniors to try their best."Li Liheng saw a rare opportunity and hurriedly greeted Liu Fengzi's predecessors.

    "Oh ?" Questions?Liu Fengzi's predecessors were in a good mood, and he did not care to let him speak. (To be continued …… ~!

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