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    “Spiritual Awareness of the younger generation has trouble, always with the help of Spirit Congealing Pill.”Li Liheng said that he had opened a message, as if he had found an elder who could talk to him, and he said all his distress to Li Liheng.

    Li Liheng is also under tremendous pressure. In sect, everything is based on his cultivation's cross-border refining. Even when he was first established as Young Sect Master, Li Liheng didn't know what he was for. At the time, he was like other people, secretly guessing that he was the illegitimate son of Sect Master Li. .

    Later, it was discovered that Sect Master Li did not take special care of him, and no one else ever treated him as a Young Sect Master, which made Li Liheng have some doubts.

    At last, the cloud was opened to see the moon, and the cross-border refining cultivation was small and accomplished. When it was connected with Liu Fengzi's predecessors, everything changed dramatically. Qualitative changes have occurred from power to resources, and even to the extent of the use of speech.

    Li Liheng immediately understood why he became a Young Sect Master, and that was just the tradition of the previous sect. If Li Liheng can't succeed, it will take a few years to abolish the Young Sect Master's position and become a great disciple of Greatest Heaven Sect.

    Under such circumstances, it is impossible for Li Liheng to say that there is no pressure, especially knowing that his Spirit Congealing Pill is a sect that cost a lot of money from Yang Chen, and that sect's Foreign Affairs Hall Hall Master even On several occasions, I looked down at the front of Yang Chen, and all the hope seemed to be on the Young Sect Master.

    Even Li Liheng can still contact Liu Fengzi's seniors from time to time. Li Liheng has always had crisis consciousnessness, especially when Spirit Congealing Pill is getting more and more consumed, and Li Sheng is even more anxious when sect's inventory is getting less and less.

    "Old Ancestor, the disciple asked Old Ancestor to give a way to cure the disciple's Spiritual Awareness, so that sect should never be blackmailed by the guy who is in the wolf, and the disciple is grateful!"After talking about his fears and worries, Li Liheng almost uttered the request with tears.

    Good child. You are wronged! ”When Liu Fengzi's predecessors passed the severe word to Li Liheng, Yang Chen almost vomited and wanted to spit it out, but the play still had to be done, so Yang Chen still maintained the kindness of "comfortable". Road: "It seems that your heart's devil is from this."

    Listening to the words of Liu Fengzi's predecessors, Li Liheng almost shed tears in his eyes. Others only see Li Liheng as a young Sect Master, who can think of the sorrow in his heart.

    "Please ask Old Ancestor to pity and help the disciples solve. Don't let sect be subject to people. ”Li Liheng is almost crying, and his attitude is sincere. Even the name was changed from the predecessor to the Old Ancestor.

    Eh…Liu Fengzi Old Ancestor Zong Chang sighed. As if with an unspeakable regret. This long sigh made Li Liheng almost desperate, only to feel a cold water pouring from the head to the sole of the foot, the whole body was cool.

    "Your trouble, its practical Spirit Congealing Pill solution is the right way."Liu Fengzi Old Ancestor The next words made Li Liheng have some small expectations. Since this is the right way, should there be a way out of the way?

    "As long as you endure the severe decades, you can calm down. By the time you are concentrating on cultivation, take your aptitude. As long as the district 5-Apr for a hundred years, you can easily communicate with the old man. Why do you have to be anxious? ”Liu Fengzi Old Ancestor The words of the sect are full of persuasion, and there is no lack of Li Liheng to endure the calm.

    "Old Ancestor, you don't know the hateful thief, how much property I sect for the District Spirit Congealing Pill."Li Liheng seems to have other ways to listen to what is said in this statement. The time is full of hope. Seeing Old Ancestor's attitude is not very determined, just start lobbying and increase persuasiveness.

    "Oh ?" Blackmail my Greatest Heaven Sect? He doesn't want to die? ”Liu Fengzi Old Ancestor is just a very common sentence, but it is very domineering. The confidence that is filled with it makes Li Liheng very useful.

    However, this time it is obviously not the time to use these, Rather wants to provoke the old Ancestor confession, telling himself another way to solve the Spiritual Awareness problem, a way to get rid of Yang Chen's control, is not subject to people.

    "The thief is the only Fifth Grade Alchemist Master in mortal world. Now Sect only finds one of his Alchemist Masters who can refine Spirit Congealing Pill. For the younger generation, sect has to be blackmailed."Li Liheng said with a grin: "And the senior sect predecessors, even at the expense of being humiliated, the disciples really can't stand it."

    Li Liheng took a thief and let Yang Chen hate back in his mind, but unfortunately, this can only exist in thoughts and cannot be implemented.

    “Spirit Congealing Pill, who dared to extort several Seventh Grade Fire Seeds, and also brought up an ancient secret meditation Medicine Garden space filled with hundreds of thousands of years of Spirit Medicine.”In order to enhance persuasiveness, Li Liheng even counted Seventh Grade Fire Seed, which bought the pill recipe, on the head of Spirit Congealing Pill, and told Liu Fengzi Old Ancestor.

    "The erection is too much!"Sure enough, Li Liheng's expectation, Liu Fengzi Old Ancestor Zong, after hearing this, was directly angry with the Buddha's birth, the two Buddhas ascended to heaven, only angry and rushed to the crown, but even if there is, Li Liheng can not see.

    "He will not be ascending, but once he is ascending Spirit World, the old man personally smashed him!"Liu Fengzi Old Ancestor has been mad, anger is like a volcanic eruption, and the arrogance of the Li Liheng's Spiritual Awareness is almost crushed into pieces.

    However, Li Liheng has no feeling of fear at the moment. Although he is extremely uncomfortable under such pressure, Li Liheng's heart is full of pleasure. Successfully provoked the anger of Old Ancestor, and thought that the next mortal world Yang Chen's Old Ancestor will be able to improve his ability more directly and let himself take action against Yang Chen.

    "Tell Li Tiancheng, let him send someone to kill this guy and take the thing back!"Old Ancestor is not a tempered person, and will soon be put into action.

    "Old Ancestor, Sect Master, he would rather bear the burden for the younger generation, but also leave a person who can refine Spirit Congealing Pill, and care for the younger generation."Li Liheng's masterpiece is simply to sing and play, not to be convinced: "As long as the younger generation needs Spirit Congealing Pill, one day they will have to let the thief exploit and extort."

    "There is another way to solve your problem."Under a series of bedding, Li Liheng finally heard the sound of the sound that he wanted to hear.

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